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The story of Radha and Krishna is the epitome of eternal love, which transcends eras and emotions.

Radha Krishn

Radha Krishn ( Watch/download all episodes,cast, award…) is Indian Tv Series  The story of Radha and Krishna is the epitome of eternal love, which transcends eras and emotions.

The series opens with Sridama (Krishna’s devotee) cursing Radha in Gōlōka. This was a part of cosmic play as it was time for Krishna to make his entry into the mortal world. Radha and Krishna are reborn in Barsana & Mathura respectively.

Krishna is destined to kill Kansa, knowing this Kansa attacks Gokul knowing that Krishna lives there. Meanwhile, Ayan (Rayana) (Radha’s childhood friend) likes Radha and he tries to separate Radha from Krishna.

Krishna defeats Vyomasura, a demon whose marriage was fix with Radha. Krishna takes Radha out of all humanly weaknesses like bhaya (fear), moha (greed), krodha (anger), ghrina (hatred), irshya (envy/ jealousy), ahankara (pride/ arrogance) and heenbhavna (lack of self-confidence), after defeating each human weakness Radha comes closer to Krishna.

Radha Krishn Cast

Mallika Singh

Radha (541 episodes, 2018-2021)

Mallika Singh was born on 15 September 2000 in Jammu city. Her mother Ruby Singh is a dance teacher and gives dance training to children in Jammu. When Mallika was 4 years old, her father succumbed to an accident. Since then Mallika has been living with her mother. Ruby Singh worked in school.

Mallika’s mother always had a dream to make an actress but she could not fulfill her dream. Her mother shifted to Mumbai with her. She lives at her maternal grandfather’s residence in Mumbai.

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Lord Krishna / Vamana / Krishna (540 episodes, 2018-2021)

Sumedh Vasudev Mudgalkar is an Indian Actor and Dancer. He was born on 2 November 1996, in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

He is best known for playing the role of Lord Krishna in Star Bharat TV serial “RadhaKrishn” and Yuvraj Sushim in the Indian historical TV show “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat”. His skills are not just limited to acting, yet he is a well-trained dancer as well.

He made his dance debut with Marathi Dance reality show “Dance Maharashtra Dance” in 2012. In 2013, he appeared in the popular dance reality show “Dance India Dance season 4”, where he earned the title of “Beat King” by Shruti Merchant.

He made his television debut with the Channel V TV serial Dil Dosti Dance. Sumedh also appeared in Bollywood movies like Ventilator, Manjha and Bucket List. Currently, he is shooting for the Marathi film Mann Yedyagat Zaala.

Gaurav Pareek

Sudhama (512 episodes, 2018-2020)


Basant Bhatt

Balram (380 episodes, 2018-2021)

Basant Bhatt was born on 23-01-1994 in Bageshwar in the state of Uttarakhand, India. He is an Indian Television Actor & Model who is mainly known for his acting in the Hindi Television Series ‘Vighnaharta Ganesha’ as Lord Kartikeya.

Divyansh Mishra

Prince / Prince of the neighbouring state of Vrindavan (43 episodes, 2020)

Rishiraj Pawar

Ayan (26 episodes, 2018)

Malini Sengupta

Jatila Devi (24 episodes, 2018)

Rajeev Sp

Vibhishan (19 episodes, 2018)

Rohan Birla

(19 episodes, 2018)

Arpit Ranka

Maharaj Kans (18 episodes)

Rakesh Kukreti

Vrishbhan (16 episodes)

Kunwar Vikram Soni

Pradyumna (12 episodes)

Tarun Khanna

Mahadev / Bhagwan Shiv / Lord Shiva (10 episodes, 2021)

Gavie Chahal

Nand Baba (9 episodes)

Amardeep Garg

(7 episodes, 2018)

Sanjeev Sharma

Akroor (6 episodes, 2018)

Reena Kapoor

Yashoda (6 episodes)

Gufi Paintal

Vishwakarma (6 episodes)

Firoz Ali

Kukudmi (5 episodes, 2018)

Kinshuk Vaidya

Arjun (5 episodes, 2020)

Kanan Malhotra

Yudhishthir (5 episodes, 2020)

Zuber Ali

Bheem (5 episodes, 2020)

Ujjwal Sharma

Nakul (5 episodes, 2020)

Vikas Singh

Sahdev (5 episodes, 2020)

Akanksha Rawat

Kirtida (4 episodes, 2018)

Kartikey Malviya

Rajkumar Sambh (4 episodes, 2021)


Chitra (3 episodes, 2018-2020)

Manish Bishla

Devraj Indra (3 episodes, 2020)

Saurabh Raj Jain

Narrator (2 episodes, 2018-2020)

Bandana Babhoria

Radha Friend (2 episodes, 2018)

Abhishek Mishra

Ashwini Kumar (2 episodes, 2020)

Via Roy Choudhury

Gandhari (2 episodes, 2020)

Zalak Desai

Maharani Rukmini (2 episodes, 2022)

Ishita Ganguly

Rajkumari Draupadi (2 episodes)

Kunal Bakshi

Devraj Indra (2 episodes)

Kamaljeet Rana

Dhrishtadyumna (2 episodes)

Manoj Jaiswal

Maharaj Drupad (2 episodes)

Shivya Pathania

Radha (1 episode, 2018)

Harsh Vashisht

Sridhama (1 episode, 2018)

Himanshu Soni

Krishna (1 episode, 2018)

Vivek Anand Mishra

Bhairav (1 episode, 2018)

Khushi Rajpoot

Urmila devi (1 episode, 2018)

Ramkishan Gurjar

Senapati (1 episode, 2018)

Raviz Thakur

Prince Rukmi (1 episode, 2020)

Harsh Mehta

Rajkumar Nishath (1 episode, 2021)

Kunal Gaud

Rajkumar Pradyumn (1 episode, 2021)

Nimai Bali

Mahapandit Ugrapath (1 episode)

Chetan Hansraj

Ravan (1 episode)

Sandeep Rajora

Suryadev (1 episode)

Ansha Sayed

Rajkumari Shikhandini (1 episode)


(2021) (1 episode)

Vimarsh Roshan

Jara (1 episode)

Harsha Khandeparkar

Kutila (1 episode)

Rajesh Chahar

Subal (1 episode)

Krip Suri

Duryodhan (1 episode)

Malhar Pandya

Karn (1 episode)

Himanshu Bamzai

Dharamraj Yamraj (1 episode, 2020)

Resha Konkar

Kunti (1 episode)

Oceen Gandhi

Zara (1 episode)

Ankit Gulati

Dushasan (1 episode)

Akash Sharma

Ashwini Kumar (1 episode)

Kajal Rathore

Gopi (uncredited) (5 episodes, 2021)

Radha Krishn Awards And Achievements

Asian Academy Creative Awards (2019)

Asian Academy Creative Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Asian Academy Creative Award [Nominee]

Best Promo or Trailer

Gold Awards (2019)

Zee Gold Award [Winner]

Gold Debut Actor

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2021)

Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee]

Best Actor – Popular

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee]

Best Popular Show

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2019)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Mythological Show

Indian Telly Awards (2019)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Seriel – Mythological

Siddharth Kumar Tewary

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Onscreen Couple (Jury’s Choice)

Mallika Singh

Sumedh Mudgalkar

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Basant Bhatt

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Negative Role

Rishiraj Pawar

Radha Krishn All Episodes


Radha Krishn Episodes 1

Witness the eternal love story of Radha Krishna. Lord Krishna’s ardent devotee, Sridhama curses Radha and separates her from Krishna. How will they unite now?
Radha Krishn Episodes 2
Radha takes birth in the Rawal village, Brijbhumi as Vrishbhan’s daughter. Vrishbhan sees his daughter but is shocked to find that her eyes are still closed. Meanwhile, Devaki gives birth to Krishna within the confinements of Kansa’s prison.
Radha Krishn Episodes 3
Time stands still as Vasudev visits Nanda’s house and exchanges the infants. On the other hand, Radha’s parents celebrate her birth.
Radha Krishn Episodes 4
Krishna kills a demon. Krishna and Radhey grow into young adults and yearn to meet each other again.
Radha Krishn Episodes 5
Kansa punishes the potter for obstructing his yagya. Krishna sets out to meet Radha, who is determined to defy Kansa and help the poor potters.
Radha Krishn Episodes 6
Lord Krishna falls in love once again, when he comes across Radha selling earthen pots. On the other hand, Radha feels mystical when he helps her.
Radha Krishn Episodes 7
Lord Krishna does something unexpected and wins Radha’s appreciation. Later, Radha gets into trouble.
Radha Krishn Episodes 8
Krishna rescues Radha from the soldiers. He brings Kansa’s soldiers to task for trying to arrest him. Kansa is determined to destroy Krishna.
Radha Krishn Episodes 9
Krishna wins the confidence of Radha’s parents and comes up with a way to grab her attention. Kansa tells Devaki that he has tracked her son’s whereabouts.
Radha Krishn Episodes 10
Radha forces Krishna to reveal the identity of his beloved when he tells that he loves a girl from her hamlet. Kansa plans his strategy against Krishna.
Radha Krishn Episodes 11
Radhey feels frantic as she wakes up from a nightmare. Krishna comes up with a clever plan to protect Gokul and the villagers from the demon.
Radha Krishn Episodes 12
Krishna convinces Nanda Baba and the others to stay at Barsana. Krishna teases Radha, seeing her overwhelming care for him.
Radha Krishn Episodes 13
Kans tells Devaki and Vasudev that he had killed Krishna. Elsewhere, Ayan confronts Krishna about his intentions, but ends up receiving a stern punishment.
Radha Krishn Episodes 14
Ayan wants to avenge Krishna. Radha confronts Krishna, seeing him in her room and asks him to leave. But, he is reluctant to do so.
Radha Krishn Episodes 15
Radha feels nostalgic as she looks into Krishna’s eyes. Ayan expresses his love for Radha and warns Krishna to stay away.
Radha Krishn Episodes 16
Krishna and Ayan don’t tell Radha about their challenge. Jhatila persuades Kirtida against getting Krishna married to Radha and instigates Ayan against Krishna.
Radha Krishn Episodes 17
Balram bashes up Ayan and his friends after he insults him. Krishna tells Radha to fulfill his demand if she wants him to stop Balram.
Radha Krishn Episodes 18
Krishna is delighted as Radha accepts his friendship and feeds butter to him. Later, Ayan and his men visit Balram and try to attack him. Will Krishna be able to stop the fight?
Radha Krishn Episodes 19
Radha convinces Ayan to be friends with Krishna. She and Krishna come closer while she gives him dance lessons. Ayan is jealous to witness the same.
Radha Krishn Episodes 20
Krishna tries to convince Radha to unite Sudevi with her lover. Later, Kansa’s aide threatens Nand Baba to handover Krishna to him.
Radha Krishn Episodes 21
Krishna seeks Radha’s attention by acting sick in front of her. Balram learns about Jatila’s evil intentions and takes a shocking decision.
Radha Krishn Episodes 22
Krishna pretends to be grateful to Ayaan for choosing to fight Kansa’s soldiers. Vrishbhan and the others determine to protect Krishna from Kansa’s army.
Radha Krishn Episodes 23
Krishna fights against Akrur’s army and gives him an ultimatum. Akrur apologises to Krishna in the battleground. Will Radha witness Krishna’s supremacy?
Radha Krishn Episodes 24
Radha challenges Krishna to get Sudevi married to Bhairav. Later, Balram complains to Radha about Krishna’s intentions.
Radha Krishn Episodes 25
Krishna and Balram mislead Radha about their true intentions. Later, Krishna plans to get Sudevi married to Bhairav.
Radha Krishn Episodes 26
Krishna plans to help Bhairav and Sudevi elope. Radha wants to foil Krishna’s attempt and asks him to play the flute while she dances.
Radha Krishn Episodes 27
Krishna goes on stage and starts dancing. He gives Radha dandiyas and invites her to join him, hoping to win her heart. Will his plan work?
Radha Krishn Episodes 28
Krishna acts innocent when Radha accuses him of plotting to get Sudevi married to Bhairav. Radha corners Balram into confessing the truth.
Radha Krishn Episodes 29
Upset with Krishna’s deed, Nand Baba decides to leave Barsana. Krishna hopes that Sudevi acknowledges Bhairav’s love when he gets punished.
Radha Krishn Episodes 30
Krishna convinces Sudevi’s father to let Sudevi marry Bhairav. An upset Vrishbhan asks Radha to make a promise when she does not tell him the truth.
Radha Krishn Episodes 31
Krishna is disheartened as Radha holds him responsible for the misunderstanding between her and Vrishbhan. She asks him to leave Barsana!
Radha Krishn Episodes 32
Krishna plans to change Radha’s perception about love. Kansa’s aide attacks Barsana. Krishna tries to use this situation in his favour.
Radha Krishn Episodes 33
A demon named Bakasur creates chaos in Barsana. Ayan tries to fight back Bakasur, while Nand Baba waits for Krishna’s arrival.
Radha Krishn Episodes 34
Krishna playfully tricks Radha and starts to run when Bakasur tries to catch them. Later, he stops time for a moment and magically creates the Vrindavan forest.
Radha Krishn Episodes 35
Krishna kills Bakasur after he tries to harm Radha. Kansa is agitated to learn about Krishna’s deed. Will Krishna reveal it all to Radha?
Radha Krishn Episodes 36
Ayaan resolves to uncover the secret behind Krishna’s powers and attacks him. Later, Radha is shocked when Krishna reads his thoughts.
Radha Krishn Episodes 37
Vrishbhan and his men desperately search for Radha while Krishna prepares delicious kheer for her. Later, Krishna feels odd when she refuses to eat the kheer.
Radha Krishn Episodes 38
Krishna orders the demon snake, Kaliya to leave the river near Gokul. But, Kaliya pays no heed to his words and challenges him.
Radha Krishn Episodes 39
Ayaan spikes the grains meant for the grand feast. Yashoda panics on learning about the rotten smell in the food prepared for Rishi Durvasa.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 40
Nand Baba tells Yashoda, Krishna and Balram to apologise to Rishi Durvasa. Radha brings food for Rishi Durvasa and seeks his blessings.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 41
Kaliya riles in pain when Krishna steps on his tail. Meanwhile, a distressed Yashoda pleads with Krishna to come out of the river.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 42
Radha fails miserably when she tries to outsmart Krishna. Kaliya seeks revenge against Krishna by poisoning the river water.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 43
Everyone is shocked when Ayaan reveals that a giant snake has pulled Krishna into the river. Later, Krishna battles a furious Kaliya.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 44
Krishna forgives Kaliya. Everyone is shocked to see him dancing on Kaliya’s hood. Radha is in for a huge surprise.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 45
Radha complains to Yashodha and Nand Baba that Krishna is a sorcerer. Krishna tries to prove that her claims are baseless.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 46
With a hidden agenda, Krishna ensures that Radha conducts the puja and makes her plant a Tulsi sapling in the village. Radha names the place Vrindavan.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 47
After inferring that Krishna is trying to win her love, Radha confronts him about the same. Ayaan meets Kansa to plan his strategy against Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 48
Radha resolves to expose Krishna. Ayaan and Kansa plot to kill him. Later, Krishna objects Vrishbhan’s decision.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 49
Krishna manipulates Radha to participate in a contest. He tells her that she will have to sit with him on the swing as he is determined to make her win.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 50
Upset with Krishna’s pranks, Yashodha ties him to a pillar. Radha rejoices as he is unable to participate in the contest.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 51
Radha tries to stop Krishna from using his tricks to participate in the match. He challenges her that Yashodha will free him.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 52
Krishna takes part in the Rangoli competition in spite of his mother not letting him. However, Radha wins the Rangoli competition.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 53
Ayaan implements his evil plan. Krishna faces the agitated ox at the event and tries to prevent it from attacking Radha.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 54
Krishna pretends to faint as he wants Radha to wake him up. Balram, through his strategy, tries to ensure that Radha fulfils Krishna’s wish.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 55
Kansa instigates Aghasur against Krishna. Meanwhile, Krishna intends to make Radha realise her true identity when she sits beside him on the swing.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 56
The villagers run helter-skelter as Agasur unleashes his fury on the village. Later, Krishna enlightens Balram about Brahma’s boon which Agasur possess.
Radha Krishn Episodes 57
Radha takes a drastic decision to save Vrishbhan from Agasur’s clutches. Meanwhile, Krishna hopes that Radha conquers her fears.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 58
A fearless Radha assaults Agasur with Krishna’s flute. Krishna is overwhelmed to witness her brave deed.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 59
Radha succeeds to escape from Agasur’s captivity but Krishna fails to escape. Later, Radha comes up with a plan to free Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 60
Krishna misleads Kansa. Radha sets out to meet Krishna to thank him for helping her conquer her fears. Ayaan tries to stop her from meeting Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 61
Radha thanks Krishna and expresses her wish to be friends with him. However, Krishna turns down her friendship!
RadhaKrishn Episodes 62
Ayaan is reluctant to tell Kansa that Krishna is alive, while Radha spots Krishna with her friends.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 63
Jhatila suggests a risky plan to Kansa. Meanwhile, Krishna presents some strange rules when Radha offers her friendship.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 64
Radha’s family is stunned, noticing her peculiar behaviour. Meanwhile, Ayaan executes his evil plan against ?Vrishbhan and Nand.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 65
Ayaan’s ploy lands Vrishbhan in trouble. Elsewhere, Radha’s friend hints at her changed feelings for Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 66
Ayaan and his mother plan to break the friendship between Vrishbhan and Nand. Meanwhile, on Balram’s suggestion, Radha plays a game with Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 67
Krishna prepares a medicine for Radha when she falls ill. Jhatila convinces Radha’s friend to assist her in her evil ploy.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 68
Radha faces disappointment when she sneaks out of the house to meet Krishna at night.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 69
The music from Krishna’s flute mesmerises Radha and the gopis and they dance together. Later, Radha finds herself in a spot when she returns home. less.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 70
Ayaan confronts Jhatila for plotting against Radha. As per Vishakha’s plan, Radha assigns a dangerous task to Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 71
Krishna climbs up a big mountain to bring a special flower for Radha. However, at the top, he engages in combat with Aristasur.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 72
Radha tries to confess her feelings to Krishna. As a result of Jhatila’s vicious plan, Krishna is banished from the kingdom.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 73
Radha feels guilty for getting Krishna in trouble. Nand is stunned when Ayaan makes a shocking revelation about Krishna to Vrishbhan.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 74
Radha manages to stop Krishna from leaving Barsana. When the two indulge in a blissful Maharaas, even Lord Shiva decides to be a part of this divine celebration of pure love.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 75
Krishna is overwhelmed as Lord Shiva, disguised as a woman, joins him and Radha as they dance.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 76
A disguised Shiva hands over a special gift to Radha. Krishna too presents her with Shaligram bracelet while Jhatila executes her evil plan against him.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 77
Vrishbhan shares details about the wedding proposal to Radha. Unable to defy her father’s decision, a shattered Radha gives her consent to the marriage.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 78
While Ayaan relishes his victory over Krishna, Radha confides in her mother about her feelings for Krishna.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 79
Radha requests Vishakha to hand over a secret letter to Krishna while Ayaan prepares to commit suicide.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 80
Krishna reads Radha’s letter stating that she loves him and asking him to stop her marriage. He visits Radha’s house while she meets her prospective groom.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 81
Krishna watches in awe as Radha tries to dissuade the prospective groom from accepting the marriage proposal.
Radha Krishn Episodes 82
Radha feels helpless when Krishna refuses to act while her family makes the arrangements for her wedding.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 83
Radha seeks help from Krishna to call off her wedding, while Jhatila implements her plan to save Ayaan. Later, Vrishbhan confronts Radha.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 84
Vrishbhan shoots sharp accusation at Nand on learning about Radha and Krishna’s secret relationship.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 85
Vrishbhan accuses Nand Baba of conspiring against him. Elsewhere, Jhatila questions Krishna if he loves Radha, while Radha hopes that Krishna will reciprocate her feelings.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 86
Vrishbhan and Nand Baba break all ties. Meanwhile, an agitated Radha confronts Krishna for hurting her feelings.
RadhaKrishn Episodes 87
Radha gets extremely furious when Krishna explains the difference between love and greed. Later, in a fit of rage, she does the unthinkable.