Kaatelal And Sons ( watch / download all 202 episodes, cast, award and secret facts and unknown information and good news/bad news)

initially focused on twin sisters Garima and Susheela, who fight against patriarchal traditions to run the family's ancestral salon called Kaatelal & Sons by disguising themselves as Gunnu-Sattu when their father had an accident. They soon realise that their passion was the saloon.

Kaatelal And Sons

Kaatelal And Sons ( watch/ download all episodes, cast, award…) is Indian TV Serial initially focused on twin sisters Garima and Susheela, who fight against patriarchal traditions to run the family’s ancestral salon called Kaatelal & Sons by disguising themselves as Gunnu-Sattu when their father had an accident. They soon realise that their passion was the saloon.

Dharampal Thakur lives with his twin daughters Garima and Susheela and owns a haircutting salon. However, things change when the daughters decide to run their father’s business.

Set in Rohtak, this is the story of Garima and Susheela, who are known for their gutsy nature and modern thoughts. They are here to break the shackles of misogyny and snip the barriers of patriarchy, as they gear up to give wings to their dreams. They care a damn as they set foot in the salon, a male territory predominantly.

Kaatelal And Sons Cast

Megha Chakraborty

Garima (198 episodes, 2020-2021)

Megha Chakraborty is an Indian television actress. She is known for television shows Krishna Chali London, Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par, and Badii Devrani. Recently she appeared in SAB television show Kaatelal & Sons as a lead actress. Chakraborty has been active in the television industry since 2013.

Megha Chakraborty was born on 3 May 1991 in Kolkata, West Bengal. She is raised in a Bengali Hindu family. She completed her early education from Kolkata’s Multipurpose Govt Girls School. Then-after she completed her graduation from Calcutta University. Her desire to work in Hindi television brought her from Kolkata to Mumbai.


Jiya Shankar

Susheela (198 episodes, 2020-2021)

Jiya Shankar is an Indian film and television actress. She is famous for television shows like Queens Hain Hum, Meri Hanikarak Biwi and Pyaar Marriage Shhhh. Jiya started her career at just 16 years old. Recently she appeared in SAB television show Kaatelal & Sons as a lead actress.

Jiya Shankar was born in Mumbai. She had dreams of making a career in acting since childhood but due to being shy nature, she was not a confidant on her talent. At the age of 16, she started auditioning for television shows and films. She appeared in cameo roles in several television shows. She was first noticed from the Telugu film Entha Andanga Unnave in 2013. After this she acted in many Tamil and Telugu films.

Ashok Lokhande

Dharampal (198 episodes, 2020-2021)

Sachin Chaudhary

Putrapaal (Puttu) / Puttu (198 episodes, 2020-2021)

Sahil Phull

Agni (163 episodes, 2020-2021)

Nimish D Shitole

Dhaba worker (3 episodes, 2021)

Vinay Rohrra

Madhav (Maddy) (2 episodes, 2021)

Thakur Rajveer Singh

(2 episodes, 2020-2021)

Sahil Sethi

Bro (2 episodes, 2020-2021)

Raghav Binani

Shubham (1 episode, 2020)

Naman Arora

(1 episode, 2020)

Manav Soneji

Phitkari (1 episode, 2020)

Prashanth Goswami

Satbeer (1 episode, 2020)

Ankit Mohan

(unknown episodes)

Ankit Mohan is an Indian television actor. He known for serials like Mahabharat, Haivaan, Naagin 3, Kumkum Bhagya etc. Recently He appeared in SAB television show Kaatelal & Sons. Mohan is originally from Delhi and started his career with the show MTV Roadies in 2006.

Ankit Mohan was born on 20 January 1988 in Delhi. His father Vikas Mohan is a businessman and mother Mohini Mohan is a homemaker. He received his early education from the National Public School in Delhi. After which he completed his graduation from Delhi University. In 2015 Ankit married his co-actress Ruchi Savarn.

Paras Arora

(unknown episodes)


Kaatelal And Sons All Episode

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Kaatelal And Sons Episode 1

In Rohtak, the shop of Kaatelal and sons is a famous saloon and is always filled with customers.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 2

Susheela is in the Ram Leela as Hanuman. As she fights the actors playing the demons, her hair gets out of the costume and the audience gets to know of her being a girl. Seeing this, Garima dresses up as another character from the play and goes on stage to save Susheela.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 3

Garima and Sushila decide to take revenge from the two guys. Garima takes the razor from her brother and forcefully cut off the hair of both the guys. As they triumphantly walk away, they see their father standing there and watching all of it.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 4

The suitors tell the girl’s family that they would like to spend some alone time with the girls to get to know them better. Garima asks her suitor about his past girlfriends and he tells that he is shy that way and is always working. Garima asks him if he is interested in girls when he gives a positive answer.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 5

Garima and Sushila are about to leave for their college when their father is looking for suitors for them on the internet. As he is filling in the details of both of them, he asks them if they will pass or fail in college. He is told that it is not a job that gets completed in a day.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 6

Dharampal’s brother is in the waiting room with his wife. When he asks her something, she turns away from him and avoids the question. When Shishupal asks why she is behaving this way, Chanchal tells him that she had been saving up for something and he gave all the money for the treatment without a thought.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 7

The doctor hands over the copies of the flight tickets to Dharampal. He then leaves with his son. After their departure, Dharampal tells his family that after all the efforts that the parents take on their children, this is the value that they ultimately get.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 8

Police comes to Dharampal’s saloon and tells everybody that they need to know of the person behind all of this. Meanwhile, his opponent gets scared and makes a few phone calls. Susheela and Garima corner the attackers and tell them that they will have to take “special” care of them if the truth is not told.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 9

Garima is adjusting her wig over and over again when Susheela tells her that she needs to chill and that nobody is going to know about her wig. Susheela then starts to dream about making their shop the most famous barber’s shop in India.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 10

Puttu is blackmailed into following orders of Susheela and Garima. When he refuses to follow the orders, they lift him up and take him to do what they want. However, Puttu’s fear overtakes his macho attitude.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 11

Puttu’s father video calls him to see the shop. Puttu is worried and fears to show as Susheela and Garima are over the place. To know more fun,

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 12

The boy in the neighbouring shop visits Kaatelal And Sons and sees that there are two people. He tells Puttu that he will make sure that Mahipal knows about the two boys he is working with. When he leaves, Puttu, Garima and Sushila do a victory dance on being qualified as boys.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 13

Some people come to the saloon and start recording. They ask the customer how is the service in the saloon now that Mahipal is not there. He gives a negative review and Mahipal thinks if he made a mistake by handing over the business to Puttu.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 14

Puttu is sitting at the shop when his mother comes and tells him to cut his hair. She insists on him cutting her hair. Puttu tells that he is not yet fully experienced in this field and he does not want to mess up with her hair. She tells him that he must cut the hair. Puttu uses his wits and somehow declines the offer.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 15

Puttu, Garima, and Sushila are leaving for college when Mahipal stops Puttu and tells him that nothing is more important than business and that business is God. Mahipal tells the ladies in the home to wish him luck while his mother brings him tiffin. Shishupal tells Garima and Sushila that he will go along with them to the college.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 16

Sushila and Garima are in a hurry to get things done and leave for the shop. They realise that Outtu isn’t there and then come across him sleeping. They wake him up and as they are taking him out, they come across Mahipal whi asks him where are they going early in the morning. To cover up, they tell that they are going to the newly started yoga classes.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 17

Shishupal is standing on the road when Sushila and Garima lean down to see something as Sushila’s wig falls right into Shishupal’s hands. They both get tensed and think that their cat will be out of the bag soon when Shishupal talks to himself saying that it is Lord Hanuman’s blessings. For a split second, he doubts whatever is happening but then decides to let it go.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 18

Shishupal asks Sushila and Garima ” Where are they Heading to”? Making an excuse, Sushila and Garima tells him of visiting the temple as they have got a surprise test at college. This makes Shishupal happy Entertainment News. Tauji then receives a Phone call.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 19

Mahipal is furious about what has happened. He tells his wife and Puttu’s mother that whatever has happened is not correct. He stresses that Gunnu and Satu will be punished for sure. However, Puttu will be the first one to be on the receiving end of Mahipal’s anger.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 20

Before Dharampal Takes Test, They are having a conversation with each other about the test. Dharampal calls Sushila but she does not answer as Sattu-Gunu is dressed in their unusual costume and is standing in front of all. Sattu- Gunu tries to handle the situation. What will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 21

Puttu’s mother holds his ear and is scolding him. She asks him how did he dare to keep Gannu and Sattu without her permission. He tells that he had asked Garima and Sushila. She tells him that he is stupid to have been manipulated so easily.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 22

As Mahipal orders Gannu and Sattu to get out of his shop,Mp3 Download they start their own shop outside Kaatelal and Sons. Everything is going to plan and people are coming to them. One of Mahipal’s friends sees Gannu and Sattu and tells them that they have to get out of this market to which Sattu replies that they are modern boys and that they will not feel bad about small things.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 23

Gannu and Sattu are worried about their new shop as to how can they get more and more customers to walk-ins and increase their marketing strategies. They see that every now and then, people have increased the useability of their mobile phones. so they think of creating an Ads so that people watch and come to their shops. Will this idea work to increase their customer visits?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 24

Gunnu is sitting thinking of the warning they got and about the blunder that happened at Mahipal’s house. They also remember the way Mahipal told them as his daughters about his situation. Gunnu is stressed about the whole situation.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 25

After finding Gunnu and Sattu’s clothes in the girls’ closets, News Music Mahipal asks them the reason for it. Sushila tells him that winter is coming and that they are collecting clothes for distributing them among the poor.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 26

Garima and Sushila are trying to bribe Chanchal to not let the truth out as they promise her they will take care that a tenant will not take away her room. They also tell that when Puttu earns enough money, Mahipal will not feel the need of searching means of extra income.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 27

Pramod goes to Mahipal’s house and tells him that he has changed the medications and that Mahipal needs to take them every day without fail. As he is about to leave, Mahipal tells him about the dance video of Pramod that he saw on the internet. Where Pramod takes it as a compliment, Mahipal tells him that it is not good for his father’s reputations.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 28

Big Brother Naija While Gunnu and Sushi paints, they are fearful about their families knowing their truth and about their education. So they think of managing these educational issues by attending college one after the other. Then comes Puthu to tell them to handle the situation at the shop.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 29

Garima and Sushila are being followed by Pramod in the market, he tries to catch up to them but fails to do so.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 30

Just as Pramod and Sushila get close, something spills Sushila’s secret out.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 31

Gunnu and Jagat have chased Jagat and they realize that to find out what he has against them, there his no other way besides taking his phone.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 32

Chanchal tells Mahipal that she had no clue about the girls and their readiness to marry anyone that they set their eyes upon. Mahipal gets irritated and asks her how she always has her eyes upon his daughters and missed this. He also tells her that it is her son’s fault that Gunnu and Sattu are there in the first place.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 33

Karishma and Sushila go to their mother to convince her about things. She tells them that everything is fine until she has to go and talk to Mahipal. She tells them that however hard she tries, she just can’t get herself to speak up in front of Mahipal.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 34

Dharampal Thakur wants to know why everything is going wrong for him and is blaming the girls for it. He feels like the odds are stacked against him and lets Mata Rani know that, while everyone else tries to convince him that’s not the case.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 35

Dharampal Thakur is set on not letting his daughters go to college. But after some convincing from the girls and the Professor, he agrees but on one condition. Will the girls get their way?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 36

Dr. Pramod’s father comes across texts from Susheela Ji on his son’s unattended phone. On seeing this, Dr. Pramod says it’s an invasion of his privacy, to which his father responds by unlocking his phone and reading some intimate messages from Susheela Ji out loud.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 37

Dr. Pramod advices Susheela that she should tell Dharampal that she is an Orphan. Meanwhile, Gangster Jagat Seth’s henchmen overhear their conversation and decide to inform Jagat Seth about Sattu and Gunnu being orphans.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 38

Gunnu Sattu’s fake parents have come to meet Dharampal and his family. Garima and Susheela’s mother and Masi introduce themself and Garima is listening to their conversation on phone.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 39

Garima and Susheela caught the fake family outside their house and ask them about their true identity and the name of the person how allotted them this job.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 40

Garima and Susheela are all set to get married and everyone is waiting for Grooms and Dharampal is thinking that her daughters are getting married.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 41

Garima and Susheela disguise as Gunnu – Sattu is disappointed with the fact that instead of teaching a lesson to their aunt, Dharampal teaches them a lesson. They’re worried about their false marriage now.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 42

Chanchal reads Susheela Private messages sent by Dr. Pramod. Garima catches Chanchal hiding something from her at that same time Susheela also enters in the room and sees Chanchal having her Cell phone in her hand.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 43

Dharampal calls Gunnu and Sattu at his place to inform them and apologize for canceling the marriage.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 44

Chachi Ji is impressed by Dr. Pramod’s mother. Dharampal tells Pramod’s father about the mentality of their locality.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 45

Garima’s marriage day has arrived the whole house is decorated and Dharampal promises Garima that once Susheela’s marriage gets over he will keep the reception for her.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 46

Pretending to be a kidnaper, Dr. Pramood and Susheela are now worried as everyone is searching for Sattu. Garima calls for a new plan and tells Susheela to let Dr. Pramood go. what will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 47

Dharampal doubts Dr. Pramod and tries to find a similarity between Kidnaper and Dr. Pramod but when Vikram stops Dharampal he shouts at him. what will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 48

Vikram finds a sketch of a person from where Sattu was kept and gives that sketch to Dharampal and that sketch was similar to Dr. Pramod’s face. what will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 49

Jagat Seth shows a letter to Dharampal which he claims is written by Sattu but Susheela and Garima deny his claim and says Jagat himself has written that letter. Vikram stands in the support of Jagat Seth. what will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 50

Pandit opens the box of Mangalsutra but didn’t find Mangalsutra in it. Dharampal asks Kusum about it but she also doesn’t know anything about it. Sattu and Garima seem to be happy. what will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 51

Garima asks Jagat Sath to be away from her family matter but Jagat Sath threatens Garima by saying that he will Dharampal the truth about the Mangalsutra but Susheela says if he will inform her father about Mangalsutra then she’ll also inform her about Sattu’s kidnap.

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 52

Garima seems to be sad so Susheela resides a poem on their life situation and makes Garima realize that the problem is not yet solved it just has been postponed what will happen now?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 53

Dharampal makes everyone follow his rules and regulations. To which Vikram says that rules and regulations differ from person to person and from generation to generation, applying for the old laws and orders here would not make any sense. Will Dharampal understand today’s generation of youth?

Kaatelal And Sons Episode 54

Jagat Seth has Bhagwandas to have a watch on the Garima and Susheela. Bhagwandas called Jagat Seth to inform about Garima and Susheela, one of them is going in the Car.