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Jamai Raja(Watch all episodes/download ,cast, secret...) is a Indian TV Serial about Siddharth, a hotelier, takes up the responsibility of repairing the

Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja(Watch all episodes/download ,cast, secret…) is a Indian TV Serial about Siddharth, a hotelier, takes up the responsibility of repairing the relationship between his independent wife, Roshni, and his enterprising mother-in-law, Durga Devi.

Durga Devi (DD) Patel and her daughter have many misunderstandings and differences between them. DD is a wealthy jewellery designer. Her daughter, Roshni Patel, believes that her mother does not love her and does not give her time, and only loves money.

Due to this reason, she hates DD and never behaves well with her. The show starts by showing Roshni getting her kids at the NGO she manages ready for school, and it is shown that it is her birthday.

She goes to the airport with her Nani to pick up DD who is returning to India. Meanwhile, DD is shown to be arrogant. On her flight, she is seated next to Siddharth Khurrana, who, seeing how arrogant DD is, decides to mess with her and act like a middle-class person who has no manners or etiquette.

Jamai Raja Cast

Ravi Dubey

Siddharth Singh Khurana / Karanvir Khurana / Siddharth Khurana (669 episodes, 2014-2018)

Ravi Dubey is an Indian actor. He was born on 23 December 1983 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He started his acting career with serial Stree which was aired on DD National. He then worked in many TV serials like Doli Saja Ke (2007), Yaha Ke Hum Sikandar (2007), Saas Bina Sasural (2010), and Jamai Raja (2014). After Jamai Raja serial he became one of the most popular TV actors. Ravi Dubey also hosted a show on Star Plus, Sabse Smart Kon.

Ravi Dubey has also done Dubey has done up to 40 television commercial ads, including Reliance, TVS Victor, Mrs. Marino, Gee Pee Mobile, Nestle, ICICI, Action Milano Shoes, Fairever, Santro and Water Kingdom. After dating for a while On 5 February 2013, Dubey proposed Sargun Mehta on the dance reality show Nach Baliye 5. He got married to her on 7 December 2013. One reception was held in Gurgaon on 9 December and another one in Mumbai on 13 December 2013.

Nia Sharma

Roshni Siddharth Singh Khurana (638 episodes, 2014-2018)

Nia Sharma is an Indian television actress. She was born on 17 September 1990 in Delhi, India. Her real name is Neha Sharma but she changed as she found it common. She played the role of Manvi in the soap Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. She also played the lead role in the show, Jamai Raja, as Roshni. She also participated in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi in 2017 and ended being amongst the top 5 finalists. She ranked Number 2 in 2017 and Ranked 3 in 2016 in the Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women published by a British-based Eastern Eye newspaper that conducted its annual online Poll.

She was born and brought up in Delhi, India. She did her schooling from St. Xavier’s School, Delhi and college studies from Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini, Delhi. She has a degree in Mass Communication. She was born into a Hindu family. Her father’s name is not known and her mother’s name is Usha Sharma. She also has a brother Vinay Sharma.

Achint Kaur

Durga Devi Patel / Durga Devi Pate (638 episodes, 2014-2018)


Rajeshwari Datta

Mitul Sengupta (241 episodes, 2016-2018)

She born and brought up in Assam Jorhat. Rajeshwari Datta Biography includes all the crucial information about her life.

Rajeshwari Datta born on 22 September is an Indian film and television actress popularly known and got the fame from her role in Meenakshi Sagar Pictures TV Show ‘Jamai Raja’ season II and III as Mitul Sengupta for Zee TV 2016-2017.

She also acted in Sonali Jaffar and Amir Jaffar’s production banner Full House Media TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta as Aparna Deshmukh for Zee TV 2018-2020.

Her other famous projects are Meri Hanikarak Biwi as Chanda for &TV and Phir Jine Ki Tamanna Hai as Vedika for Sahara One, etc. Rajeshwari Datta completed her schooling and college from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Mohit Malhotra

Yash Mehra (241 episodes, 2016)

K.C. Shankar

Shiv Patel (78 episodes, 2015)

Preeti Kochar

Nani Massi (35 episodes, 2014)

Natascha Slasten

Simran (30 episodes, 2014)

Abhishek Singh

Puneet (11 episodes, 2016)

Dawood Khan

Inspector (10 episodes, 2016)

Reyhna Malhotra

Samaira Patel (3 episodes, 2015)

Ram Kishan Dhakad

Guard (2 episodes, 2014)

Girish Soni

Goon (2 episodes, 2017)

Shruti Ulfat

Simran Raj Khurana (1 episode, 2014)

Mouli Ganguly

Payal Walia (1 episode)

Aarnaa Sharma

Priya (1 episode, 2014)

Orvana Ghai

Koyal Neil Sengupta (1 episode, 2016)

Khatija Iqbal

Shefali (1 episode, 2018)

Shiva Kumar

Builder uncle (1 episode, 2018)

Neha Chowdhury

(1 episode)

Rajeev Vashishth

Fake Income Tax Officer (1 episode)

Shivam Sood

Jishu (1 episode)

Apara Mehta

Devika Patel (unknown episodes)

Rocky Verma

Businessman Mr. Sinha (unknown episodes)

Jamai Raja Award And Achievements

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2015)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

GR8! Performer of the Year – Male

Ravi Dubey

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

GR8! Performer of the Year – Female

Nia Sharma

Indian Telly Awards (2015)

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor

Ravi Dubey

Zee Rishtey Awards (2016)

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favorite Beta

Ravi Dubey

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favourite Saas

Mouli Ganguly

Zee Rishtey Awards (2015)

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favourite Stylish Personality of the Year

Achint Kaur

Zee Rishtey Awards (2014)

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favorite Saas

Achint Kaur

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favourite Saas Bahu Rishta

Shruti Ulfat

Nia Sharma

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favourite Saas Jamai Rishta

Achint Kaur

Ravi Dubey

Zee Rishtey Award [Winner]

Favourite Nayi Jodi

Ravi Dubey

Nia Sharma



Jamai Raja Episode 1

The first episode of ‘Jamai Raja’ introduces us to the main characters of the show. Siddharth Khurana encounters Durgadevi on his flight back to Mumbai. While Siddharth Khurana is a jovial guy, Durgadevi is a proud woman who seems to be too attached to her status.

Durgadevi’s daughter Roshni Patel meanwhile is a girl who seems to be going through a sour relationship with her mother. Roshni along with her ‘Nani’ comes to the airport to receive Durgadevi, but Roshni gets upset when her mother does not wish her on her birthday and instead scolds her for not dressing well.

Later, Siddharth enters Roshni’s car and takes her to a shop selling cotton candy. He buys her a cotton candy and wishes her on her birthday. While, Roshni stands stunned, Siddharth walks away happy to bring a smile on her face. Later, Durgadevi is adamant on revealing her new jewellery range on Roshni’s birthday party, but Roshni goes to visit a few children who call her on urgent basis.

Jamai Raja Episode 2

While Durgadevi is waiting to release a new range of jewellery by making her own daughter wear those jewellery during her birthday party, her daughter Roshni is busy with the children who surprise her by throwing a birthday party for Roshni.

Roshni arrives at her house late at night after the party has finished. Durgadevi gets furious seeing her and tells her about the loss that she has caused to the family.

Roshni tells her mother that she does not want anything from her and only wants her to give her some time, but Durgadevi slaps her daughter who is drunk. Meanwhile, Siddharth Khurana is having fun with his parents.

Jamai Raja Episode 3

Roshni reads on the newspaper that her NGO is in danger as Khurana builders have decided to put up their new project there. She later reads a notice by high court that says that the area needs to be vacated within a week as the Khuranas will be building a hotel there.

She decides to meet Siddharth Khurana and speak to him about it. On the way she meets Siddharth not knowing that he is the same person she wants to meet. She later goes to Siddharth’s office but realizes that he is busy in meeting and sends him a mail challenging him to meet in her area.

The show takes a funny twist when the two of them begin sending mails to each other.

Jamai Raja Episode 4

Durgadevi tries to force Roshni to wear one of her choice of dresses but Roshni tears the dress and wears a different dress.

Later, while Roshni is messaging on her phone she suddenly slips and is about to fall down but just then Siddharth catches her and even saves her phone.

The two of them get into a argument with each other, but Roshni splits into laughter when she sees Siddharth lying on the ground after he slips and falls.

Siddharth then meets Durgadevi and teases her. Later, Durgadevi calls Gafoor and asks for a jewellery that she needs to give to somebody but Gafoor insults her and asks a man to talk to him instead, hearing this Durgadevi gets furious.

Jamai Raja Episode 5

Roshni and rest of the family stand in a line while Durgadevi comes to them and gives them their pocket money.

Roshni asks Dirgadevi for some extra money as she needs to arrange for a lawyer to save her NGO but Durgadevi does not give her the money. Roshni later sells her car but does not realize that she has been cheated.

She feels victorious even after selling a 25 lakhs worth car for just 7 lakhs and calls herself a great business woman. Later, Durgadevi goes to Gafoor for the diamonds and even gives him a blank cheque.

Gafoor insults her by saying that he does business only with men and refuses to do any deal with her. Meanwhile, Siddharth buys a cycle as he gets stuck in the traffic and offers Roshni lift and even finds out her name.

Durgadevi meanwhile forces Gafoor to come to her office and threatens him after she shows him a recording of himself revealing his illegal activities.

Jamai Raja Episode 6

Siddharth is upset about his father’s dream project that he is handling not going on well and takes a stroll on the beach.

Roshni sees him upset and decides to cheer him up as Siddharth has been cheering her up all the time. She goes to him and manages to bring a smile on his face. His father sees him and is happy to see his son happy.

Meanwhile, Durgadevi sees a man driving Roshni’s car and immediately stops the man and asks him to step out of the car. Later she finds out that Roshni had sold the car for seven lakhs.

She shouts at Roshni for this and decides to punish her by not letting her step out of the house. Later, Roshni gets lost in the thoughts of Siddharth.

Jamai Raja Episode 7

Roshni manages to escape from her room to save the NGO of her kids, meanwhile some goons have been sent to kill Roshni. Roshni gets scared seeing the goons but just then the children come there and save her.

Later Siddharth comes there and seeing him the goons run away. Siddharth later finds out that his manager has been cheating him all the while and realizes the truth about all the misunderstandings.

Later one of the kids feel that Siddharth is the person against whom Roshni is fighting, hearing this Siddharth realizes that he is in a fix and lies to her that he is a different Siddharth.

Later, Siddharth gets furious with his manager and this further gets the manager furious and he sends his goon to bring down the entire NGO. What will Siddharth and Roshni do to save the NGO?

Jamai Raja Episode 8

Siddharth arrives on time and bashes up the goons and also warns the manager for the last time, he later is about to tell Roshni that he is the real Siddharth Khurana but Roshni shows her hatred towards the Khuranas and hearing her Siddharth decides against revealing the truth.

Later Siddharth tells his father about the manager and also tells him about Roshni. His father gives him some suggestions and asks him to use the auto rickshaw. While in the auto he meets Durgadevi and again she gets irritated with him after the two of them get into an argument.

Durgadevi gets upset when she realizes that she has arrived late for the meeting and her deal has been cancelled. Later, Siddharth meets Roshni and her kids of the NGO and gives them a cheque and also tries to interact more with Roshni.

Jamai Raja Episode 9

Siddharth and Roshni have a good time in the rain along with the kids of the NGO. Later, Roshni goes back home and begins to imitate her mother Durgadevi but just then her mother arrives and instead of scolding her she asks her caretaker to give a towel to Roshni so that she can dry herself.

Next day all the NGO kids insist on thanking Siddharth as he had repaired the roof of their home the last day. Just then Siddharth appears there and tells them that he is completely free today. The kids ask Roshni to thank Siddharth and then all of them together spend a great time at the beach.

Jamai Raja Episode 10

Roshni and Siddharth take the kids from the NGO with them to a beach in Mumbai to give them some treat but later realizes that he does not have enough money in his wallet but Roshni asks him not to be embarrassed and gives him some money herself.

Later Roshni again reminds him of how much she hated Siddharth. Later a competition takes place among the couples and all the children force Siddharth and Roshni to take part in the competition as they can get various gifts with the reward money.

Siddharth and Roshni agree to take part in the competition and even win it. Watch the entire episode here.

Jamai Raja Episode 11

Roshni rushes to the hospital to her mother who had suffered from a heart attack, after the medication Durgadevi tells Roshni’s dadi about Krrish. Durgadevi tells her that Krrish is perfect match for Roshni and he can secure her future as well.

Dadi agrees to provide her support to her and arranges a trip for her and Roshni to Surat. Durgadevi and dadi decide to make Krrish and Roshni meet each other at Surat.

It turns out that Durgadevi had only been pretending to have had a heart attack in order to gain the trust of both Roshni and dadi. Meanwhile, Siddharth calls Roshni continuously but does not get any reply from her.

He even waits for her at a restaurant as per their earlier plan but Roshni does not come on the planned date. Later Roshni sees her phone and realizes that she was supposed to be meeting Siddharth.

Jamai Raja Episode 12

Siddharth begins to get nervous as Roshni is not picking up his call. He tries to find out about her whereabouts from the NGO and learns that Roshni has gone out with her mother.

Meanwhile, Roshni tries to call Siddharth but at the same time Siddharth drops his phone into a swimming pool. Meanwhile Roshni sees Krrish and finds him very funny and later begins to get irritated with him after she had to roam around Surat with him.

She does not understand that it is her mother’s pre-planned trick to bring the two of them together. Meanwhile Siddharth goes to Roshni’s house as a travel agent and tries to find out where Roshni has gone.

After a lot of struggle he finally manages to get the exact address of where Roshni is staying. Will Siddharth manage to reach Surat and meet Roshni?

Jamai Raja Episode 13

Krrish asks Roshni to drink wine but Roshni refuses and instead leaves him and goes back to her mother. Roshni later gets irritated with Krrish when he again comes in front of her and eats her apple.

Meanwhile, Siddharth reaches the hotel where Roshni is staying and finally finds her. He sees Krrish holding Roshni’s hands and understands that he is irritating Roshni. He decides to teach Krrish a lesson.

He throws peanuts at some girls and makes it look like Krrish is throwing the nuts at them. Siddharth then comes in front of Roshni and she gets excited seeing him there.

Later Durgadevi plans to make Krrish and Roshni spend time with each other and asks them to visit the vineyard. Roshni immediately messages Siddharth and asks him to help her get rid of Krrish.

Jamai Raja Episode 14

Siddharth manages to get rid of Krrish at the vineyard and spends some time with Roshni. Roshni sees a costly smartphone with Siddharth and questions him about that.

Siddharth makes an excuse and tells her that his boss has given him the phone as a gift. Siddharth clicks a photo of himself with Roshni and sends it to his mother.

His parents get excited and they decide to buy some jewellery for Roshni from one of Durhadevi’s jewellery showroom.

Later Siddharth again rescues Roshni from Krrish when he forces her to join him for a session of stomping.

Later, Abhi comes across Durgadevi at a restaurant and the two of them as usual again argue with each other.

Jamai Raja Episode 15

Siddharth and Roshni get into an argument and he tells her that he has been always protecting her and saving her from Krrish and all the other problems like a security guard.

Roshni gets angry with him and tells him that she was not the one who had asked him to come here and help her, hearing her Siddharth gets upset and decides to leave her and go back to his house.

Later, Roshni feels that she is in love with Siddharth and decides to stop him. She runs behind him while, Siddharth is about to leave the hotel.

She sees Siddharth taking a taxi and leaving the hotel and she goes behind him after taking a taxi herself. Will Roshni manage to stop Siddharth before he leaves the place?

Jamai Raja Episode 16

Durgadevi tells Roshni about a party and Roshni feels that this party is the best moment to make Siddharth meet her mother. Meanwhile, Siddharth meets his college friend Prashant and the two of them share their past memories together.

Just then Durgadevi calls for housekeeping and asks Prashant to iron her saree. When Prashant tries to inform her that he is in housekeeping department and not in the laundry department, Durgadevi begins to get rude with him.

Siddharth sees this and asks her to iron the saree herself and takes Prashant along with him. Later, Roshni gets surprised when she sees her ‘dadi’ and her entire family there for the party but her happiness is short lived as she sees Krrish there along with his father.

Roshni later gets disappointed when she learns that her family has planned for her engagement with Krrish. What will Roshni’s reaction to this be?

Jamai Raja Episode 17

Roshni expresses her disappointment towards her mother in front of Siddharth and also makes it very clear that she will never marry a rich man and also tells him that if he ever becomes rich he will have to choose between money and her.

Siddharth tells this to his parents and his parents are in a dilemma as to what to do. Siddharth decides to tell the truth to Roshni but his father advices him against it and later makes a plan to behave like a middle class family in order to win Roshni.

Later, Roshni tells one of her relatives about her love for a middle class boy named Siddharth and she passes this information to Durgadevi and tells her that Roshni has gone to meet Siddharth’s family without telling anybody about it.

Jamai Raja Episode 18

Durgadevi agrees to meet Siddharth but Roshni does not realize that Durgadevi is still continuing to play a game with her and asks Krrish to join her for the Janamashtami celebrations.

Meanwhile, Siddharth is very nervous regarding his first meeting with Roshni’s mother Durgadevi. He makes a list of things that Durgadevi does not like.

He later, dresses in a traditional manner and ties a dhoti and decides to go for the Krishna Janamashtami celebration at Roshni’s house. Later, Roshni sees Krrish during the celebrations and gets surprised but her mother makes an excuse and takes Krrish in.

Later the aarti is done for the Krishna’s statue and just then Siddharth arrives and stands right besides Durgadevi. Durgadevi gets shocked seeing Siddharth in front of her.

Jamai Raja Episode 19

Siddharth gets shocked seeing Durgadevi in front of him and remembers all the times that he had crossed her path and irritated her.

Meanwhile, Durgadevi gets furious as she feels that her daughter has got a loser middle class man as her lover. Siddharth is worried that his sour relationship with Durgadevi might create problems in his love story.

Later, Durgadevi asks to meet his parents tomorrow but makes up her mind to separate Roshni from Siddharth. Siddharth later decides to join Prashanth in his company without even conducting an interview for him as he trusts his potential.

Prashanth in turns offers him his house to stay in and pretend to be a middle class family.

Jamai Raja Episode 20

Durgadevi comes to meet her parents and feels disgusted seeing Siddharth’s family’s eating habits. Durgadevi suddenly notices a bracelet in Siddharth’s mother’s wrist and asks her from where she got the costly bracelet.

She somehow makes an excuse and calls the bracelet a duplicate. Durgadevi then begins to insult Siddharth and his family and calls them greedy for money. She feels that they have trapped a rich girl so that he can get rich.

She then gives them a blank cheque and asks them to stop trying to win Roshni. Siddharth gets furious with Durgadevi but his parents calm him down. Later, Roshni’s ‘chacha’ recognizes Siddharth’s parents to be the ‘Khuranas’.

Later, Siddharth meets Durgadevi and tells her that he is not going to give up his fight to win Roshni and marry her.

Jamai Raja Episode 21

Roshni gets excited when her mother informs her that her meeting with Siddharth’s parents had gone well and asks them to go forward with the engagement preparations.

Roshni does not realize that her mother is lying to her and is playing a cunning trick along with Krrish. Later, Siddharth comes to Roshni’s room to meet her secretly.

Next day, Durgadevi calls Siddharth’s house and taunts them by speaking about their poverty. Later, Durgadevi somehow makes Roshni doubt on Siddharth and her parents and makes her believe that they are asking for dowry.

Initially Roshni does not believe that Siddharth’s parents are asking for any dowry but later she sees a list of goods and assumes that it is a list of things asked by Siddharth’s family as dowry.