CRIME PATROL (watch all 672 episodes, cast, reviews and secret unknown facts and information news )

Crime Patrol is a Indian TV Serial (Let's watch all episodes and cast and many more things ) In which The host narrates several dramatised real-life crime cases

Crime Patrol

Crime Patrol is a Indian TV Serial (Let’s watch all episodes and cast and many more things ) In which The host narrates several dramatised real-life crime cases revolving around harassment, kidnapping and murder while also presenting re-enactments.

Crime Patrol will attempt to look at the signs, the signals that are always there before these mindless crimes are committed. Instincts/Feelings/Signals that so often tell us that not everything is normal.

Maybe, that signal/feeling/instinct is just not enough to believe it could result in a crime. Unfortunately, after the crime is committed, those same signals come haunting.

The series presents dramatized versions of crime cases that occurred in India. Series anchor, Anup Soni, suggests the correct measures to avert crimes while narrating real-life stories revolving around harassment, kidnapping, and murder. The series opens its viewers’ minds with these cases by making them aware of the crime around them.

Since June 2015, Crime Patrol has not only focused on creating awareness about crimes but has also aimed to help the victims depicted in the episodes.

Crime Patrol Cast


Anup Soni

Self – Host / Self (666 episodes, 2010-2020)

Anup Soni is a film and TV actor, born on 30th January 1975, hailing from Pune, India. He has been working in the Bollywood film and entertainment industry and has worked in various films and TV serials.

He is known for his versatility and amazing acting prowess that is enough to win the hearts of many. He has performed a variety of roles for which he got immense love and much appreciation from fans and viewers

Saptrishi Ghosh

(312 episodes, 2003-2016)

Saptrishi Ghosh is an Indian film and television actor. He is also known as a voiceover (voice dubbing) artist. As an actor he appeared in many Indian television serials, like Balika Vadhu, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain,Daag  Kitani Mohabbat Hai (season 2) & many more. He appears inSavdhaan India, Crime Patrol etc.


Sanjeev Tyagi

Inspector / Aashish’s Father / Abhimanyu Jindal / Kevalram / Thakur Mahendra Singh (272 episodes, 2011-2021)

Sanjeev is a very famous and versatile actor in the Tollywood industry. He is working as an actor for more than 10 years. Sanjeev Tyagi currently live in Mumbai. He started his career with DD national TV show Money Devo Bhava. He is working very closely with Sony TV crime patrol.

This is show is presenting about real crime story happened from various parts of India. He is playing as Senior Police Inspector in Crime patrol show. He is very famous for his acting in this TV show.

Sanjeev Tyagi is not much socially active but sometimes he shares his emotions from social media. Sanjeev also involved in social activities. He is closely working with Women and child safety NGO. He also worked in other TV shows such as “ Adalat “ as Dr. Jhanjhani and Ronnie Iyer

Manish Sharma

Inspector / S.I. Rahul Jha (201 episodes, 2017)

Sonalika Prasad

(172 episodes, 2016)

Nissar Khan

Inspector / S.P. Manohar Choudhary (144 episodes, 2011-2018)

Nissar Khan is a film and TV actor, born on 4th May 1969, India. He has acted in various Indian movies and television shows. He is notable for playing several unique roles in many television serials, such as; ‘Dronacharya’ in ‘ Mahabharat’.

While his large number of fans noted him for his amazing acting prowess as he has proved himself the best and successful actor in the Hindi cinema. In 2005, he got married to Tabassum Ahmed

Moin Khan

Inspector (117 episodes, 2011-2018)

Rajendra Shisatkar

Inspector (107 episodes, 2011-2015)

Laxman Singh Rajput

(71 episodes, 2017)

Shahab Khan

Various / Pandit Ji (65 episodes, 2003-2016)

Ravi Singh

Culprit / Khabri / kidnapper / Ayaz Khan (52 episodes, 2015-2019)

Saheem Khan

Various (44 episodes, 2014-2016)

Sameer Deshpande

Ajinkya Kalse / Jaydev Kumar / Manoj / Rajesh Tiwari / Ajay Sawant / Alok Potse / Anil Kasbe / Ashish Parekh / Chandan Devmani / Dhanush Tambe / Jagdish / Narayan Shinde / Naved Khan / Nilesh Lokhande / Rajan / Rajesh / Raju / Sandip / Vasant Surve (25 episodes, 2012-2017)

Saurabh Goyal

Dinesh Mishra / Girish Birsana / Jeetendra Chaoudhary / Nikhil Bhardwaj / Pawan Dahiya / Shafiq / Vishal / Gaurav / Mukesh / PI Hari Mathur / PI Ranveer Singh / Rahul / Surender Arora (20 episodes, 2016-2017)

Khushi Dani

Laxmi (16 episodes, 2016)

Sameer Rajda

(9 episodes, 2020)

Annkur Vinchuurkar

(7 episodes, 2013-2015)

Shaukat Ali

Goon (7 episodes, 2020-2021)

Pratik Kothari

Rishi Sisodia / Dhaval Gada / Inspector / Nitin (6 episodes, 2015-2016)

Amit Bhardwaj

Bala Patidar / Gulshan Munda / Aslam / Manish (6 episodes, 2018-2019)

Yuvraaj Gupta

(5 episodes, 2017-2018)

Firoz Ali

(5 episodes, 2021)

Crime Patrol Awards And Achievements

Indian Telly Awards (2013)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Thriller /crime/ Horror Programme

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Host

Anup Soni

Indian Telly Awards (2012)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Thriller /crime/ Horror Programme

People’s Choice Awards, India (2012)

Television Award [Nominee]

Favorite Non-fiction Show Host

Anup Soni

Crime Patrol All Episode




Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 1

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we can see the business made by selling the dead bodies which later turns out to have terrible consequences.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 2

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we will be seeing how bad can be the consequences of greedy nature and end up with nothing left.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 3 : Value Of Life

Mohan Jaiswal a security guard at a godown finds something horrible in the godown. A day later Mala, commits suicide and leaves a note behind which says she was not happy with her life and she didn’t want to get married. Is there any connection between these incidents?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 4 : Mysterious End

Mala’s case which was thought to be a suicide is now showing clues of murder. Police are now interrogating her brothers who are under Mukesh’s Suspicion. Who is the murderer?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 5 : Superstitions

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we can see the consequences of believing in superstitions. Mahesh’s mother believed her son can be brought back by the death of somebody, but who is the exact murderer?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 6 : Missing 

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we see a that a girl, who was house help in a house in Jodhpur who goes missing and her father accuses the guy whom she worked for. Stay tuned!

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 7 : Lost Child

In continuation to the previous episode, a helpless father gets arrested by police in the name of killing his daughter but later the truth comes out and the murderer gets caught.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 8 : Ultimate Destruction

An eminent astrologer and his family is eliminated overnight in their house in Kasturi Nagar, Madhya Pradesh. Police finds their bodies outside the house but is still clueless about the criminal.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 9 : Ultimate Destruction Part 2

Dhiraj and Laxman tell the police that Ramnath Dixit used to keep something packed in a red packet in his safe. They also tell the police that Ramnath used to tell them that whatever is in the packet, it used to give him superpowers. Gopal tells the police that Dhiraj and Laxman are lying.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 10 : Trap

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we see how a girl walks into a well-laid trap which was not even set up for her and how she ends up paying for it with her life.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 11 : Mask

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we see a case of a missing man, who has been ruled out of the possibilites of kidnapping and accident and yet there is no sign of him anywhere.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 12 : Mask Part 2

This is the 2nd part of the previous episode of Crime Patrol Satark, where the Police are still confused about the motive behind the murder of Vivek Sharma. A cloud of doubt is circling Vivek’s Best Friend.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 13 : The Insignificant Crime

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satarak, we see that in Patna, A man named Vishal is having marital issues with his wife Kanchan. Kanchan leaves the house with her son. Meanwhile, in Gaya, A boy was shot dead. Is there a possible connection here?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 14 : The Insignificant Crime Part-2

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we see that the death of Kanchan Dubey remains a mystery to the Police. Whether it was a murder or suicide. Meanwhile, in Gaya, the death of a history-sheeter Lalit Sainger raised a few questions for itself. Whether these 2 crimes are connected or not.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 15 : Target

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, we see that a girl named Kriti Saatam of merely 7 years of age is found dead near her apartment complex. She went out to buy a doll from a nearby shop. A man who lived in a slum nearby the apartment saw the body and called the cops. Who was responsible behind this horrible deed?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 16 : Interruption Part 1

In this episode of Crime Patrol Satark, you will see a young boy repeatedly calling the Police Station. He hesitates to say what the problem is and disconnects every day. Is he trying to report a crime? Is he trying to confess to something?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 17 : Interruption Part 2

Sonali Rathi was murdered, her family was missing and it was also known that her family had problems with Rocky and her relationship. There were several angles for this crime and the criminal was hiding behind all these angles. Stay tuned to find out who committed this gruesome crime.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 18 : Jackpot Part -1

In this episode, you will see that there is going to be a perfect construction of a crime. All people here are wanting to hit a jackpot. They want to achieve their life goals all at once and that too quickly.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 19 : Jackpot Part 2

Everyone related to Rashmi was coming into the scene. Her past and present were to be ransacked. Each person had some or the other possible motive to have her killed. Out of them who was the real reason behind Rashmi’s disappearance? Was it murder, kidnapping or something else?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 20 : Hatred

You never know who holds hatred against you in their hearts. In a click of the fingers, an entire family was devastated. Afsal met with a gruesome car accident and lost his life. His wife had a suspicion that this was a murder.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 21 : The Untold Story Part 1

In this episode, an incomplete story of a girl named Sneha comes out. She went to Amsterdam for her new job and she video calls her sister to share her experience. Her sister is also keen to move abroad. A few days later a suitcase is found near Pune Railway Station with a dead body inside it. There’s a lot of stories here for The Police to unfold.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 22 : Revelation Of The Untold Story

In this second part, the police are still trying to figure out the motive behind all of this. Every aspect which leads to reality turns into a question which no one has been able to answer. The police are searching for Arjun and Sharan, the two lead suspects in the murder of Sneha.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 23 : Squared Planning Part 1

This episode shows how to get rid and stay safe from goons. There are goons in almost all parts of the country and it is difficult to handle such situations. What will happen to this girl who is being teased by some goons daily?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 24 : Squared Planning Part 2

The police realize that Govind may not have been a very good person. However, for them, it is a murder case and their job is to find the criminal. Regardless of whether it is just one person or more, they are determined to catch the people behind this ugly deed.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 25 : Internal Conflict

The bond of marriage is made in heaven. However, if one is not faithful then the life of both the partners become hell. Mala and Satyam Rathod had just finished a year of marriage and Mala was pregnant. One of them was unfaithful in the marriage.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 27 : Luck Part 2

The police caught Mushtaq and are interrogating him for any further clues. But Mushtaq is all out of answers now. The police are trying to find anything related to Shazia and Salim. They asked the local mosques to spread her photo in their contacts. Every question unfolded itself as soon as the police got to know about Shazia’s background.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 28 : Bodyguard Part 1

In this episode, there is a college girl who returns home and her driver assures that he will be there the next morning to drive her to the college. She talks to her parents and goes to her room. The driver is returning home when he is shot to death.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 29 : Bodyguard Part 2

The case gets even more twisting when the so-called Wife of Alok comes in play. Everything keeps turning around his livelihood and careless attitude towards society. The police come to know about Jhanvi’s point of view and make some conclusions out of it. Stay Tuned as it gets even more confusing.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 30 : The Settlement

Ashish and Nidhi plan a trip to Mahabaleshwar with the kids. They seem in a hurry to leave the place. Kids are all excited about the road trip but the couple seems tensed. After 2 days, of no contact things get fishy. Both of their families are concerned about their well being.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 31 : The Catapult Part 1

Neelchandi, the Zamindars for generations and Tolari, the farmworkers are the two types of people in the village named Saras Gaon in Maharashtra. A Tolari boy named Rahul was found dead in the farms of Neelchandi. Parents are in complete shock and can’t seem to blame anyone.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 32 : The Catapult Part 2

In this episode, the police get a hold of 2 new angles to approach. Kamlesh comes back, who was missing for 4 months and the police got to know about the affair between Sharad and Malti. Meanwhile, the police are still looking for Jeetu. Things start to unravel itself when the police saw a strong connection between both cases.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 33 : Sense Part 1

There is a sudden feeling that someone is around. Something or someone is there that can’t be seen. Something had happened to a person and the person is no more. Can a dead person express feelings? Can the person send a stranger any form of a signal?

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 34 : Sense Part 2

The case of this dead body that was hidden in the pillar made for the Tulsi plant was far from being solved. There was no other way ahead for the police. So they decided to start the investigation in a new way and this time luck would be on their side. Their interrogations were about to take them to the most shocking of turns.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 35 : A Deadly Deal

In this episode, a man named Chirag Sahani goes missing. A multi-national company’s executive seemed troubled with the movement controversy. His friend Advocate Deepika had some settlement to deal with Chirag. A huge revelation of Chirag’s character was about to happen.

Crime Patrol |Satark Episode 36 : Pratibandh Pt 1

In this episode, a don named Ashwin Rege was shot dead on an empty road. The day he decided not to carry any bodyguard, it resulted in his death. Meanwhile, the police reaches Ashwin’s house to ask some general questions and got to know that Ashwin had a meeting with The Minister Shashikant.