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Motu Patlu (watch all episodes, cast, unknown facts and information) is an Indian animated sitcom television series written by Niraj Vikram for Nickelodeon India. The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya Studios.


Motu Patlu (watch all episodes, cast, unknown facts and information) is an Indian animated sitcom television series written by Neeraj Vikram for Nickelodeon India. The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya Studios.

Motu and Patlu, two friends living in Fufuri Nagar, always get themselves into hilarious situations and later rescued merely by luck, using the help from Ghasita Ram, Inspector Chingam and Dr. Jhatka.
The story revolves around Motu Patlu, two friends living in Furfuri Nagar and their daily activities. The show centers on two men who land themselves in troublesome and comical situations, the latter being saved only by luck. Samosas are Matu’s favorite food, and he often tries to steal it from a local tea vendor named Chaiwala who makes the best samosas in town. Motu is primarily the black sheep of the two, inadvertently causing problems due to his incompetence while Patlu is the clever one who always tries to stop him. Recurring characters include Ghasitaram, Dr Jhatka and Chingum. Ghasitaram sometimes misdirects and deceives him. He tries out Dr. Jhatka’s gigantic repertoire of quirky gadgets and gizmos. After eating Motu’s samosas, he temporarily gains more energy and strength than he normally would. Motu Patlu lives in a hut. In the new version they live in a flat called Furfuri Apartment.



Motu Patlu Cast


Saurav Chakraborty

Matu / Patlu / Boxer / Chingam / Dr. Jhatka / Ghasita Ram / John the Don (999 episodes, 2012-2013)

Sourav Chakraborty is an Indian Actor, stand-up comedian, writer and voice artist who is known for his mimicking the voices of renowned Bollywood actors like Sunil Shetty, Sanjeev Kumar, Irrfan Khan, Akshay Kumar, Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal.

The multitalented artist, apart from lending his voice to various characters in films like Shaun The Sheep, Oggy and Cockroaches and Motu Patlu, he has also worked in supporting roles and was a participant in Indian Laughter Challenge. His 2018 release includes Astitwa, directed by Shyamal Bose.

Gaurav Pareek

(262 episodes, 2012)

Laxmi Narayan Pareek

(262 episodes, 2012)

Narayan Pareek

(262 episodes, 2012)

Ben Bledsoe

Motu (194 episodes, 2012)

Benjamin Frederick “Ben” Bledsoe, born on May 11, 1982 in Snellville, Georgia, is an American pop singer and a former member of the boy-band “Natural”. He is currently a solo singer and actor living in Los Angeles, California. He portrayed Hank Saunders in the episodes, Pilot and Showmance on Glee

Bledsoe was a child model and acted in several commercials throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s while growing up in California. He guest starred on the Nickelodeon TV series The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo in 1997. In his teen years he moved to Longwood, Florida, a suburb of Orlando, where he met future band mate Marc Terenzi. At 16 he helped formed the band Natural, with fellow members Patrick King, Michael Johnson, and later Michael ‘J’ Horn.

Darren Capozzi

Patlu / Ghaseetaram (194 episodes, 2012)

Darren Capozzi age is 48 as of 2021 and he was born on 9th July 1973. He was born in Franklin Lakes in United States of America.

He is a thorough acting professional and has displayed his acting skills in Escape (2002), Sammy’s avonturen: De geheime doorgang (2010) , New Girl (2011) where he appeared in the character of DJ Announcer and A Turtle’s Story 2: Sammy’s Get away from Heaven (2012). In the first version of A Turtle’s Story 2: Sammy’s Get away from Heaven (2010) he played the character of Robbie.

Alexandra Ryan

Various / Chicken (5 episodes, 2012)

Alexandra Ryan was born on April 4, 1981 (age 40) in United States. She is a celebrity actress. She joined movies and tvshows named Motu Patlu (Since 2012), Doc McStuffins (Since 2012), The Pact II (2014) and Art School Confidential (2006).

Actress well recognized for her role as Motu Patlu’s voice actress. She’s also done voice work for Doc McStuffins and several advertisements.

Manan Sahni

Boxer (1 episode)

Motu Patlu Award And Achievements

Asian Academy Creative Awards (2020)

Asian Academy Creative Award [Nominee]

Best Animated Programme or Series (2D or 3D)



Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2019)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite Show On Kids Channel

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2017)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Winner]

Favorite Show On Kids Channel

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Winner]

Favorite Indian Cartoon Character

Saurav Chakraborty

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2016)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Winner]

Favorite Show On Kids Channel

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Winner]

Favorite Indian Cartoon Character

Saurav Chakraborty


Motu Patlu All Episodes

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Pilot Training

Motu and Patlu ask Dr. Jhatka to train him to be a pilot. Dr. Jhatka is testing his new invention; A flying car, but before Dr. Jhatka explains how to operate the flying car, Motu and Patlu jump in the car and start pressing all the buttons, taking the flying car Motu Patlu on a ride in the sky from the controls. turns out.. Things take a turn for the worse when Dr. Jhatka informs them on the walkie talkie that they haven’t developed the technology to land or stop the flying car.

Motu Patlu John Banega Don

Motu and Patlu find a torn Rs 500 note and remember that he knows someone who will exchange the note for some gifts. On the other hand, John makes a deal of 10 crores to buy the smuggled diamonds and sends his goons along with cash and one and a half 500 rupees note as clue to identify the seller. The goons leave with all the cash but on the way they crash with Motu Patlu, they spot a torn Rs 500 note with Motu Patlu and give him the bag with the money.

Motu & Patlu Scooter race

A scooter race is organized in Furfuri Nagar and Motu Patlu stole Dr. Jhatka’s scooter as he does not have a scooter. Like every other shock invention, this scooter goes uncontrollable on the race track; All the parts of the scooter fall off and Motu Patlu crosses the finish line first. Unfortunately, they don’t win the competition.

Motu & Patlu Angry Cloud

The summer heat in Furfurinagar is unbearable and Motu is troubled by the rising temperature, Motu in despair shouts at a dark cloud in the sky and accuses him of not performing his duties to provide shade and rain, to Motu’s surprise. Badal happens to be alive and gets hurt by Motu’s allegation.

Motu Patlu Baby Dinosaur

One fine day, Motu is hungry but not getting food at home, Patlu comes home with a huge egg in his hands which he found in the forest. Motu wants to make an omelet out of eggs but Patlu is against it. In the end, the egg cracks and a dinosaur baby emerges from the giant egg, the baby dinosaur is also hungry and breathes fire through its mouth.

Motu & Patlu Antriksh Yatra

Motu and Patlu are fighting for cooking due to which Motu follows Patlu on the road, they accidentally land in the space rocket which has been built by Dr. Jhatka. By the time Motu Patlu learns that they are in space, they land on the Pink Planet, where they meet some friendly aliens Alpha and Gamma and help them get rid of the evil alien Kal Graham, who has killed the Pink Planet. People have been turned into stones.

Motu Patlu Car Park

The boxer leaves his new car with Motu Patlu and asks them to keep a constant watch on the car so that it is safe till he returns. Motu cannot control himself and convinces Patlu to ride in the car, and breaks the car.

Motu Patlu Time Machine

Dr. Jhatka has made the time machine and Ghasitaram has seduced Motu Patlu. Motu and Patlu reach the Stone Age where they encounter carnivores and human tribals. How will they be able to save themselves and will they be able to return to their world?

Motu & Patlu Animal Instinct

Motu Patlu is given an injection by Dr. Jhatka to enhance his physical abilities. Motu starts behaving like a dog and Patlu starts behaving like a monkey and both create trouble for others. Also, Inspector Chingum needs his help. Will they be able to help him?

Motu & Patlu Diamond Robbery

Dr Jhatka has invented a sticker which makes humans invisible upon wearing the same. Jon’s goon discover this and steal the sticker from Jhatka’s lab and create chaos. Motu and Patlu set out to capture the thieves. Will they be successful?

Motu & Patlu Jagtey Raho

Matu Patlu are given the duty of night watchmen by Inspector Inspector Chingum to protect the area from thieves while trying to perform they face a lot of issues from the locals living in the area. Finally, they catch the thief,

Motu & Patlu Bomb Ki Khabar

Motu & Patlu are given a brief case to be delivered by a person who agrees to give them ten thousand rupees if they deliver the same. Motu and Patlu realise that there is a bomb in the briefcase and they try to get rid of it but fail.

Motu & Patlu Chamatkari Mukut

Motu finds a crown at the junkyard and buys it as an alternative to the helmet he needs to ride his scooter, but this is no ordinary crown, anyone wearing it considers himself a king, Motu immediately becomes the king. starts behaving like slaves and orders everyone as slaves. In this story, the story revolves around how Patlu helps Motu to get rid of the Taj and has an effect on Inspector Chingum and John when they don the Taj.

Matu Patlu Boxer’s Baby

Boxer leaves his child for baby sitting with Motu Patlu as he is busy till evening, Dr Jhatka gives them a trolley for the kid but the remote lands in the kids hand and he moves out with the trolley for an adventure ride, Motu Patlu are constantly behind the kid paying the price as they go on a chase adventure!

Motu & Patlu Super Duper Man

Motu & Patlu want to be Superheroes and protect the people of Furfurinagar from goons, they create Superhero dresses with a mask and Dr Jhatka gives them special Superhero gadgets, but every time Motu & Patlu use the gadgets they do not work as intended creating trouble for Motu Patlu, Inspector Chingum starts a hunt for the masked duo mistaking them to be thieves for robberies done by Jon the Don.

Motu & Patlu Race To Rock Garden

Motu & Patlu Ghaseeta & Dr Jhatka incidentally meet a thief who just had an accident, the thief informs them about a 10Cr bag in Rock Garden and faints, Inspector Inspector Chingum reaches the spot and inquires what the thief told them about the 10Cr but instead of telling Inspector Inspector Chingum they hide the truth.

Motu & Patlu Flying Helmet

Dr Jhatka shares his newly invented gadget; a flying helmet with Motu & Patlu. Motu wears the helmet and leaves immediately to get samosas, in his excitement he forgets to ask Dr Jhatka how to operate the helmet properly. He lands himself in trouble and is unable to land!

Motu & Patlu Road Roller

Motu has a bumpy ride while riding a bicycle due to huge potholes on the road and he scolds the Furfurinagar Municipal Corporation Adhikari for the bad conditions of the road, the adhikari offers them to repair the road by evening and get paid as the local MLA will be paying a visit to Furfurinagar and none of the contractors is available. Watch how Motu accepts the challenge and falls into trouble as he fails to complete the challenge.

Motu & Patlu Ice Factory

Due to unbearable heat on a sunny day Motu Patlu, Jhatka & Ghaseeta decide to work in the local Ice Factory when the owner leaves them behind for a meeting he orders them to sell all the Ice Blocks before he’s back.

Motu & Patlu Photography Competition

Motu & Patlu want to click a photograph of a bird in its natural environment for entry to a photography competition,but Motu’s camera is an old model and does not work great. Motu Patlu tie a bunch of balloons to themselves and fly in the sky to get a close pic of the bird. Watch what happens when the bird gets angry and starts bursting the balloons instead.

Motu & Patlu Mbbs

Motu & Patlu visit Jhatka’s clinic, when he’s out both of them pose like doctor’s and find unique ways to treat patients or rather make them run away, they do things like trying to use a drill machine to remove teeth, to bringing a snake to remove the poison of a snake bite.

Motu & Patlu Mehnat Ki Kamayee

Motu & Patlu open a paint shop on Ghasitaram’s Drive and on the first day itself get orders for painting zebra crossing on the road and a house paint job. But instead of a zebra crossing they make an actual Zebra painting on the road and make a chaos of every work that they do. Watch what happens when they blast a house completely and have to pay the price for it!

Motu Patlu Lottery

Patlu reads in the newspaper and realizes that he has won the lottery! Dr Jhatka, ghasitaram and Jon the Don, everybody wants a share of the money and thus begins the chase between them all. after checking with the newspaper he realises that the ticket is for Raja lottery and the result in the paper is for another lottery which is Maharaja lottery.

Motu Patlu Motu The Alien

An Alien lands in Furfurinagar early morning and upon seeing Motu who was out on a morning walk the Alien decides to disguise as Motu.  When Alien and Motu come face to face they decide to have a samosa eating competition to decide who the real Motu is. Watch how the real Motu triumphs over the Alien Motu!

Motu Patlu Future Camera

Motu & Patlu find an old camera while gardening in a plastic bag, soon they realise that the camera clicks photographs of what is going to happen in the future.

Motu Patlu Cross Connection

Motu and Patlu open up a PCO service under the name “Motu Patlu communications”. At the opening day, post the grand opening, they a receive a call from a stranger asking for a red bag. Inspite of repeatedly telling him that he has called on a wrong number, he continues to call. They find out that the bad man is John the don’s twin!

Motu Patlu And Robot Dog

Motu & Patlu open up a detective agency. Dr.Jhatka gifts them a detective kit that comprises of a magnifying glass, a gun and a robot dog named RoDo. Their first case is given to them by Mrs.Sharma who’s jewellery has been mugged by John the Don. RoDo helps Motu & Patlu and Inspector Chingum in getting hold of John.

Motu Patlu Motu Banega Don

Motu & Patlu go to the chaiwala to have some samosas where they are followed by John the don who’s order is given the first preference because of his position as a don. This enrages Motu and he decides to become a don. Watch how Motu realizes something very important in life which you should know to!

Motu Patlu Super Murgiyan

Motu & Patlu plan on starting a poultry business and buy a few hens. Dr.Jhatka gives them a medicine to feed the hens which would enable them to produce more eggs and at a faster pace. This medicine affects the hens adversely giving them super powers. They rob Boxer’s car and take off.

Motu Patlu Amir Chand Fakir Chand

Ghasitaram helps Motu & Patlu disguise themselves to escape the wrath of the townfolks. Motu & Patlu haven’t paid any bills and this furiates the sabjiwala, dhoodhwala, chaiwala and banya. They dress up as amirchand and fakirchand who happen to be two wanted goons that Inspector Chingum is after. This leads to a chaos created in the town.

Motu Patlu Aur Yamraj

On a hot sunny day, when they were farming their bull went wild and they were being dragged around the farm behind the bull. When the bull stops, a laptop drops down on them from the sky. It is Chitragupta’s laptop which contains Patlu’s death date.

Motu Patlu Fwwe Fight

Motu is all set to win Furfurinagar World Wrestling Entertainment to win one lakh rupees and samosas. Little does Motu know what he has to fight against!

Motu Patlu Jinn

Motu & Patlu find a lamp one day, while dusting at Motu’s house. A jinn resides in that lamp. Instead of granting Motu & Patlu limited wishes, he is eager to complete every task that they grant him. He starts creating problems by granting every wish of theirs on a grander scale.Watch what happens when they ask him for his one last wish!

Motu Patlu Murti Ki Khoj

People of Furfurinagar accidentally come across a very expensive idol while digging a patch of land. It was being stolen by John the don and his goons and Motu ,Patlu helped recover it. This gives them an idea to find more such idols buried across Furfurinagar and get rich. Watch how they find the dead and the alive from the ground and land themselves into trouble!

Motu Patlu And Tiger

Furfurinagar is in midst of a huge chaos. News is that, a tiger has escaped from a nearby zoo and is making his way to furfurinagar. Watch how Motu and Patlu land themselves up in the same trap they lay for the Tiger!

Motu Patlu Ek Thee Heroine

Furfurinagar is laden with posters of an audition for a hero.  Jhatka and Ghasitaram try to divert Motu Patlu’s attention when they come across the poster. This fuels a tiff between Jhatka Motu Ghastiaram and Patlu as to who would star opposite the beautiful heroine of the film.

Motu Patlu Magician

While getting off the bus, Patlu grabs hold of the wrong bag instead of his own. Later they find out that the bag holds a set of magician caps and coats. They plan to show the town people some magic and earn money. Meanwhile. The real Magician is in search of his bag and gets hold of them in the public event!

Motu Patlu Peacock Fish

Dr.Jhatka owns a rare type of fish known as Peacock Fish. He leaves the fish in Motu Patlu’s care for a day. Since Motu hadn’t had a morsel of food since morning, he tries to eat the fish up but the fish smartly escapes from the catch and has to be set free! What happens in between all of this is funny!

Motu Patlu Mela

After being insulted by the chaiwala, Ghasitaram and Dr.Jhatka give Motu Patlu an idea to get even with him. Motu and Patlu use hypnotizing powers! Watch how they control everybody around them!

Motu Patlu Bhoot Bangla

Chaiwala dresses up as a ghost in order to scare Motu Patlu into returning all the money that they owe him. Watch how Motu Patlu get scared and end the night in a haunted villa to win cash prize!

Motu Patlu Trekking

Motu & Patlu, Dr.Jhatka and ghasitaram go for a trek. They tie Motu to a rope and pull him along while he munches on samosas. They get cought in the eyes of the eagle who is in search for food for her babies. Thereafter, they are running helter skelter trying to escape from the clutches of the mother eagle.

Motu Patlu Salim Robot

Inspector Chingum, Motu, Patlu, Dr.Jhatka and ghasitaram put up a salim-anarkali play for the people of furfurinagar. After the first flop show, they are in a fix as to who would play salim’s character which was initially played by ghasitaram as he was injured. They make the play very interesting!

Motu Patlu Black Bull

Furfurinagar is celebrating a festival where in cows and bulls are treated as God. Meanwhile, a black bull goes wild and Inspector Chingum and Motu claim to control it. The bull hears this and is now chasing them.

Motu Patlu Kite Competition

It’s Makar Sankranti and Motu & Patlu wish to fly kites. They decide to steal fallen kites, tie a rope to them and fly those instead of buying new ones. In an attempt at getting kites, they keep running into boxer or falling on him and he keeps beating them up. Meanwhile, John the don is trying to smuggle diamonds across the town boundaries to his brother Shaun.


It’s Makar Sankranti and Motu & Patlu wish to fly kites. They decide to steal fallen kites, tie a rope to them and fly those instead of buying new ones. In an attempt at getting kites, they keep running into boxer or falling on him and he keeps beating them up. Meanwhile, John the don is trying to smuggle diamonds across the town boundaries to his brother Shaun.

Body Guard

Mr.Thakral appoints Motu & Patlu as his notorious daughter’s bodyguard after they save her from John the don and his goons.They finally manage to capture ritika and take off. Motu Patlu set to chase them!

Motu PATLU Giant Mosquitoes

People of Furfurinagar are falling sick because of the dengue. They all line up outside Dr.Jhatka’s clinic to get medicated. Dr.Jhatka creates a solution to eliminate the mosquitoes from Furfurinagar but Motu accidentally drops a samosa in it while being created.

This has an adverse effect on the medicine and instead of killing mosquitoes; it enhances their size to as big as humans. Furfurinagar is in trouble yet again.

Motu Patlu Naagon Se Panga

Furfurinagar is infected with snakes and carries all snakes to the forest by playing the whole snake flute. Snakes urge Motu and their friends to donate their snakes to help teach them a lesson.

Motu Patlu Cylinder Ki Sawaari

Dr. Jatka gives Motu Patlu a natural gas cylinder which generates fuel from natural products. The cylinder falls to the ground and travels along the entire patch.

Motu Patlu The Battle Of Tree   

Dr. Jatka’s Tree Growth Gazette enlarges a tree Motu and Patlu try to climb the tree to remove the gadget from the tree, but the tree continues to grow and the animals living in the tree attack Motu and their friends.