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Lapataganj is Indian fantacy comedy TV series Based in an imaginary small town called Lapataganj (meaning a lost place)


Lapataganj is Indian fantacy comedy TV series Based in an imaginary small town called Lapataganj (meaning a lost place), Story revolves around people lived in village called ‘ Lapataganj’ and main character is head postmaster Mukundilal gupta.

the story is inspired by the writings of Sharad Joshi, who was a Hindi satirist. His wide range of work has highlighted the bitter truth of Indian society with a satirical punch. These stories, while making viewers laugh, also make them empathize with the situations people face in their daily lives.

Lapataganj is a town in some part of India which has been long forgotten by the system. The town struggles daily for basic facilities, yet the people residing there are the happiest of the lot. The show captures the spirit of the common man to lead a happy life against all odds.


Lapataganj Cast

Rohitash Gaud

Mukundilal Gupta (1,074 episodes, 2009-2014)

Rohitash Gaud play the role as Mukundilal gupta . Mango Man Meaning Aam Aadmi ! That Includes You, Me And All The Others … Age About 35 Years…Forever Smiling …Smiling Seems To Have Become A Habit… He Smiles When He Is Happy … He Also Smiles When He Is Not Happy… Mukandi Is A Govt Office Clerk… It’s Just Unusual That He Does Not Take Bribe…

Popularly known by his character name, Mukundilal Gupta in Sab TV’s show Lapataganj, Rohitash Gaud is another senior actor of the television industry.  He has received several awards for his role of Mukundilal including Indian television academy award, Sab TV award and Zee Gold Awards.

As of now he is portraying the role of Vishnu in Sony Pal’s show Khushyon Ki Gullakh Ashi. Beside television industry, he has additionally worked in various Bollywood movies.

He marked his debut with the biopic film Veer Savarkar in 2001. Though he has worked on several Bollywood movies, the majority of them has been just cameo appearances. He worked with actor Irfan Khan in the movie Pratha.  He played the role of Mano..

Vineet Kumar

Kachhua Prasad (1,074 episodes, 2009-2014)

Sucheta Khanna

Indumati Gupta (1,074 episodes, 2009-2014)

Sucheta Khanna Play the role as Indumati Gupta. Indumati Represents The Indian Wife …She Is Always Short On Time Her Husband Is God For Her … She Speaks Slowly, She Even Scolds Slowly… Her Language Disallows The Use Of ‘Sha!’ Hence Shadi Is Sadi And Khushboo Becomes Khusboo … Her Urdu Words Are Not Pronounced Properly Either … Zindagi Is Jindagi, Zubaan Is Jubaan… Etc

Shubhangi Gokhale

Mishri Mausi (1,074 episodes, 2009-2014)

Neel Patel

Chukundi (1,017 episodes, 2009-2013)

Hanumann Gudshaa

Guddu’s Father (9 episodes, 2009)

Anup Shukla

Kroor Singh (7 episodes, 2012)

Vikas Gupta

(2 episodes, 2014)

Alisha Grewal Khan

Champa (1 episode, 2009)

Ravi Singh

Genda’s Husband (1 episode, 2012)

Meghana Nikade

Aleema (1 episode, 2012)

Abhay Pratap Singh

Dabloo (1 episode, 2012)

Krishna Bhatt

Elija (2009-2013) / Elizabeth Yadav (unknown episodes)

Krishna Bhatt is an Indian television and film actor. He is great comedian. He acted in more than 20 movies. Some of them were cameos. He made his debut in the movie”Dushman” in 1998.

It was a psychological thriller movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Kajol and Ashutosh Rana in lead role. It was directed by Tanuja Chandra. Krishna acted a cameo in this movie. In 1999 he acted in the movie “Sangharsh” starring Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta and Ashutosh Rana.

It was also directed by Tanuja Chandra and in the same year Krishna did another movie “Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan”. It was a love story.Krishna shared the screen with Saif Ali Khan, Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Anand.

Sanjay Chaudhury

Chukundi (2009-2013) (unknown episodes)


Anup Upadhyay

Chhotu Mama (2009-2013) (unknown episodes)

Soma Rathod

Mircha, Sutti Lal’s wife (2009-2013) (unknown episodes)

Mamta Verma

Bindumati (2009-2013) (unknown episodes)

Rakesh Shrivastav

Lallan (2009-2013) (unknown episodes)

Rakesh Srivastav has been a long time character artist who has been active in the film industry for so long, He was seen playing some memorable supporting roles in Films like ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (1989),‘Sardari Begum’ (1996), ‘Red Swastik’ (2005) & ‘Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero’ (2005).

He has a long experience in the film industry & has a very sound background as a supporting artist in the mainstream Hindi Cinema.

His orientation seems to be mostly to commercial flicks, but he was also seen playing a serious role in the movie called ‘Such a long Journey’ (1998). He is busy nowadays with his Television acting assignments. …

Sunil Kumar

Sutti Lal (2009-2013) (unknown episodes)

Kajal Nishad

Chameli, Lallan’s sister (2009-2010) (unknown episodes)

Preeti Amin

Surili (unknown episodes)

Preeti Amin play the role as surili The Daughter Of Mishri Bua,She Is Pretty, Poor Surili While Sending Her On Earth, God Pressed The Mute Button So Hard That Her Beautiful Expressions In Words Are Limited To “Khao, Jaao, Laao..Aaao”

Abbas Khan

Biji Pandey (unknown episodes)


Lapataganj Directed by

Dharram Verma

(1,075 episodes, 2009-2014)

Shashank Bali

(1,074 episodes, 2009-2014)

Rrahul Mevawala

(315 episodes, 2012-2014)

Lapataganj Series Award Winning

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2011)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Serial – Comedy

Ashwani Dhir

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2010)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Actor in a Comic Role

Rohitash Gaud

Indian Telly Awards (2014)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Actress in a Comic Role (Jury)

Shubhangi Gokhale

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Actor in a Comic Role (Jury)

Rohitash Gaud

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Director

Dharram Verma

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actress in a Comic Role

Shubhangi Gokhale

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actress in a Comic Role (Jury)

Sucheta Khanna

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Comic Role (Jury)

Sanjay Chaudhury

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Comic Role

Rohitash Gaud

Indian Telly Awards (2013)

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Comic Role

Rohitash Gaud

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actress in a Comic Role

Sucheta Khanna

Indian Telly Awards (2012)

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Comic Role

Abbas Khan

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actress in a Comic Role

Sucheta Khanna

Lapataganj All Episode


Lapataganj Episode 110

Chhotu is sleeping while Mishri Mausi is working. When she wakes him up, he asks her to make some Halwa for him. To avoid doing so, Mishri Mausi asks him to go and buy the ingredients for Halwa.

Lapataganj Episode 111

Mukundilal and his wife weep that their so n has fallen into a pit. While everyone is trying to get him out of there, Mukundilal gets emotional and says that he wants to go in and get his son.

Lapataganj Episode 229

Mukundi starts crying after reading Indu’s letter which says that she would never come back. The entire village is worried after this news spreads and starts giving Mukundi suggestions on how to get her back.

Lapataganj Episode 230

Chotu mama tells his fellow villagers that he is leaving for Golganj to get his niece, Suman to Lapataganj. Sureeli and Mishri are extremely happy to receive Suman.

Lapataganj Episode 231

Chotu fixes Sureeli’s marriage to Prem Babu, who is actually Suman’s lover. But Sureeli is adamant about marrying Pappu. Mishri catches Sureeli making the lovebirds meet.

Lapataganj Episode 234

Mukundi’s efforts bring colors to Suttilal’s life. Kanyakumari and her assistants evade the situation once the journalists intervene.

Lapataganj Episode 235

A minister comes to visit Suttilal and threatens him for going on a hunger strike. Different businessmen meet Suttilal to sell their products.

Lapataganj Episode 236

Mukundi explains his plan to the villagers to get rid of the media. The villager’s plot that Suttilal is a thief and Pappu adds up to their drama.

Lapataganj Episode 237

Mukundi hears Indu’s voice and thinks that she is back but when he goes out to see if she is really there, he realises that it was just his dream and that she is not there. However, when he goes back to sleep, she teases him and tells him to come to have his tea.

Lapataganj Episode 238

Indu is tensed about Kanyakumari’s growing closeness to Mukundi. Mukundi comes home late daily which adds up to Indu’s doubts. What will happen when Indu finds Mukundi with Kanyakumari?

Lapataganj Episode 240

Elija takes Chotu’s criticism too hard and gets sensitive about being unmarried. Kanyakumari is annoyed to hear about Indu from Mukundi. Elija beats the drums and swears about getting married in front of the villagers.

Lapataganj Episode 241

Sweety enters Lapataganj and asks Elija to help her out. Elija challenges Chotu that he will get married soon. Guddu is called upon by Elija for advices but Chotu has already manipulated Guddu.

Lapataganj Episode 242

Elija dresses up in mismatched clothes to impress a girl he has set his eyes on. He intends to get married to her and goes behind wooing her.

Lapataganj Episode 243

Mishri dreams about Chotu getting bashed due to his antics and her religious Baba confirms that will happen. Chotu doesn’t bother about any of the superstition and goes out to only realize that it turned true. Indu saw a terrible dream at the same hour as Mishri’s, will that be true also?

Lapataganj Episode 244

Indu is scared and does everything she can for her family to remember her. Guddu lies to Mishri and takes Pappu to feed Sureeli. Chotu stops the lovebirds and snatches away the jalebis.

Lapataganj Episode 245

Indu calls Eliza over and makes him wear numerous rakhi. Indu and Mukundi invite Kanyakumari for dinner but Chukundi ruins the mood.

Lapataganj Episode 246

Pappu gifts a few bangles to Sureeli and gets caught thereafter. Indu plans that her sister, Bindwasini is ideal for Mukundi and tries to push them on going for a movie.

Lapataganj Episode 247

Indu finally reveals everything to her sister, Bindumati. Mukundi has a nightmare about Pappu getting badly attacked and so Indu goes to alert him.

Lapataganj Episode 248

Indu is in a hurry to send off Bindwasini home but Mukundi statement shocks everyone. The Lapataganj is united once again to help one of their residents.

Lapataganj Episode 249

Chotu amuses the crowd with his father’s story. Kachua is back in Lapataganj but nobody is ready to listen to him. So Chotu suggests Kachua newer ways to gain his importance back.

Lapataganj Episode 250

A couple meets at the banks of a river when kachua chacha comes and interrupts. Later, he meets Mukundi who is sitting silent and questions him of his silence.

Lapataganj Episode 251

Mukundi tries to reason out Kachhua Chacha’s actions with him as he is stern on believing what he did was right and doesn’t listen to what Mukundi has to say.

Lapataganj Episode 252

The villagers try to convince Kachua for apologizing to the government officials but he denies accepting his mistake at all. Lapataganj will be added to a highway and there is no scope for development.

Lapataganj Episode 253

Guddu is supposedly getting married. Meanwhile Kachua Chacha tells Elija an interesting story that dates back to his period time, perhaps even involves his father!

Lapataganj Episode 254

Chuniya, Duniya’s father arrives at Lapataganj to meet Guddu. Pappu is upset to know Duniya has chosen Guddu. Lapataganj gets engrossed in Guddu’s celebration.

Lapataganj Episode 255

While Lapataganj is celebrating the haldi of Guddu, Chuniya Dubey brings a better proposal for Guddu’s future. Pappu and Guddu get emotional for this new step.

Lapataganj Episode 256

The villagers convince Guddu that Lapataganj will always be his. Guddu and Duniya make a perfect couple but Pappu tries to tease them by getting in between. Lapataganj is heartbroken to witness Guddu’s farewell.

Lapataganj Episode 257

Pappu is in depression as he still feels Guddu is in Lapataganj. Sureeli goes to another village with her mother. The villagers worry about Guddu’s condition when Guddu arrives at Lapataganj.

Lapataganj Episode 258

Duniya stands in between of Guddu and Pappu. Chotu finds his father’s things in the safe and show it off to the villagers. While Lapataganj celebrates their father’s birthday, Chotu takes up a challenge.

Lapataganj Episode 259

Chotu is worked up to accept this challenge of showing his father’s photograph. Suttilal, Chaurasia, and Elija try to convince him but that starts a new problem.

Lapataganj Episode 260

Chotu decides to sketch his father’s picture. Mukundi prepares the food while Chotu chats with him. The artist who arrives is a professional sketch artist for the Police.

Lapataganj Episode 261

The people in Lapatganj are in shock to see Chotu mama’s picture in the newspaper saying he is no more. During a prayer service, Chotu’s presence scares everyone.

Lapataganj Episode 262

Chotu mama goes in search for members for the army from Lapataganj. Lallu’s return after 6 years excites everyone. Chaurasiya narrates the incident of how Lallu left the village.

Lapataganj Episode 263

Lallu returns to Lapataganj after 6 years. His arrival brings tears in their eyes as he is injured. They all celebrate Lallu’s return in Lapataganj before which he shares his experience.

Lapataganj Episode 264

A celebration takes place in Lapataganj for Lallu’s return and the minister promises him a license for putting up a petrol bunk. Lallu visits the collector along with Mukundi.

Lapataganj Episode 265

An announcement goes around in Lapataganj of a new movie. Indumati tries to convince Mukundi to take her. Guddu and his wife Duniya too, go watch the new movie.

Lapataganj Episode 266

Lallu leaves his house in the middle of the night and sits around the statue in his colony. He expects that his wife will come to please him and take him back to the house. But he is surprised and his expectations fail miserably.

Lapataganj Episode 267

Mukundi, Guddu, and Lallan are put outside the house as they do not agree to go with their wife for a honeymoon. Chotu brings a smile on Surili’s face and makes her laugh.

Lapataganj Episode 268

Bindu, Indumati, and Duniya discuss their honeymoon fantasies. Sutti Lal is upset as his wife, Mircha is forcing him to take her for the honeymoon.

Lapataganj Episode 269

All the couples are excited as they are finally going for the honeymoon. They discuss the places to visit. Duniya’s father lends some money to Guddu to take Duniya for the honeymoon.

Lapataganj Episode 270

Everyone waits for Thota Ram who has planned the honeymoon trip. A bus arrives to take everyone to the honeymoon resort. They all have a fun time during the bus journey.

Lapataganj Episode 271

Mircha begins to weep as she has left behind her hen in the food joint that they had stopped at. Pappu returns to Lapataganj and wonders where everyone is.

Lapataganj Episode 272

Elija has his eyes on the receptionist at the resort. The manager takes them around the resort. They all get into the pool and have a bonfire night at the end of the day.

Lapataganj Episode 273

As all the couples are having a good time, Elija gets slapped by the receptionist after reading his letter. While Pappu is en route to honeymoon resort, Surili misses him.

Lapataganj Episode 274

Elija sarcastically explains to Chotu about his conversation with the receptionist. When Surili notices all the couples having a good time, she misses Pappu even more.