Jeanie Aur Juju ( cast , Award , Watch All 416 Episodes )

Jeanie Aur Juju is a Indian comedy TV series .The story revolves around a pilot captain Vikram khanna aka Vicky, who finds a mysterious magical bottle on an island after his airplane crash in which he finds a most beautiful and bubbly 2000 years old Jeannie.

Jeanie Aur Juju

Jeanie Aur Juju is a Indian comedy TV series .The story revolves around a pilot captain Vikram khanna aka Vicky, who finds a mysterious magical bottle on an island after his airplane crash in which he finds a most beautiful and bubbly 2000 years old Jeannie.

After Jeannie enters Vicky’s life, she creates lots of problems but at last Jeannie and Juju(Vicky) tackle the problem smartly and solve it.

In other side, there is a modern lady who is Vicky’s girlfriend Priya. Priya then hates Jeannie as she always revolve around Vicky.

Then there starts a most romantic, adventurous, cute love story of Jeannie and Juju. Jeannie’s sister Jiya comes to stay with them and instantly strikes a war with Vicky and created trouble for him but nevertheless both deeply cared for each other.

She later goes back to jin land to complete her course. At last Juju(Vicky) finally got married with Jeannie and lived a happy married life.

Jeannie was born 2000 years ago to Unknown parents in Jinnland. She has two sisters one elder sister Jiya and one younger sister Jeannius. she also has a powerful grandmother Duggu.

Nothing much is known about Jeannie’s Jinnland life except that Jeannie and Jiya went to school together and she also used to teach students in Jinnland before Jinnjora sees her and gets fascinated by her and forced her to marry him.

After Jeannie refuses, He traps her in her bottle and throws her in sea until being rescued by Vikram Khanna. It can be implied that she is bored in her bottle for so many years.

Jeanie Aur Juju Cast

Ali Asgar

 (417 episodes, 2012-2014)

Ali Asgar play the role as Captain Vikram Khanna, who has also been referred to as Vicky, Juju, Moonu, Sweetiepie, Babli Bua(Vicky’s aunt), Pandey Ji, Teddy Bear, Jinjora and Rajkumar Vikram.

Ali Asgar or Ali Azgar is known for his character as Dolly Daadi in Comedy Nights with Kapil. He was born on July 25, 1966 and presently working as an Indian actor. He also worked as a comedian in various Bollywood Indian films and TV serials.

He won in the Comedy Circus 1 TV series together with Pakistani, Kashif Khan and they were called as the Humour Kings. The two became the first champion in 2007.

He appeared in an Indian long running soap opera, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii as Kamal Agarwa. This show, which started in 2011 was really a big success for Asgar and it threw him in becoming very popular and even gave him many recognition awards. Asgar started at an early age and worked in supporti…

Giaa Manek

 (415 episodes, 2012-2014)

Giaa Manek Play the roleas Jeannie, who has also been referred to in the series as Jenu, Chutki, Gita, Rajjo Ji and has played the character of Jwala and Roopa.

Giaa Manek is an Indian TV actress, born on February 18, 1986 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat but she was brought up in Mumbai. Her parents are Reena and Harshad Manek. Giaa started doing ‘Amul’ and ‘Vatika Hair Oil’ commercials when she was just 17 years old.

She debuted in the movie Na Ghar Ke Na Ghat Ke, where she played as Neena Gupta and Om Puri’s daughter. She became popular for doing the lead role in the Indian drama series, ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ as Gopi Modi but she was later replaced by the actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee.

Giaa was also part of the Indian sitcom, ‘ Jeanie Aur Juju ’ which on SAB TV where she played the role of Jeannie alongside Ali Asg…

Rubina Dilaik

Jeannie (403 episodes, 2012-2014)

Born and raised in Shimla, (on the 26th of August 1987), Rubina Dilaik has been an onscreen favourite for quite a while now. Having won two local beauty pageants, Dilaik wasn’t entirely new in front of the cameras.

She is best known for playing the protagonist in the hit TV series Chotti Bahu,and its sequel of the same name, for which she won the favourite Beti award for the role of Radhika. While continuing with her studies, Dilaik was a national level debater, and later participated in Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan.

Her onscreen pairing with Avinash Sachdev in Chotti Bahu was very well accepted by the audience, and won them the Favourite ‘Jodi Zee Rishtey award’ in 2009. …

Navina Bole

(25 episodes, 2012-2014)

Navina Bole Play the role as Priyanka “Priya” Seth. Priya has also been called Suman Ji, Bebe, Priyu, Theeki Mirchi, Rajkumari Parineeta


Harsh Khurana

 (23 episodes, 2012-2014)

Play the role as Captain Virendra Lakhan Pal, known also as Vela and Velu.

Harsh Khurana is an Indian TV actor born in Delhi. He was born on 11 March 1985. He acted in TV serials like ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’, ‘Jeenie aur Juju’, ‘Sonpari’, ‘Amanat’, ‘Qubool Hai’, ‘Crime Patrol’ and ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’.

He also acted in two Bollywood movies ‘Legend of Bhagat Singh’ and ’88 Antop Hill’. In 2011, he acted in daily soap serial ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’. His role in the serial is of Ashwin Khanna.

Ashwin is the PA of the lead actor Ram Amarnath Kapoor. The character of Ram Amarnath Kapoor was played by the actor Ram Kapoor.

Harsh’s role was not a major role in the serial but his acting was appreciated by the viewers. The main story of the show revolves around mid age persons Priya and Ram….

Kurush Deboo

Dr. Cyrus Doctor (19 episodes, 2012-2014)

Aman Mehra

Karan (17 episodes, 2012-2014)

Jiten Mukhi

Boss Pratap Seth (15 episodes, 2012-2014)

Shoma Anand

Vicky’s Mother Sushmita (14 episodes, 2012)

Muni Jha

Vicky’s Father Brijmohan (14 episodes, 2012)

Jhumma Mitra

Durga Ganguly (14 episodes, 2012)

Ashiesh Roy

Chatur Ganguly (14 episodes, 2012)

Simple Kaul

Mooni (13 episodes, 2013-2014)

Arshifa Khan

Jhunjhun / Kiddo (10 episodes, 2013-2014)

Alisha Nathani

Genius (5 episodes, 2013-2014)

Javed Hyder

Peon Chhapri (4 episodes, 2012)

Atul Srivastava

Sumitro Das (4 episodes, 2012)

Karan Goddwani

Johnny (2 episodes, 2013)

Harsh Vashisht

Cameo (1 episode, 2013)

Amit Tandon

Rahul Chaturvedi (1 episode, 2014)


Jeanie Aur Juju All Episode


Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 1

Pilot Vicky’s plane lands on an unknown island where he spots an antique bottle. He manages to open the bottle and and a notorious Jeannie comes out thus, a magical session takes place as Jeannie expresses her gratitude towards Vicky for releasing her from the bottle after 2000 years. Will Vicky’s colleague Priya come to know about Jeannie? Is there a trouble waiting for Vicky?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 2

Vicky fails to explain Jeannie’s presence in his house to Priya and she urgently leaves Vicky’s house later, Jeannie apologizes to Vicky for entering his house without his permission. Vicky reveals Jeannie that Priya who is her Boss’s Daughter is soon going to become her future Wife, on the other side, Doctor Doctor reveals Vicky’s Boss that Vicky is suffering from hallucinations but his Boss does not believe in him. One of the Peon informs Vicky that Boss and Doctor Doctor are arriving to check his health and tensed Vicky requests Jeannie to hide in the bottle. Will Priya’s Father come to know about Jeannie?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 3

Jeannie gives a royal treatment to Vicky later, Priya and her Father were surprised to see Vicky in a King’s outfit and thus, Vicky tries to save himself by revealing Priya that he was getting ready for one of his Friend’s costume party. Vicky requests Jeannie to go away from his life forever as he is soon going to marry Priya. Vicky has started liking Jeannie’s gestures who is always ready to help him no matter whatsoever may be the consequences. Will Jeannie leave Vicky? Will Vicky’s Parents come to know about a Jeannie in Vicky’s house?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 4

Jeannie gets mesmerized to see the performance that was airing on the television later, Doctor Doctor reveals Captain Vicky that he wants to conduct some psychological tests but Jeannie creates trouble for Vicky. Vicky’s Parents arrive and Jeannie decides to impress them. Will Priya and Vicky’s Parents come to know about Jeannie?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 5

Doctor Doctor reveals Priya’s Father who is Vicky’s Boss that not only Vicky but his Parents are also suffering from some mental problem later, Vicky’s Father gets surprised to see the diamond necklace in Chef’s neck and Jeannie returns the necklace to Vicky.

Vicky introduces Priya to her Mother Sushmita and also comments on her outfit. Vicky gets angry on Jeannie and requests her not to help him. What will Jeannie do to cheer up Vicky? Will Brij and Sushmita come to know about Jeannie’s presence in Vicky’s house?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 6

Vicky leaves for a party and requests Jeannie to be at home. However, Jeannie ignores his request and ends up on the cruise where the party is. When Vicky notices Jeannie at the party, he takes her aside and forces her to leave the cruise. Disheartened, Jeannie leaves the cruise and creates trouble for Vicky.

As a police officer on board notices Jeannie’s sudden disappearance, he suspects Vicky of throwing Jeannie into the water. How will Vicky get out of this mess?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 7

Vicky apologizes to Jeannie and patches things up with her. So, Jeannie shows herself at the police station and releases Vicky from the prison. At work, Vicky confronts his boss and requests to let him fly, but his doctor intervenes and asks the boss to take Vicky’s physical endurance test, before letting him fly. How well will Vicky score on this test?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 8

Vicky’s doctor is perplexed with his unusual result, so, the doctor decides to research him. However, Jeannie has other plans for the doctor. She uses her magic powers to scare him and eventually makes him sick. When Vicky’s boss learns that the doctor’s health has deteriorated, so, he asks Vicky to take a second opinion from another doctor. Will Vicky be able to resume his work or not?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 9

As promised, Vicky takes Jeannie out for dinner. But Priya and her friend make an appearance at the same restaurant. So, Vicky asks Jeannie to get Priya out of the restaurant. However, Jeannie uses her magic in an ill-mannered way and makes Vicky angry. How will Jeannie change Vicky’s mood?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 10

On her first day as a saleswoman in an electronic store, Jeannie uses her magic on a conventional oven to lure some customers. However, she soon finds herself in big trouble when the same customers accuse her of being a fraud. What will Jeannie do now?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 11

Vicky and Priya patch up with each other but Jeannie still tries to impress him. On the other hand, Vicky’s boss informs his employees that Priya Airlines is into a financial crisis. How will Vicky find a solution to this problem?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 12

Vicky pulls an all-nighter and makes the report to show it to Mr. Das, the new bank manager. However, he accidentally spills ink on his shirt on the way to the bank. So, he asks Jeannie to use her magic and remove the ink stain. But Jeannie accidentally removes the ink from the report as well. Unaware of this mishap, Vicky confronts Mr. Das and submits the file to him. What will Vicky do now?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 13

When Priya tries to teach Vicky the game of chess, Jeannie feels jealous. So, Jeannie decides to learn the game of chess, all by herself to impress Vicky. Will Jeannie succeed?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 14

Vicky manages to impress Mr. Das with a game of chess and successfully gets a second chance to show his report to him. However, on the day of the meeting, Vicky is late. So, he asks Jeannie to teleport him. But he forgets to wear his pants in a hurry. How will Vicky give his presentation?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 15

When Vicky asks Jeannie to stay in her bottle for a week, she gets angry with him. At Ganguly’s house, Chatur and Vicky’s Doctor team up to expose Vicky’s illness and decide to stalk Vicky. At work, Jeannie disguises herself as a trainee pilot in front of Vicky’s boss and asks Vicky’s permission to stay at his house. Not knowing that Jeannie is the trainee pilot, will Vicky allow her to stay at his home?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 16

The Doctor and Vicky’s neighbour try to find some evidence for Vicky’s Illness. On the other hand, Vicky’s parents are about to stay with him for the week, so Priya and Jeannie enter into a nasty competition to impress them. Who will be able to impress Vicky’s parents more?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 17

Vicky’s doctor is suspicious about the new trainee pilot. So, he decides to dig deeper. And he is shocked to find out that the person has stolen someone else’s identity. Parallelly, Priya tries to impress Vicky’s parents, but in vain.

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 18

As Jeannie dares, Vicky decides to spend a night in her magical bottle. On the other hand, Vicky’s neighbour sneaks into his house to find a piece of evidence against Jeannie. However, he soon gets in trouble, as Vicky’s parents mistake him for a thief. How will Vicky’s neighbour get out of this mess?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 19

There’s trouble in Vicky’s world when his doctor decides to make Jeannie take a blood test. The situation worsens when the real Kuljeet, the pilot comes forth and Priya exposes Jeannie in front of everyone. As the police prepares to arrest Jeannie, how will Vicky solve this problem?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 20

Vicky’s parents move back to their house and Jeannie and Vicky’s life feels peaceful yet again. But soon, Priya lands at his place, nagging Vicky to pick an engagement date. And that becomes reason enough for Jeannie to throw a tantrum. Does Vicky have a trick up his sleeve to avoid this situation?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 21

Jeannie asks Vicky’s friend out on a dinner date to make Vicky feel envious. Vickys friend asks his advice on how to express love for Jeannie. Later, Vicky and Priya are also at the same restaurant where Jeannie has come for her dinner date. How will Vicky take Jeannie’s going out with his friend?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 22

The fling between Jeannie and his friend makes Vicky worry about her. So, Vicky rejects Priya’s marriage proposal in the restaurant and rushes to his friend’s house. Vicky heaves a sigh of relief when he learns that Jeannie has managed to leave his friend’s house. But his problem does not end here, as Vicky forgets that he has left Priya in the restaurant. How will Vicky face Priya now?

Jeanie Aur Juju Episode 23

Vicky tries everything to hide the fact that he got little jealous when Jeannie went on a date with his friend, Vella. But soon, Vella unexpectedly shows up at his house and talks about how Vicky cares for Jeannie. So, Jeannie starts to feel shy after knowing about Vicky. What will Vicky do now?