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The story revolves around the love story of Elaichi and Pancham, who is an aspiring music director. To make the ends meet, he works as a salesman in Murari's lehenga shop.

Jijaji chhat per hain

Jijaji Chhat Per Hain is Indian comedy TV series which airs on Sony SAB . drama is revolves around Elaichi portrayed by Hiba Nawab who is a free spirited girl, often controlled by her father, Murari (Anup Upadhyay).

The story revolves around the love story of Elaichi and Pancham, who is an aspiring music director. To make the ends meet, he works as a salesman in Murari’s lehenga shop.

Two men live as fake husband and wife only to find a shelter and work, meanwhile focusing on their music career. While the teenage daughter of their landlord and boss becomes attracted to one of them.
Set in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, Jijaji Chhat Per Hain is an entertaining story of Elaichi, a quintessential girl next door, the head of the household and lehenga shop owner, Murari Bansal and their helpless tenant, Pancham.
The story revolves around Elaichi’s mischief and eccentricities, Pancham’s attempts to escape from her tricks and Murari’s wish of getting his daughter to amend her notorious ways and settle down in life.
However, things take a funny turn, when Murari rents out his rooftop room/ ‘barsati’ to Pancham.
Elaichi makes Pancham her new target of pranks as she falls head over heels in love with him at first sight, while Pancham being completely unaware of this landa up working with Murari trying to make ends meet and reach his goal of becoming a music director.
He moves to Delhi with his best friend, Pintoo. Since, Murari is principally determined to not rent his ‘barsati’ to bachelors, Pancham fakes being married and disguises Pintoo, as a woman posing as his wife.

Jijaji Chhat Par Hain (2018–2020)Series Cast

Hiba Nawab

Elaichi Bansal (536 episodes, 2018-2019)

Hiba Nawab play the role as Elaichi Bansal aka Ellu, Murari’s daughter and Pancham’s wife. She is a free-spirited, stubborn yet fun-loving girl. She is a street-smart girl who loves to keep things her way.

She failed in 11th standard four times and passed in her fifth attempt. She loves Pancham and is secretly married with him about which only she, her grandmother, Pancham, Sunita and Pintu know.

After Pancham lost his memory due to a shock, she tries to make him fall in love with her again. Her catchphrase is “Life me tante ho rakhe hai”. (2018-2020)

Nikhil Khurana

Pancham (536 episodes, 2018-2019)

Nikhil Khurana Play the role as Pancham Khurana, Elaichi’s husband, a small towner from Agra, whose sole dream was to become a music director.

As he continues to struggle in his music career, to make his ends meet, he starts working at Murari’s shop and lives on rent in his Barsati which makes him fall directly in the purview of Elaichi’s whims and pranks. He loves Elaichi and now secretly married to her.

Due to an electric shock, he lost his memory and started behaving with Elaichi in the old manner when he arrived at Murari’s shop.

Anup Upadhyay

Murari Bansal (536 episodes, 2018-2019)

Anup Upadhyay Play the role as Murari Bansal, a Chandni Chowk lehenga shop owner and father of Elaichi. He is not only an insecure and grumpy father but is also known to be a miser.

He has an old Delhi accent, is very sarcastic in nature and is mostly seen engaged in gossips with Khasote at his saloon shop. He is sometimes mean in a good way and has a characteristic snickering laughter.

He constantly bullies Pancham to keep him in check and makes salary cuts every time he makes a mistake. He is shown to deeply care for Pancham like his own son. He is unaware of Elaichi’s marriage to Pancham. He has a catchphrase “Baat kar ria hai bekaar ki”.

Soma Rathod

Karuna Bansal (36 episodes, 2018)

Soma Rathod. Play the role as Karuna Bansal, wife of Murari and mother of Elaichi. She is a typical housewife, although she might be nagging at times, she’s a very dedicated and loving mother as well. She has a brother named Chatanki, whom she always helps financially even if it means stealing cash from Murari’s safe.

She has a hysterical laughing style which usually make others afraid. Her catchphrase is” Mere to bhaagya hi phoot gaye”, and after saying that, she almost tries to weep before getting normal again.

Raashi Bawa

Sunita (36 episodes, 2018)

Raashi Bawa play the role as Sunita Bawa aka Sunnu/Selfie, Elaichi’s sister like best friend and Pintu’s love interest.

She, along with Elaichi has failed 11th standard four times in a row but passed it in her fifth attempt along with Elaichi. She keeps taking selfies with Elaichi at every moment and calls her Ellu. Her catchphrase is “Ellu selfie!!”.

Yogesh Tripathi

Chhote (36 episodes, 2018)

Yogesh Tripathi play the role as Chhote, a local Barber who in a way is the gossip king of the Mohalla.

His saloon is named “Mandakini Hair Remover Saloon” as he is a big fan of the actress. However, in between the series, Mandakini’s photos on his shop are replaced with hair-styles.

Murari constantly visits his saloon for Chhote’s massages which are done in really extreme ways, to the point that Chhote sometimes beats Murari in rage. He is the one who indirectly triggers fights and passes on irrelevant information in the mohalla.

Whenever Murari is happy, he asks him, “Sethji, bagal ke (baal) bana du?”. After some time, he went to Dubai to extend his business and his brother Lotey came to his place.

Naveen Bawa

Inspector Daroga Pinky (36 episodes, 2018)

Naveen Bawa play the role as Daroga Pinky Tripathi, who loves domestic work and has a keen interest in cooking, embroidery, knitting etc.

He is a lazy Police Inspector and is known to have not been able to solve a single case till date and always says his catchphrases such as “Pinkyji Pooch Rahe Hain” and “Bachpan Se Delhi Mein Reh Ria Hoon”


Chhatanki (36 episodes, 2018)

Firoz Play the role as Chatanki, Karuna’s criminal brother. He is often arrested because of his illegal activities. Murari hates Chatanki because of his antics and never spares a chance to roast him.

Saheb Das Manik Puri

Mangi Lal (36 episodes, 2018)

Saheb Das Manikpuri play the role as Mangi Lal, an honest constable who works under Daroga Pinky. He gets irritated by Pinky’s activities and often hurls insults at him in fits of rage. He replies to Pinky’s dialogue as “Abey Haaattt!!!”.

Laxman Singh Rajput

(36 episodes, 2018)

Harveer Singh

Pintu (35 episodes, 2018)

Harveer Singh Play the role as Pintu, Pancham’s best friend and Sunita’s love interest, who came along with Pancham to get a job in Delhi. But, due to Murari’s stipulation, most of the times he is seen dressed as Pancham’s wife.

He is very soft talking in nature, but abuses Pancham when no one is around. He often replies to Sunita’s request of taking selfie as “Ha ha, lelo lelo”.

Sohit Soni

(20 episodes, 2018)

Shivam Roy Prabhakar

Vicky Sandhu (10 episodes, 2019)

Ashwin Kaushal

(9 episodes, 2018)

Anusheel Chakrabarty

Jay (4 episodes, 2019)

Khushboo Kamal

Gulabia (3 episodes, 2019)

Rohit Raj Singh

Son Comedian (1 episode, 2019)

Tushar Rungta

Salesman (1 episode, 2020)

Jijaji Chhat Par Hain (2018–2020) Awards


Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2019)

Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Anup Upadhyay

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2018)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Anup Upadhyay

Technical Award [Winner]

Best Dialogues

Manoj Santoshi

Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee]

Best Actress in a Comic Role

Hiba Nawab

Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Naveen Bawa

Indian Telly Awards (2019)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Actress in a Comic Role

Hiba Nawab

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jijaji chhat per hain Episode 1

Sethji is getting a shave. The barber informs him that his daughter Elaichi is having a flirtatious affair with Sethji’s servant.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 2

Elaichi continues to spy on Pancham. When he goes in for his bath, she drenches him with water. Once she escapes, Pancham starts singing.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 3

Elaichi’s father is about to test Pancham’s honesty. He plants some money to see if Pancham will take it. Elaichi hopes to help Pancham.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 4

Elaichi pretends to be a snake. So Pancham takes it upon himself to know more about Elaichi. However Elaichi continues to torment Pancham by pretending to be a snake.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 5

Elaichi continues to have fun by tormenting Pancham. He tries to avoide her as he believes she is a snake. Will Pancham find the truth? Find out.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 6

Pancham is very apprehensive about the snake dance Elaichi has invited him to.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 7

Elaichi visits Pancham. She tells him that she has composed a song. She invites him to have golgappas. But Pancham refuses.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 8

Elaichi tells Pancham’s wife that she will have to keep a fast and take a dip in the Jamuna river. In order to practice, Pancham and his wife go into the water tank. But Pancham’s wife gets stuck in the water tank.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 9

Murari informs Elaichi that Pancham’s wife, Pintu, is pregnant. Hearing this Sunita faints and Elaichi pacifies her. They question as to how Pintu can be pregnant, as they know that Pintu is a he and not she. What happens next .

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 10

Pancham is forced to go on an unofficial date with Elaichi, whose father is rather perturbed at the money being spent on the delicious snacks Elaichi is eating. Later, Pancham is asked to open his vocal cords and sing a song. But, this turns out to be a bad omen for him.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 11

Pancham is worried that the sonography report will come out negative and his lies will be exposed. He begs to Elaichi to save him. Elaichi comes up with a plan and tells her father that her grandfather’s ghost has possessed Pancham.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 12

Elaichi has an idea up her sleeves. She decides to take Pancham on a movie date. But, Pancham is not interested and is not willing to negotiate. Will Elaichi be able to take Pancham to the movie?

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 13

Elaichi goes to watch a film with Pancham. Accompanying them are Elaichi’s parents. After the film is over, Elaichi returns home and day dreams of disco dancing with Pancham. But, to her dismay its only a day dream.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 14

Elaichi knocks on the door of Pancham. As his wife quickly hides, Pancham opens the door and Elaichi shares dinner with him. Later, while Pancham is busy selling clothes at the store, Elaichi arrives and forces him to dance with her.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 15

Elaichi is sleepless. At midnight, she knocks on Pancham’s door. Pancham is sleepy but is forced to stay awake as his wife asks Elaichi to stay. The next day, Elaichi asks Pancham to meet her in the evening tomorrow. What Pancham does not know is that Elaichi has a plan.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 16

Elaichi meets Pancham and informs him that a film director wants to meet him. Pancham is unsure about his looks and hesitates to go forward with the appointment. Elaichi makes sure Pancham looks her best before his meeting. What plan is Elaichi conjuring up this time?

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 17

Elaichi’s father goes to a guest house to spy on Pancham, as he presumes that he has booked a room there. But, when he arrives with his wife, police enter the guest house and arrest the husband and wife. At the police station are Elaichi and Pancham, who have also been arrested. Watch this episode to find out what happens next.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 18

Elaichi and Pancham are released from police custody. Upon returning home, Pancham learns that the police officer had come home. Meanwhile, Elaichi’s parents too manage to get a release. Elaichi’s father learns that his daughter is watching Emraan Hashmi’s film.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 19

Elaichi pretends to be drunk and meets Pancham, who is panic-stricken seeing her. Then, Elaichi and her friends reveal that it was a prank. Meanwhile, Elaichi’s father is at the barber shop when he starts reading a letter. What is the letter about?

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 20 

Pancham enters Elaichi’s room. Right then, Elaichi’s father also arrives and tells her that he will sleep in her room. Meanwhile, Elaichi’s father sees his wife walking while holding a candle. Is she possessed?

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 21

Pintu meets Sunita’s supposed ghost while Elaichi’s father faints believing that he is sleeping next to a ghost. Elaichi’s father is convinced that his house is haunted by Sunita’s ghost.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 22 

Elaichi pretends to be possessed by Sunita’s ghost. Pancham is shivering with fear and so is Elaichi’s father, who believes that his wife is possessed. The two men take shelter in the bathroom to escape the possessed.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 23

The police take Pancham into custody and before the matter gets worse, Pintu arrives an gets his released. After returning home, Pintu informs Pancham that he is slowly beginning to feel like woman due to his disguise. Pancham offers no sympathy and asks him to continue his guise for some more time.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 24

Murari’s life is under threat. A man, who thinks Murari tried to enrage the modesty of his sister, wants to beat up Murari. Pancham is faced with the task of saving Murari from the furious man. Will Murari live to see another day?

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 25

Lota, the goon, is madly in love with Elaichi’s father, who is thinks is a woman. Pancham tries every trick to get rid of the goon but in vain. In a last attempt, Elaichi’s father approaches the police.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 26

The day has arrived when Elaichi’s father has to marry the goon, Lota. He tries to avert the disaster with a help from Pancham, but Lota threatens him into organising a wedding. At the wedding, Pancham turns a hero and beats up Lota and saves Elaichi’s father from getting married.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 27

In Pancham’s neighborhood, Netaji arrives. Pancham sees him next to Elaichi and presumes that he is winking at her. Pancham beats up Netaji but this becomes an issue and Pancham has no where to hide.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 28

Netaji arrives at Pancham’s shop and Pancham hides his face in order to go unrecognised. Elaichi informs her father that it was Pancham who had beaten up Netaji. Elaichi’s father is worried that his shop will be demolished.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 29

Netaji is smitten by Pintu. When Netaji tries to get close with Pintu, Elaichi arrives and threatens Netaji that she will file a harassment case against him and also release the clip to the media. A scared Netaji has no choice but to stay the order of demolishing the shop owned by Elaichi’s father.

jijaji chhat per hain Episode 30

Elaichi wants a necklace but her father is not keen to buy it for her. So, Elaichi comes up with a plan and fakes her kidnapping in an attempt to get money from her father. Will her plan be successful?