Karl Urban Net Worth And Biography (100s of secret facts about Karl Urban)

Karl-Heinz Urban is a New Zealand actor. His career began with appearances in New Zealand films and TV series such as Xena: Warrior Princess. His first Hollywood role was in the 2002 horror film Ghost Ship

Karl Urban Net Worth And Biography

What is Karl Urban net worth and biography ? Karl-Heinz Urban is a New Zealand actor. His career began with appearances in New Zealand films and TV series such as Xena: Warrior Princess. His first Hollywood role was in the 2002 horror film Ghost Ship

Net Worth:$20 Million
Born:June 7, 1972
Country of Origin:New Zealand
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor
Last Updated:2021


As of 2021, Karl Urban’s net worth is roughly $20 million.

Karl Urban is a New Zealand actor from Wellington, New Zealand. His career began with appearances in New Zealand films and TV series such as ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’.

He has also portrayed Leonard McCoy in the ‘Star Trek’  reboot film series, Vaako in the ‘Riddick’ film series, and Judge Dredd in ‘Dredd’.

Karl Urban Childhood & Early Life



Karl Urban was born on June 7, 1972 in Wellington, New Zealand to a German immigrant father. His father owned a leather goods store, and his mother worked for the Film Facilities in Wellington.
Urban attended St Mark’s Church School. In school, he showed interest in public performance and articipated in numerous school plays and stage productions.
From 1986 to 1990, Karl Urban attended Wellington College. He then enrolled at the Victoria University of Wellington for a degree in BA but discontinued the same after a year to pursue a career in acting.

Karl Urban Career


Karl Urban’s first ever acting role came at the age of eight. He had a single line in one of the episode of the New Zealand television series ‘Pioneer Woman’. Following this, Urban did not pursue acting professionally until he finished high school.
After leaving college, he appeared in several theatre productions and local TV commercials. He moved to Auckland where he was offered guest roles in several TV shows. He then located to Bondi Beach, Sydney before finally settling down in New Zealand in 1996.
Immediately after coming to New Zealand, Urban bagged himself a big project, the internationally syndicated American/New Zealand TV series ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ and its spin-off ‘Xena: Warrior Princess,’ playing the recurring role of Cupid and Julius Ceasar. He played the characters from 1996 until 2001.
In 2000, Urban appeared in offbeat rural romance ‘The Price of Milk’. The film won him a nomination at New Zealand Quantas Film and Television Awards. He next appeared as policeman Nick Harvey in ‘Out of the Blue’. His perfect portrayal of the character earned him widespread acclaim and appreciation from the critics and audience.
His growing popularity soon helped him make his Hollywood debut with the horror flick ‘Ghost Ship’. ‘Ghost Ship’ not just opened the gateway to Hollywood for Urban but also earned him numerous prestigious film offers that turned fruitful for his career.
Karl Urban’s acting skills and impressive screen presence earned him the eyeballs of many famed directors who cast him in their projects. What resulted was a string of roles in films that eventually became big hits.
His first major break came with the character of Eomer in the second part of the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘The Two Towers’, in 2002. Spectacularly brilliant, he reprised his role in the third instalment of the series ‘The Return of the King’.
Following the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, Urban was flooded with roles. In 2004, was seen in two films, namely, ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’. While the former was a spy thriller, the latter was a science fiction adventure. Both the films performed exceptionally at the box office and became cult movies.
In 2005, Urban played the character of John ‘Reaper’ Grimm in Universal Pictures’ ‘Doom’. Meanwhile, he returned to New Zealand cinema to star in the crime drama ‘Out of the Blue’. Directed by Robert Sarkies, the film was very well received and went on to become one of the top ten highest grossing local films.
Just when nothing could seem to go wrong in Urban’s escalating career, his next film ‘Pathfinder’ badly bombed at the box office. The film opened to negative comments and critical reception across the globe.
Despite having earned a name in the film industry, Urban did not give television a miss. In fact, he accepted television offers that came his way as well. After his recurring roles in ‘Hercules’, Urban’s next major project in television came with ‘Comanche Moon,’ a CBS miniseries, which was a prequel to ‘Lonesome Dove’. In it, he played the character of Woodrow Call.
In 2009, Karl Urban returned to the big screen with a bang, playing Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, in the eleventh edition of the Star Trek film. His performance was widely lauded by the critics and audience and even earned him a couple of nominations. Same year, he also appeared as himself in the documentary film ‘Reclaiming the Blade’, discussing his sword-wielding experience in films.
Before reprising his role of Dr Leonard Bones McCoy in the twelfth edition of ‘Star Trek’ series ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ in 2013, Urban did a couple of films including ‘Black Water Transit’, ‘And Soon the Darkness’, ‘RED’, ‘Priest’, ‘Black Hat’ and ‘Dredd’. He also made a cameo appearance in the third film of the Riddick series titled ‘Riddick’.
In 2013, he starred as Detective John Kennex in the televisions series ‘Almost Human’. The series was futuristic themed and was set 35 years into the future, wherein cops in the L.A.P.D. were paired up with lifelike androids. In the series, Karl Urban played a detective who disliked robots but did not have any choice than to be paired up with them.
In 2014, he was seen in the erotic thriller ‘The Loft’. The film was in fact a remake of a Belgian film of the same name. Despite being directed by the same director, ‘The Loft’ failed to impress the audience.
In 2016 Karl Urban worked in two important projects. In the first movie, he reprised his role of Dr Leonard McCoy for the thirteenth instalment of the Star Trek series, ‘Star Trek Beyond’. In his second film of the year, ‘Pete’s Dragon’ he played the main antagonist.
He has three upcoming releases lined up, namely, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, ‘Hangman’ and ‘Bent’.

Karl Urban Top Movie

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King(2003)

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The fight for control of the future of Middle-earth intensifies as Aragorn, aided by Gandalf, Legolas, and Gimli, rallies his army at Minas Tirith to fight against the evil forces of Sauron. However, it is only a distraction to give Frodo and Sam more time to destroy the One Ring at the fires of Mount Doom.




Peter Jackson


Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Star Trek(2009)

Star Trek

The eleventh film in the Star Trek film franchise, it follows the rebellious James T. Kirk and Spock on board the newly commissioned USS Enterprise, as they attempt to prevent a Romulan—Nero—from future from creating black holes and destroying the United Federation of Planets.




J.J. Abrams


Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Star Trek Into Darkness(2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness

When a secret installation in London is bombed and Admiral Pike is killed, Kirk is sent to Kronos, Klingon homeworld, to capture and kill Starfleet member-turned terrorist John Harrison without provoking a war with the Klingon Empire itself. However, Kirk and his crew soon learn that there is much more about the agent and his mission than what they already know.






J.J. Abrams


Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Thor: Ragnarok(2017)

Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok is a superhero movie that pits the Norse God Thor against his all-powerful sister Hela, who is freed after Odin’s death. He joins forces with the Hulk, Loki, Valkyrie and others to stop Hela and is forced to unleash Ragnarök, the destruction of Asgard, to save the rest of the universe.




Taika Waititi


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Star Trek Beyond(2016)

Star Trek Beyond

Captain Kirk and his crew get stranded on a distant mysterious planet after the USS Enterprise is attacked by a massive swarm of small alien ships targeting the relic Abronath onboard the starship. Unable to contact the Federation or the separated crew members, they are assisted by alien scavenger Jaylah in their fight against swarm leader Krall.




Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy


Justin Lin


Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure

And Soon the Darkness(2010)

And Soon the Darkness

Stephanie and Ellie are two American girls who are on a bike trip in Argentina. Their life takes a dark turn when Ellie suddenly goes missing, after the two have a heated argument. Stephanie starts searching for her friend, and she is joined by Michael, an American who also claims that he is searching for his girlfriend who had disappeared months before. The town’s only police officer assists them, although they find that he acts a bit suspicious.






Marcos Efron


Horror, Mystery, Crime, Thriller

THE BOYS (2019) / 8.7

This Amazon breakout hit put Karl Urban in the shoes of Billy Butcher, an every-man with a serious chip on his shoulder, and a hatred of superheroes. His blunt demeanor, filthy mouth and ruthless pursuit of his goals made him a scene-stealer.

Here’s to hoping that Urban’s character is expanded even further in the upcoming second season of the show, but his first outing has made Urban a household favorite, as well as a silver screen icon.


Urban was fresh out of Lord Of The Rings when his Hollywood career took him towards David Twohy’s Pitch Black universe. The sequel The Chronicles Of Riddick was a massive creative and narrative detour from the original, showcasing Urban as Vaako, a high-ranking member of the Necromonger army.

Urban played the character as a schemer, manipulated by his lover Dame into a plot which ends up backfiring in his face. Urban reprised his role for the sequel Riddick, leaving the character’s fate uncertain. It remains to be seen if he’ll return for the next Pitch Black film.


The Bourne films remain one of the most exciting and engaging action/espionage franchises in history, and the second film built upon the strengths of the first by adding Karl Urban into the mix as FSS killer Kirill. His character makes the unfortunate mistake of killing Jason Bourne’s lover during a car chase.

Urban’s performance as the rugged killer was chilling, singular and focused, proving the actor could play both hero and villain alike, with total ease.

Karl Urban Awards And Achievements

Awards Circuit Community Awards

ACCA [Winner] (2003)

Best Cast Ensemble

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

BSFC Award [Winner] (2009)

Best Ensemble Cast

Tied with Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique, Paula Patton… More

Star Trek (2009)

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

Critics Choice Award [Winner] (2004)

Best Acting Ensemble

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Critics Choice Super Awards

CCA Super Award [Nominee] (2021)

Best Actor in a Superhero Series

The Boys (2019)

Denver Film Critics Society

DFCS Award [Winner] (2010)

Best Acting Ensemble

Star Trek (2009)

DVD Exclusive Awards

DVDX Award [Nominee] (2003)

Best Audio Commentary (New for DVD)

(Special Extended Edition).

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

Chainsaw Award [Nominee] (2006)

Bloodiest Beatdown

For “The Rock vs. Karl Urban”

Doom (2005)

Gold Derby Awards

Gold Derby Award [Nominee] (2010)

Ensemble Cast

Star Trek (2009)

Gold Derby Award [Winner] (2004)

Ensemble Cast

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Gold Derby Award [Nominee] (2003)

Ensemble Cast

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Hollywood Critics Association

HCA TV Award [Nominee] (2021)

Best Actor in a Streaming Series, Drama

The Boys (2019)

IGN Summer Movie Awards

IGN Award [Nominee] (2020)

Best TV Ensemble

The Boys (2019)

IGN Award [Nominee] (2019)

Best TV Ensemble

The Boys (2019)

National Board of Review, USA

NBR Award [Winner] (2003)

Best Acting by an Ensemble

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

New Zealand Film and TV Awards (I)

Film Award [Nominee] (2001)

Best Actor

The Irrefutable Truth About Demons (2000)

Film Award [Nominee] (2000)

Best Actor

The Price of Milk (2000)

New Zealand Film and TV Awards (II)

Film Award [Winner] (2008)

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Film

Out of the Blue (2006)

Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards

PFCS Award [Nominee] (2004)

Best Ensemble Acting

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Actor [Winner] (2004)

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards

WAFCA Award [Nominee] (2009)

Best Ensemble

Star Trek (2009)

Karl Urban Personal Life & Legacy

Karl Urban married Natalie Wihongi in September 2004. Wihongi was his makeup artist for the film ‘The Privateers’. The couple was blessed with two sons, Hunter and Indiana.
In 2014, he announced his separation from Wihongi. Thereafter, he started dating actress Katee Sackhoff.
Besides acting, he is an active philanthropist. He serves as a celebrity ambassador for KidsCan, a charitable organization that supports over 16,000 disadvantaged children in New Zealand by providing them with essentials such as food, clothing, and shoes.

Favorite Quotes from Karl Urban


“That is a big danger, losing your inspiration. When I work in film and television I try to do each take a little differently. I never want to do the same thing twice, because then you’re not being spontaneous, you’re just recreating something.” – Karl Urban 

I did a little theatre work after that and the following year I got another part in a television series. Then it was almost to the end of the year before I got more work. That was coming to terms with the reality of the vocation I had chosen.” – Karl Urban

“I am in awe, in admiration of the man who Gaius Julius Caesar was. I don’t actually do him as the man himself. He is maybe a distant relative. It’s hard to approach the real man because he is such an awesome icon.” – Karl Urban 

“That’s always an interesting concept when you try to make your dream into a reality and you come up against the facts of exactly what it is you’re attempting to do.” – Karl Urban

“I decided to have a regular childhood and not pursue [acting] until I left school, although I wrote plays, directed plays, and got involved in theatre at school. When I left school I decided that’s that I was going to pursue and gave it a crack.” – Karl Urban 

Great Lessons from Karl Urban

Now that you know all about Karl Urban’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the best lessons we can learn from him:

 Keep Your Motivation High

When your motivation is high, taking action is easy. Once it starts to dwindle down, it can be a lot tougher. You might not be aiming to get fit and that’s fine.

Gradual Changes

Instead of changing your entire diet all in one day, try making small, gradual changes. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, not just some temporary, quick-fix diet.

Keep At It

The first thing is to keep in mind that your rate of progress will fluctuate and is oftentimes much higher in the beginning. In fact, there will even be some weeks where you’ll go in reverse in terms of progress. Don’t let that phase you. Keep at it.

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