CID (watch all 1639 episodes ,cast, review, award and achievements, secret facts and information news)

CID is The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television which is broadcast on Sony TV let's watch all episodes and cast details and many more.


CID (watch or download all episodes, cast, award and good/bad news) is the first thriller investigative series on Indian television that airs on Sony TV, let’s watch all the episodes and cast details and many more.
Today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.Ds. has captivated viewers over the last eleven years and continues to keep audiences glued to their television sets with its thrilling plots and excitement.
Also interwoven in its fast-paced plots are the personal challenges that the  team faces non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure, and risk, all in the name of duty. The series consists of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection, and suspense.
The protagonists of the serial are an elite group of police officers belonging to the Crime Investigation Department of the police force, led by ACP Pradyuman [played by the dynamic Shivaji Satam].
While the stories are plausible, there is an emphasis on dramatic plotting and technical complexities faced by the police.
At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists and turns to keep the officers on the move as they track criminals, led by the smallest of clues.CIDs is an Indian Hindi-language police procedural television series, created by B. P. Singh for Sony Entertainment Television India.
The series stars Shivaji Satam as ACP Pradyuman, Aditya Srivastava as Sr. Inspector Abhijeet, Dayanand Shetty as Sr. Inspector Daya, Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector Fredricks aka Freddy, Narendra Gupta and Shraddha Musale as forensic experts Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika respectively.
ACP Pradyuman, Daya and Abhijeet are an elite trio of officers working for the CID. They take the help of professional forensic expert Dr. Salunkhe and solve various criminal cases. The first thriller investigative series is also one of the most popular shows on Indian television.
on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unexpected, the team has captivated audiences over the past twenty years and continues to engage audiences with their exciting storylines and excitement from their television sets. There are also intertwined individual challenges in its fast-paced plots.
The CID team is faced with non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure and risk in the name of duty. The series consists of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection, and mystery.
The protagonists of the serial are an elite group of officers belonging to the Crime Investigation Department led by ACP Pradyuman (played by dynamic Shivaji Satam). While the stories are laudable, the emphasis is on the dramatic plot and the technical complexities faced by the police. At each level, the plot twists and moves the officers as they track down criminals, led by the smallest of clues.

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CID Cast

Shivaji Satam

A.C.P. Pradyuman / Inspector Pradyuman (1,482 episodes, 1998-2018)

Shivaji Satam plays the role of ACP Pradyumna. Initially referred to as Senior Inspector Pradyuman in the first few episodes, he was promoted to ACP in the episode “The Case of the Thief in-I” and referred to ACP Pradyuman since then.

Shivaji Satam was born on 21-04-1950 in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He is an Indian television actor and film actor, known for his work in Hindi, Marathi and English films.

Aditya Srivastav

Senior Inspector Abhijeet / Imposter Abhijeet / Paresh Kumar / Rocky / Vilas (1,477 episodes, 1999-2018)

Aditya Srivastava plays the role of Senior Inspector Abhijeet. He first appeared as a supporting cast named ‘Paresh’, who stole the ACP’s gun in an episode of The Stolen Gun. His role as Inspector Abhijeet began in the episode, The Case of the Stolen Dynamite – I.

Aditya Srivastava is an Indian TV actor. He was born on 21 July 1968 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He mostly works in Hindi TV serials and Bollywood movies. He is best known as Inspector Abhijeet in India’s longest running TV serial CID. Aditya made his debut in films with Bandit Queen in 1995 and in TV serials with the show Dera in 1992.

Dayanand Shetty

Senior Inspector Daya / Sub Inspector Daya / Inspector Daya / Jaswant (1,478 episodes, 1998-2018)

Dayanand Shetty play the role as Sr. Inspector Daya . He first appeared in episode “The Case of the Anonymous Threats” as Sub Inspector Daya. He is referred to as Senior Inspector Daya in later episodes.

Dayanand Shetty was conceived on 11 December 1969, in a Tulu speaking Bunt family in Katapadi town of Udupi region of Karnataka State in India to Chandra Prakash Shetty and Uma Shetty. He has two sisters (Naina and Sandhya). He did his from Rizvi College, Bandra. He got hitched with Smitha Shetty and they have one girl.

Dinesh Phadnis

Inspector Fredricks / Sub Inspector Fredricks / Sub Inspector Michael / Michael (1,478 episodes, 1998-2018)

Dinesh Phadnis play the role as Inspector Fredricks aka Freddy. He first appeared in episode Kissa Raat Ke Shikhar Ka, but his role as Sub-Inspector started in episode 9 The Case of the Third Man where he was initially referred as Sub Inspector Prince/Michael but referred as Fredricks from episode The Case of the Last Five Minutes

Narendra Gupta

Dr. R. P. Salunkhe (1,035 episodes, 1998-2018)

Narendra Gupta played the role of Dr. Salunkhe. He made his debut in the episode The Incomplete Letter, where he was initially referred to as Dr. Verma, but as Dr. Salunkhe from the episode “The Burnt Letter”.

Shraddha Musale

Dr. Tarika (744 episodes, 2007-2018)

Hrishikesh Pandey

Inspector Sachin (671 episodes, 2010-2016)

Ansha Sayed

Inspector Purvi / Chanda / Khushi / Pallavi / Pamela / Shilpi (646 episodes, 2011-2018)


Abhay Shukla

Inspector Nikhil / Abhay / Ishaan / Saree Shop Salesman (547 episodes, 2010-2016)

Ajay Nagrath

Sub Inspector Pankaj (541 episodes, 2013-2018)

Janvi Chheda

Inspector Shreya (419 episodes, 2013-2017)

Vivek Mashru

Inspector Vivek (378 episodes, 2006-2012)

Dhananjay Mandrekar

Sub Inspector Sudhakar / Sub Inspector Bhonsle (336 episodes, 1998-2005)

Ashwini Kalsekar

Inspector Asha (209 episodes, 1998-2004)

Jaswir Kaur

Inspector Kajal / Contract Killer / Drug Seller (179 episodes, 2007-2012)

Tanya Abrol

Inspector Jaywanti Shinde (137 episodes, 2014-2016)


Jagjit Athwal

Sub Inspector Vansh (136 episodes, 2014-2015)

Vikas Kumar

Senior Inspector Rajat / Imposter Rajat (135 episodes, 2012-2013)

Vikas Salgotra

Sub Inspector Mayur (125 episodes, 2014-2015)

Amaani Satrala

Sub Inspector Divya (114 episodes, 2014-2015)

Vineet Kumar Chaudhary

Inspector Vineet (109 episodes)

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Inspector Tasha / Natalya (113 episodes, 2009-2018)

Pooja Khatri

Sub Inspector Ishita (97 episodes, 2014)

Gaurav Khanna

Senior Inspector Kavin (83 episodes, 2014)

Mona Ambegaonkar

Dr. Anjalika Deshmukh (68 episodes, 2004-2005)

Ankur Sharma Kabir

Sub Inspector Karan / Gambler / Managing Director Of Shubhankar’s Company / Ravi / Scrap Collector (69 episodes, 2011-2015)

Maninder Singh

Senior Inspector Dushyant Hemraj (65 episodes, 2014)

Alka Verma

Inspector Muskaan (63 episodes, 2006-2007)

Abid Shaikh

Sub Inspector Vikram / Newspaper Seller / Sameer (62 episodes, 2014)

Manav Gohil

Inspector Daksh (55 episodes)

Manini Mishra

Dr. Sonali Barwe / Khushi / Menka (51 episodes, 2010-2011)

CID Award And Achievements


Gold Awards (2018)

Special Award [Winner]

Hall of Fame

Dayanand Shetty

Gold Awards (2012)

Boroplus Gold Award [Winner]

Best Actor – Critics

Shivaji Satam

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2017)

Indian Television Academy Award [Nominee]

Best Serial – Thriller / Horror

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2015)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Serial – Thriller / Horror

B.P. Singh

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2010)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Serial – Thriller / Horror

B.P. Singh

Pradeep Uppoor

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2005)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Actor in a Negative Role

Makrand Deshpande

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2004)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Serial – Thriller / Horror

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2003)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Serial – Thriller / Horror

For Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat

Indian Television Academy Awards, India (2002)

Indian Television Academy Award [Winner]

Best Serial – Drama

Pradeep Uppoor

B.P. Singh

Indian Telly Awards (2013)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Weekly Serial

Indian Telly Awards (2006)

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Aditya Srivastav

Indian Telly Awards (2005)

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Aditya Srivastav

Indian Telly Awards (2004)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Director (Thriller/Crime/Horror)

B.P. Singh

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Thriller Programme

Indian Telly Award [Nominee]

Best Actor

Shivaji Satam

Indian Telly Awards (2003)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Actor

Shivaji Satam

Indian Telly Awards (2002)

Indian Telly Award [Winner]

Best Actor

Shivaji Satam

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2016)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite TV Show

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite Actor – TV

Dayanand Shetty

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2013)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite Actor – TV

Aditya Srivastav

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite Actor – TV

Dayanand Shetty

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite TV Show

CID All Episode


CID Chhote Heroes All Episode (Watch Now)

Chhote Heroes Episode 1

Five kids in Suryakiran’s apartment take on the role of their favorite CID characters on a quest to find their lost cat Sweety. However, their adventure is cut short as one of them stumbles upon Jay’s dead body named Mickey. The team arrives at the scene to investigate the crime, and they hope to save Mickey, who also goes missing, before he does any harm.

Chhote Heroes Episode 2

Fredericks and Pankaj successfully track down the car in which Mickey was kidnapped. They also find a clue that Mickey has left behind and stumble upon the place where Mickey was kept by the kidnappers. Daya and the rest of the soldiers reach the house and raid the house but are unable to find anyone.

They get another clue, which contains a flat number and a name Rannvijay, Mickey leaves for them. However, when Abhijeet and Purvi reach home, they find Rannvijay dead.

Chhote Heroes Episode 3

While a young girl waits for her friend, Happy, who has entered the department store to come out, she sees a gang of thieves with masked faces come in and take over the store, Which takes the people inside hostage.

When the team reaches the site, they search the car in which the thieves had come. On search they found a mobile phone which had started ringing. Upon answering the call, the thief talks to the APC and reveals the conditions that need to be met in order to rescue the hostages.

Chhote Heroes Episode 4

Following the lead, the team split into two teams, and questioned the owner of the car in which the thieves had come.

On interrogating him, they learn that his car was stolen by the gang and they break into the bank’s locker room – one that is accessible only to the manager and customers. The second team learns from the former leader of the group that the thieves now work for a man named Only, the manager of Universal Bank, who was raided that morning.

Chhote Heroes Episode 5

The CID team found the skeleton tied to a large rock in the water. They come to Namita’s house to ask why they and Baljeet broke up. The team goes to Baljeet’s office to find out more about Baljeet’s death.

They track his phone to find out where he was on the day he went missing. He eventually learns that someone gave Rohit sleep therapy which made him think he was Baljeet in his previous life. With the help of Namita, the team traces the culprits.

Chhote Heroes Episode 6

Freddy takes all the kids in his colony to summer camp. The driver stops the bus on the way to the summer camp as the road will be closed with barricades.

Freddy and the driver get off the bus to check in and a man comes from behind and holds Freddy at gunpoint while some other armed men enter the bus. Mr. Vinod called up the team and told that the bus had not arrived.

After investigation, the CID came to know that there was an attempt to kidnap last month at the same place. The team enlists the help of Jolly – the kid who survived a previous kidnapping attempt to nab the criminals.

Chhote Heroes Episode 7

Continuing its investigation, the CID learns from Tankesh that the real name of the bus conductor Devendra is Hariya and that he is a pickpocket. Meanwhile, Frederick returns to his senses, and the children try to escape from captivity. Will they be successful? Will the team be able to save them in time?

Chhote Heroes Episode 8

Kunal saw two robbers running away from the society with a bag and a bloody knife. The team arrives to investigate the robbery and finds out that along with the murder, there has been another robbery in the society.

Kunal later tells CID that he has a video from a birthday party, in which he is able to recognize one of the robbers by a strange mark on his hand. ACP Pradyumna reaches Dhechu to help him identify the mark and trace the face behind this hand.

Chhote Heroes Episode 9

While walking into his apartment, Kunal sees a man running away from his building. He saw that the man running away had a knife. He also looks at Mr. Chandra’s watch. He calls his sister and they both rush to meet Sri Chandra who is Rohan and Sweety’s father.

Kunal and other members of the colony find Sweety and Rohan locked in a room and the maid Rekha is also injured. Apartment members contact the team for assistance. The team investigates Mr. Chandra’s house. Daya and her team try to gather more information about the thief. Will CID be able to find out who killed Shashi’s brother?

Chhote Heroes Episode 10

Dhruv who was upset with his test result. He gets lost on his way to school and on his way back, he finds a man tired of running and helps him. He puts himself in deep trouble by helping a stranger. Dhruv feels severe stomach ache and is taken to the hospital by the goons.

Dhruv cleverly uses the opportunity and writes a message on the wall asking for help. Meanwhile, Dhruv’s parents lodged a missing complaint with the police station. The team starts the investigation and finds Dhruv but by then the unknown person dies. But the team did not stop the investigation. Will the C.I.D be able to find out who killed the unknown person?

Chhote Heroes Episode 11

Ten-year-old Dhruv, on his way back home from school, appears upset. He fears that his father might beat him up for not coming first in the class. He boards the bus to go home but unfortunately misses his stop. The bus conductor helps him and asks him to go to the nearest bus stop where he can board another bus leaving from his home. However, he loses his way and gets stuck in a dusty alley. Then, he sees a middle-aged man on the run from some local thugs.

Dhruv decides to help the man but he is kidnapped by the thugs. Meanwhile, Dhruv’s parents file a police complaint regarding their missing son. Soon, the matter is referred to ACP Pradyumna and Inspector Daya, who set out to find Dhruv.

Chhote Heroes Episode 12

Tinu, who works with a tea vendor, is a huge fan of Bindiya, an actress. But, Bindiya doesn’t like acting and is doing it only because her stepmother puts pressure on her. Tinu goes to the C.I.D’s bureau to inform them about the imminent threat to Bindiya’s life, as she fears that she might be kidnapped. The C.I.Ds try to contact Bindiya but fails.

After a while, they learn that Bindiya has been kidnapped and demands Rs. 5 crores as ransom for his release. Who kidnapped Bindiya? Will he be saved?

Chhote Heroes Episode 13

As ordered by the kidnapper, Bindiya’s stepmother reaches a secluded place to exchange. Tinu sees this and immediately informs the CID. The team quickly arrives, and after a thrilling fight and chase, escort Bindiya to a safe place.

However, Tinu single-handedly pursues to retrieve the fallen pen-drive from the kidnapper’s pocket during the scuffle. As the team goes through the pen-drive, they learn that the real kidnapper is none other than Bindiya’s father.

Chhote Heroes Episode 14

Mickey sees a woman locked in the room while another woman drives in a silver colored car. Meanwhile, the CID discovers a dying man who has been on the street. With the help of Dhenchu, the CID traces the man’s killer. Then, they are informed by a group of people that a man has been run over by a silver-coloured car.

Meanwhile, Mickey rescues the locked lady Sonia and brings her home. Two men come to Mickey’s house looking for Sonia, but he keeps them away; and calls CID.

Chhote Heroes Episode 15

Daya reaches Mickey’s house and saves him. He informs Daya that Sonia had gone with a certain Mr. Prasad to get something from the bank. After further investigation, the CID concluded that Sonia was the villain, who was trying to illegally confiscate the properties of her friend Nisha.

Nisha, who had heard the plan, locked Sonia in the room and ran to save her lawyer Manish. But, Nisha was late and Manish was stabbed to death. Nisha’s property worth crores was in the bank locker.

Chhote Heroes Episode 16

A school teacher has been poisoned, and the CID team investigates. The man was poisoned while eating food from Guddu’s lunchbox, a student. Guddu is missing, and his friends tell the CID that they had offered Guddu’s lunchbox to Sir, without Guddu’s permission.

Later, the team is told that Guddu’s late father was a scientist who had accidentally invented a poison. On investigation, they come to know that there are some people who want Guddu to die. CID decides to find Guddu before it is too late.

Chhote Heroes Episode 17

The death of renowned scientist, Dr. Shailesh, prompts the team to take action. The road leads them to arrest Avinash who reveals his wicked moves.

Shailesh was killed by Avinash after he refused to make the toxic chemical with which Avinash intended to destroy plants and trees on a plot of land.

He wants to avenge the government’s denial of license to open a factory on the land.

Chhote Heroes Episode 18

The airport managers find a child, Tanya, who is lost and crying terribly. On checking her boarding pass, they found that she had come to Delhi from Mumbai. They decide to send Tanya back to Mumbai with an air hostess to hand her over to her parents.

On reaching Mumbai, Tanya again goes missing from the wash room. The CID is called and they find a woman’s body in the wash room. As the investigation intensifies, it leads the team to Tanya and a kidnapping racket.

Chhote Heroes Episode 19

The CID got Kamal’s phone from his house. Later, using the phone, they are able to track down the notorious criminal Kallu.

Kallu confesses to kidnapping Tanya and tells her that the bottle contained a chemical that can be used to read a map leading to a hidden treasure. He accuses Kamal of betraying his trust and the team issues a lookout alert for him.

However, the team is shocked when the real culprit is discovered.

Chhote Heroes Episode 20

Ravi, an ex-convict, tries to kill Daya by dropping a huge concrete slab on Daya’s car, but he escapes before time. Then, Daya remembers a picture she found with the morning newspaper, which accurately depicts the scene.

He takes the drawing to the CID’s office, where he learns that the sketch was made by a little girl, Anjali, her neighbor, who is dumb. When Daya meets her, she continues to warn Daya to be careful, indicating that her life is in danger.

Chhote Heroes Episode 21

CID installs a hearing aid in Anjali’s hairband to find out who is plotting against Daya. However, they find Anjali missing and the hairband is left in the classroom.

They learn that Ravi has kidnapped Anjali in the guise of a school bus driver. An anonymous man calls the CID team and challenges Daya to find the girl alone if he values ​​her life.

The CID tracks down Ravi who reveals that he was approached by an unknown person. The team then requests Dhenchu ​​to help find Anjali and save Daya.

Chhote Heroes Episode 22

Trying to find Anjali, Daya comes to the place where the unknown caller asks her. However, when he is trying to escape from Anjali, the thugs open fire on him.

Anjali ties her school-tie around her wound and they break out of the thicket in which they are trapped. Meanwhile, thanks to Dhenchu, CID finds out where Daya is going.

Then, they question Anjali’s friends and trace the place from where Anjali heard about the criminal’s plan.

Chhote Heroes Episode 23

Daya takes a thug’s mobile and calls Abhijeet, but the phone runs out of battery. Abhijeet, however, asks the cyber cell to locate the phone. Then, three thugs hold Anjali at gunpoint and ask Daya to surrender.

After losing a lot of blood, Daya feels dizzy and collapses. But, as soon as he falls, he kills two thugs. Later, Daya recovers and runs for her with Anjali, but falls into a ditch. The criminal then reveals himself, and Daya identifies the man as Ajay, his college mate!

Chhote Heroes Episode 24

Mohan, a young boy, comes running to the CID office and announces that he has killed Akash, the owner of his spice factory. The CID did not believe him and proceeded to investigate the matter.

They reach the factory premises and interrogate the supervisors there but they act suspiciously and are desperate to arrest Mohan. They find that Akash was stabbed with scissors, but they also find that he was hit on the head, which was not disclosed by the boy earlier.