Sarah McLachlan Net Worth And Biography(100s of secret facts and information about Sarah McLachlan)

Sarah Ann McLachlan is a Canadian singer-songwriter. As of 2015, she had sold over 40 million albums worldwide. McLachlan's best-selling album to date is Surfacing, for which she won

Sarah McLachlan Net Worth And Biography

What is Sarah McLachlan net worth and biography ? Sarah Ann McLachlan is a Canadian singer-songwriter. As of 2015, she had sold over 40 million albums worldwide. McLachlan’s best-selling album to date is Surfacing, for which she won two Grammy Awards and four Juno Awards.

Net Worth:$45 Million
Born:January 28, 1968
Country of Origin:Canada
Source of Wealth:Singer and Songwriter
Last Updated:2021


Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

McLachlan is best known for her emotional ballads and mezzo-soprano vocal range. As of 2015, she had sold over 40 million albums worldwide. McLachlan’s best-selling album to date is ‘Surfacing’.

The Lilith Fair concert tours took place from 1997 to 1999 and resumed in the summer of 2010.

As of 2021, Sarah McLachlan’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $45 million.

Sarah McLachlan Childhood & Early Life

Sarah McLachlan was born on January 28, 1968 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Since she was a little girl she had interest in music and showed signs of growing up to become a brilliant singer. She took lessons in voice and piano and learnt classical music as well.
She studied at the Queen Elizabeth High School and while she was still in the school she became a part of a rock band called ‘The October Game’.
She was offered a music contract but her parents insisted on her finishing the school first.
She completed her studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and moved to Vancouver where she signed a contract with the recording label ‘Nettwerk’.

Sarah McLachlan Career


In 1988, McLachlan recorded her first album ‘Touch’ after she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to work with the label company ‘Nettwerk’. The album had the hit single ‘Vox’ and did very well commercially and critically.
After the release and success of her first album, McLachlan embarked on the first musical tour of her life. It was a national concert tour, an opening act for ‘The Grapes of Wrath’.
In 1991, McLachlan released her second album called ‘Solace’, the breakthrough album of her career. It included the hit singles like: ‘The Paths of Thorns’ and ‘Into the Fire’. She collaborated with Pierre Marchand for the first time for this album.
In 1993, her third album ‘Fumbling Towards Ecstasy’ came out and became an instant hit with the Canadian audience. Within the period of next two years, this album also became McLachlan’s ticket to international fame.
In 1996, McLachlan founded a tour called ‘Lilith Fair’ and gave out performances with female artists like Cole, Lisa Loeb and Michelle McAdorey. The reason for forming ‘Lilith Fair’ was McLachlan’s frustration with concert promoters and radio stations as they refused to feature two female musicians in a row. Bucking conventional industry wisdom, she booked a successful tour for herself and Paula Cole.
In 1997, she came out with her fourth album ‘Surfacing’, which is considered to be the best selling and highly acclaimed album of her career. She won 2 Grammys for the album and also bagged 4 Juno Awards.
In 1998, the popular Hollywood movie ‘City of Angels’ included McLachlan’s hit single ‘Angel’ from her successful album ‘Surfacing’. The soundtrack became such a massive hit all over the world that it earned multiple-platinum status.
In 1997, McLachlan’s ‘Lilith Fair’ did very well and became one of the top earning touring festivals in that year. It was considered as the most triumphant all-female music festival in the history of world music.
In 1999, McLachlan released her fifth album ‘Mirrorball’, which included the cover version of ‘I Will Remember You’. She also recorded a song that year for the animated movie ‘Toy Story 2’, which got nominated for an Oscar.
In 2001, McLachlan gave vocals and music for the track ‘Love Is’ for Stevie Nick’s ‘Trouble in Shangri-La’ and drew the graphics for the cover of his album. She also did a duet with Bray Adams for his album ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’.
In 2003, she released her sixth album ‘Afterglow’, after staying away from music productions and tours for some time and giving birth to her first daughter. It included singles like: ‘Fallen’, ‘Stupid’, ‘World on Fire’, etc.
In 2004, she released the live album from the ‘Afterglow’ concert, called ‘Afterglow Live’. It included the full-length live concert on a CD and DVD and also included three videos from ‘Afterglow’ album.
In 2006, she came out with her sixth album, a Christmas collection, ‘Wintersong’. She included 11 of her new songs in the album and it sold about 1.1 million copies around the world. It was nominated for a Grammy and Juno Award.
Around the same time, McLachlan recorded a song for the animated movie ‘Charlotte’s Web’, ‘Ordinary Miracle’. She also did a live album re-release for her album ‘Miorrorball’ as ‘Mirrorball: The Complete Concert’.
In 2008, her greatest hits album ‘Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan’ was released. During the same time, a 15th anniversary edition of ‘Fumbling Towards Ecstasy’ was also released by the Legacy Recordings.
In 2010, McLachlan released her first studio album ‘Laws of Illusion’, including 10 original tracks and several bonus tracks. In the same year, she performed the song ‘Ordinary Miracle’ at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver.

Sarah McLachlan Top  song

AngelAngel Cover Art

This song is absolutely breathtaking. Makes me cry and feel joy, sadness, and love each time I listen to it. One of the few songs that can make me feel all these emotions at once.

This is the song that touched my heart, very very recommended

I love this song beyond description.. It touches the deepest part of my soul.. Reminds me of love ones passed.

The best song ever I cry every time when I listen to her song and others because it reminds me of my pets death and you should all vote for this song! Am I right guys?!

I always feel calm every now and then when I hear this song. It’s such a touching song ever. RIP to the guy in that hotel room. Sarah has brought me home by this song.

FallenFallen Cover Art

This song is is so beautiful. It shows her vocal talent. In this song she is so good at making you feel the pain of someone down in a low place because of a mistake. Such a beautiful piece of music.

In my opinion, it’s probably the greatest song from sarah so far. I really can’t think of a more devoted musician when it comes to delivering a song.

This song is actually perfect! Its nice to listen to this when you’re all alone and no one left for you and when you feel the emptyness around yourself…
Its totally awesome

You can honestly listen to this song whenever, any time of day. It’s beautiful.

PossessionPossession Cover Art

One of the best songs I’ve ever heard! It’s not doubt nothing short of masterpiece. It’s beautifully written and performed. Every single thing about the song is perfection. From the haunting beginning to the emotion filled chorus, to the symphony of guitars in the instrumental break. It just sticks with you. You know a song’s good when you don’t get sick of it after the 17272717th time listening to it! It’s also deep and can be perceived and interpreted in so many ways. I love Sarah mclachlan and many of her songs are amazing! But possession is by far her best in my opinion. Truly underrated song. :).

It’s the “Mirrorball” version in particular that I believe is her best record to date. It’s nice to see this song at the third position, but here’s my take on the top 2 songs: “Fallen” is good, but Afterglow had a few better songs, namely “Time” and “World on Fire. ” “Angel” is simply excellent and one of the best songs from Surfacing, but it’s fairly overrated, not to mention that I think “Witness” and “Black & White” are better. I’m still glad to see “Possession” at #3.

Absolutely the best song of her career, in my opinion. The range of her voice raises goose bumps and the instrumentals are equally as sublime.

Has so many underlying emotions and layers which is one of the most skillful and important factor in music. This song well um possesses me…

Ice CreamIce Cream Cover Art

“Your love is better than ice cream
“Better than anything else that I’ve tried
“And your love is better than ice cream
“But everyone here knows how to fight”

Not her best song, but it deserves to be on the list.

Full of GraceFull of Grace Cover Art

This is one of the most beautiful, yet chilling immortal pieces of music I have ever heard in my life that continues to have the same effect on me after all these years

I Will Remember YouI Will Remember You Cover Art

This is one of my most favorite songs. Sweet and haunting brings back tender moments with a twinge of saddness.

When I think of my husband I listen to this song and the angel song

“Sweet Surrender”

Sweet Surrender” is a song that can be interpreted in many ways, but it resonates with a large segment of the population of Sarah McLachlan fans. It’s about giving yourself in totality, and that can mean in the spiritual sense, a romantic partner, or even to an ideal. It’s about reaching the point in your life when you’re charged with making a choice and going in the direction of surrender instead of fighting it. This song came out on Sarah’s “Surfacing” album. It reached its peak on Billboard charts in 1998 in the 10th spot.

“Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”

This song came out in 1993. It’s been nearly 30 years since its release, and it remains one of the most popular songs of her career. It is the titular song to the album of the same name. It’s a long song with a playtime of 4 minutes and 51 seconds dedicated to releasing the inhibitions that keep the protagonist singing the song from experiencing the fullness of love with all of its emotions and the risks involved. The lyrics hit hard on the fears and feelings that often hold a person back and make them hesitant to surrender to feelings of love. The song resonated with a lot of her fans, and this is what made it so popular.

“In Your Shoes” 

“In Your Shoes” is a special song in Sarah’s repertoire. It came out in 2014 as a song in support of female empowerment. It was released as a single and also included in her “Shine On” album. The song was timely and it addressed a social issue that was close to the singer’s heart. E Online reports that this was the first album or single McLachlan had released in four years. Her absence on the music scene was notable but she came back in fine form as a relevant activist and promoter of peace and harmony.

Building A Mystery 

Building a Mystery” gets our vote for the sixth-best song in Sarah McLachlan’s repertoire. The song charted in 1997 at an all-time high of number four. A book was also written about Sarah McLachlan titled “Building A Mystery,” in a biographical format that details the career of the artist with her ups and downs, and her involvement in Lilith Fair and the movement that ensued.

Sarah McLachlan Awards And Achievements

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

Critics Choice Award [Nominee] (2007)

Best Song

For the song “Ordinary Miracle.”

Charlotte’s Web (2006)

Gemini Awards

Gemini [Winner] (1995)

Best Performance in a Variety Program or Series

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Live (1994)

Grammy Awards

Grammy [Nominee] (2018)

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

For “Wonderland”

Grammy [Nominee] (2007)

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

For “Wintersong”

Grammy [Nominee] (2006)

Best Short Form Music Video

Sarah McLachlan: World on Fire (2004)

Grammy [Nominee] (2005)

Best Pop Vocal Album

For the album “Afterglow”

Grammy [Nominee] (2004)

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

For the song “Fallen”

Grammy [Nominee] (2001)

Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals

For “The Difficult Kind”

Grammy [Winner] (2000)

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

For “I Will Remember You”

Grammy [Nominee] (2000)

Best Pop Album

For the album “Mirrorball”

Grammy [Nominee] (2000)

Best Female Rock Vocal Performance

For “Possession (Live)”

Grammy [Nominee] (1999)

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

For “Adia”

Grammy [Winner] (1998)

Best Pop Instrumental Performance

for “Last Dance”

Grammy [Winner] (1998)

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

for “Building A Mystery”

Grammy [Nominee] (1998)

Best Pop Album

For “Surfacing”

Grammy [Nominee] (1995)

Best Alternative Music Performance

For “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”

Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards

Sierra Award [Winner] (2006)

Best Song

Song: “Ordinary Miracle”

Charlotte’s Web (2006)

MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)

VMA [Nominee] (2005)

Breakthrough Video

Sarah McLachlan: World on Fire (2004)

Online Film & Television Association

OFTA Film Award [Nominee] (2000)

Best Music, Original Song

For the song “When She Loved Me”.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Sarah McLachlan Personal Life & Legacy

McLachlan got married to her drummer Ashwin Sood in 1997 in Jamaica. They have 2 daughters together, India Ann, Sushil Sood and Taja Summer Sood. The couple announced their separation in September 2008 after being married for almost 11 years.

Quotes from Sarah McLachlan


“I’m not one to sit and wallow – I would rather figure out a way around so I can move past it and be at peace with things. I don’t like bad feelings gnawing away at me.” – Sarah McLachlan

“Music is very nebulous, and you can conjure up a lot of moods with music. But lyrics – they’re a lot more tangible. They’re much more specific. And you want to say something meaningful and creative and artistic, and that tells a story, and that takes people someplace else.” – Sarah McLachlan 

You’ve been gone so long from all that you know. It’s been shuffled aside as you bask in the glow. All the beautiful strangers who whisper your name, do they fill up the emptiness? Larger than life is your fiction, in a universe made upon one.” – Sarah McLachlan

“In the arms of the angel, fly away from here….you are pulled from the wreckage, of your silent reverie, you’re in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here.” – Sarah McLachlan 

“I think one of the most important things, that this album is for me, and this period in my life is about gratitude. About recognizing all of the things, daily, that I’m grateful for, and there are many in my life. I’m just so blessed, and I try to carry that with me every day.” – Sarah McLachlan 

Awesome Lessons from Sarah McLachlan

Now that you know all about Sarah McLachlan net worth and how she achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from her:

Know Yourself

We’re constantly being told what other people think we are, and that’s why it is so important to know yourself.

Change and Growth

Change and growth are so painful. But it’s so necessary for us to evolve.


There’s beauty everywhere. Amazing things are happening everywhere. You have to be able to open your eyes and witness it. Some days, that’s harder than others.

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