bhaag bakool bhaag(Cast, Release Date,Watch Bhaag Bakool Bhaag All 100 episode and news)

bhaag bakool bhaag ( watch all 100 episodes) is Indian comedy TV series that premiered on 15 May 2017 at an early evening slot of 5:30 p.m.The sitcom is about Bakool who lives two lives.

bhaag bakool bhaag

bhaag bakool bhaag ( watch all 100 episodes) is Indian comedy TV series that premiered on 15 May 2017 at an early evening slot of 5:30 p.m.The sitcom is about Bakool who lives two lives. One in a Rural avatar and other in Urban. What has got him in trouble is he has two wives in his two lives.

Soon, there is a leap of one month and it is shown that both Jigna and Sheena (Bakool’s wives) are pregnant with his children. Kokila and Ranjeet are overjoyed.

Eventually, everything is revealed in front of everyone and all the characters realize that Bakul was a victim of circumstances and not a fraudster.

The show culminates with Bakool feeding both his wives, thereby helping them in completing the rituals of their respective fasts, and both the parties accepting Bakool.

bhaag bakool bhaag Series Cast (12)

Jay Soni

Jay Soni Play as Bakool “Dhollu” Vasavda double trouble of a Gujarati guy Bakul and his two wives. Hiba Nawab plays the Urban wife and Shruti Rawat plays the rural wife.

Jay Soni was last seen in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Jay Soni started off as a model and has done popular shows like Ba Bahu Aur Baby and Sasuraal Gendaphool . He started off playing a Gujarati Guy in a comedy show Ba Bahu Aur Baby and once again he is playing a Gujarati guy. And since he is stepping into Govinda’s shoes, he is working on his comic timings. He will be playing two roles at the same time that of a village guy and a city bred boy .

Hiba Nawab

Sheena Bakool Vasavda (2017-) / Sheena Bakool Vasavda (100 episodes, 2017)

Hiba Nawab play as Sheena Bakool Vasavda, Bakool’s modern wife. Hiba described Sheena as “… a very hoity-toity girl and a fashionista… and troubles Bakool a lot…”. Hiba is antithetical to Jigna, being what would be described in the Hindi language as a classic gaay (गौ) that he is the undemanding wife.

Hiba Nawab is an model and actress.She is known for her role as a Stylish girl Amaya in Star Plus’s Tere Sheher Mein opposite with Dhruv Bhandari. She appeared as a Child Artist in several Tele films and TV series such as Saat Phere, Lo Ho Gayi Pooja Iss Ghar Ki and Ssshhhh…Phir Koi Hai as Nikhil Arya’s daughter,  Anushka Atwal in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq. She was last seen as lead actress of Zee TV’s Meri Saasu Ma.

Shruti Rawat

Jigna Bakool Vasavda (2017-) / Jigna Bakool Vasavda (100 episodes, 2017)

Shruti Rawat Play as Jigna Bakool Vasavda, Bakool’s rural wife. In an interview for Colors TV UK, Jigna was described that the Shruti as Bakool’s first wife and states that they were married when they were really younger. She say that Jigna is sweet, simple & homely, very much the like ideal bahu (Dauther in low).

Naveen Bawa

Ranjeet (1 episode, 2017)

Navin Bawa play the role as Ranjeet, Sheena’s father. Ranjeet is Bakool’s father-in-law and boss.


Dugdoo (1 episode, 2017)

Hina Khan

(1 episode, 2017)

Hina Khan play as herself, for the promotion of Khatron Ke Khiladi for Season 8

Hardik Sangani

Harishankar Upadhyay (1 episode, 2017)

Hardik Sangani play the role as Harishankar “Harry” Upadhyay

Rakhi Sawant

(1 episode, 2017)

Rakhi Sawant play the role as Twinke Maa (Cameo)

Nia Sharma

(1 episode, 2017)

Nia Sharma as herself, for the promotion of Khatron Ke Khiladi for Season 8

Purvi Vyas

Kokilaben Vasavda (1 episode, 2017)

Purvi Vyas play the role as Kokilaben Vasavda, Bakool’s mother


Dugdoo (2017-) (unknown episodes)

Feroz (actor) play the role as Dugdoo, Ranjeet’s housekeeper

Ravii Dubey

Self (unknown episodes)

Ravi Dubey as himself, for the promotion of Khatron Ke Khiladi for Season 8

bhaag bakool bhaag Development

The show is produced by Edit two producers of Sanjay Kohli and Benaifer Kohli. Jay Soni, Hiba Nawab and Shruti Rawat were cast in main roles and Feroz(actor), Purvi Vyas were cast as pivitol roles.

bhaag bakool bhaag Release Date And Time

The show premiered on 15 May 2017 at an early evening slot of 5:30 p.m. Due to low response towards the show due to early timings, the show ended much early than expected on 29 September 2017.

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bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 1

Meet Bakool, the man who got married twice on the same day! Fooled into marrying his boss’ daughter, Sheena, and then meeting Jigna, whom he got married to when he was a child, Bakool is lost and confused. Will he be able to change his fate? What misadventures will he be involved in now?

Surprisingly, even Jigna and Sheena do not want to leave Bakool. They decide to stay with him, with blessings from Kokilaben and Ranjeet.

Getting married once? Perfect life. Getting married twice, that too with two different girls, that too on the same day? Baap re baap! Watch Bakool and his masaledar marital life turn upside down when he accidentally gets married to Sheena and Jigna.

How will he manage two wives without going absolutely crazy? We suggest you sit tight with your family and watch Bakool’s hilarious misadventures!


bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 2

Bakool finds himself in trouble when he fails to explain to Sheena’s father that he has already been married. Meanwhile, Bakool’s other wife, Jigna tries to express her love to him. A frustrated Bakool finds himself in a fix trying to manage his co-incidental marriages. Sheena’s housekeeper finds something of Bakool’s that belongs to a bride. What did he find? Who does it belong to? Tune in!

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 3

Bakool and Harishankar search for the missing saree and discover that Sheena’s housekeeper has taken it. Shocked by the news, Bakool goes to Sheena’s house, only to find that Sheena is already wearing the saree. What will Bakool do now?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 4

Jigna insists Bakool to drink Kesar milk, while Sheena’s father has a plan up his sleeve to mix a pill in his milk to change his mood. But Sheena’s forgetful housekeeper, Dagdoo mixes up the pills and creates confusion. Will Bakool find out?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 5

Bakool finally gathers the courage to reveal the truth about Sheena to Jigna. He narrates everything that happened to him and waits for a reaction from Jigna. What will Jigna say after listening to this shocking news?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 6

Bakool finds himself in trouble after Sheena’s father, Ranjeet threatens to kill him for behaving rudely with Sheena. While Bakool’s mother tries to coax him to fulfil the Suhagraat ritual with Jigna, Ranjeet gives him a mangalsutra and compels him to tie it around Sheena’s neck. However, Bakool’s mother finds the mangalsutra and insists that it be tied around Jigna’s neck. Will Bakool find a way out of this chaos?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 7

Jigna insists Bakool to drink Kesar milk, while Sheena’s father has a plan up his sleeve to mix a pill in his milk to change his mood. But Sheena’s forgetful housekeeper, Dagdoo mixes up the pills and creates a confusion. Will Bakool find out?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 8

Harry arrives just in time with the mangalsutra, and Bakool completes the marriage ceremony with Sheena. Bakool then leaves to wed Jigna but is shocked to find the same pandit sitting in this other temple too! To make matters worse, Sheena also shows up at the temple. How will Bakool manage to avoid them?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 9

Bakool fakes a leg injury to avoid his suhagraat with Jigna and Sheena. Concerned about his injury, Sheena requests Ranjeet to visit Bakool. This troubles Bakool beyond measure, and he urges his mother to refuse Ranjeet’s entry into the house. But will his mother oblige? Will Bakool’s cover be blown?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 10

With Ranjeet in Bakool’s house a series of confusion takes place. Fearing that Ranjeet will find the truth, Bakool denies Jigna as his wife and quickly labels her as Harry’s wife. Will Ranjeet find the truth?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 11

Bakool is in deep trouble! Dagdoo catches him out of bed and in a perfectly healthy condition. He then informs Ranjeet and Sheena about Bakool’s fake injury. Now with Sheena’s suspicion on the rise and Ranjeet’s gun pointed at him, will Bakool crack and confess his lie?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 12

Bakool finally stops faking his leg injury when he gets annoyed by Jigna and Sheena’s antics. Unable to witness Jigna praying to God and Sheena trying to cheer him up by dancing for him, Bakool gets up out of his wheelchair and calls the entire thing as a miracle. But his troubles have not ended. He begins to wonder that if he reciprocates the love of his wives, he will be in trouble. Will Bakool find a way out of this one too?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 13

While trying to avoid drinking the drugged soup that Ranjeet has made for him, Bakool spills all of it on himself! Sheena asks him to change his clothes in her room. Completely cornered now, what excuse will Bakool come up with to avoid entering her room?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 14

Sheena is frustrated with Kokilaben’s continual interference in her relationship with Bakool. But Sheena knows that she can use his mother to get closer to him. So she comes up with a plan that forces her out of her comfort zone. Sheena starts adopting traditional customs just like Kokilaben in order to impress her. Will Sheena succeed in her plan?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 15

Ranjeet overhears Bakool and Harry talk about Jigna. He persuades Harry to bring Jigna home so that she can help Sheena in performing the traditional customs. Ranjeet is, however, unaware of the fact that Jigna is Bakool’s wife. Will Ranjeet and Sheena uncover the truth about Bakool? Tune in to find out!

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 16

While having food with Ranjeet and Sheena at the dinner table, Bakool uses his feet to caress Jigna’s feet. She thinks that Ranjeet has been misbehaving with her, so she gets up from her seat and slaps him. Not expecting things to turn out like this, what will Bakool do now?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 17

After learning about Sheena’s honeymoon plans, Kokilaben takes her advice and decides to send Bakool and Jigna on a honeymoon to Shimla. Sheena shares her plans with Bakool who gives in after an initial reluctance. Chaos unfolds when Bakool returns home and learns about his mother’s plans to send him and Jigna to Shimla on the same day! What will he do now?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 18

Sheena informs Kokilaben about her plans to go to Kerala for her honeymoon. Upon hearing this, Kokilaben decides to send Jigna and Bakool to Kerala with Sheena. She then reveals this to Bakool, and he gets the shock of his life. How will Bakool manage to avoid this new scenario in his life?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 19

Sheena plans a romantic evening with Bakool. To run away from her, he gets her drunk and takes off. Little does he know, however, Dagdoo had seen him. The following day, Sheena and Ranjeet confront him. What excuse will he make this time to save himself?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 20

Bakool’s troubles return when Kokilaben and Jigna resume planning for his honeymoon. In a bid to stop them, Bakool shows signs of discomfort and pretends to have contracted an infection. This move brings new trouble as Jigna assumes that an evil spirit has taken control of Bakool. Is Bakool ready for an exorcism?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 21

While trying to convince Sheena that the assistant didn’t give him the ring, Bakool reveals that Jigna had put it on his hand. Sheena is shocked to hear this and Bakool is left speechless. Will Sheena finally confront Bakool about his secrets?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 22

After finding out from Dagdoo that Bakool and Harry are more than just close friends, Ranjeet confronts Harry. When Bakool arrives, Ranjeet hides below a desk. Unaware that Ranjeet is there, Bakool reveals that he has two wives. How will Ranjeet react to this?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 23

Because of the blunder in the office, Ranjeet plans to pry the truth out from Bakool. As Bakool comes home, Sheena also has some questions she wants to ask. Trapped between father and daughter asking for the truth, will Bakool reveal everything to them?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 24

Sheena runs into Jigna’s uncle, Bhaalu Kaka. She requests Bhaalu Kaka to stay till she finds his family. Jigna is worried about Bhaalu Kaka’s whereabouts and calls Bakool to look for him. Bakool is shocked to find Bhaalu Kaka in Sheena’s house. What will Bakool do?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 25

Bakool’s big secret is at risk of being exposed when Sheena finds out Bhaalu Kaka’s address. She wants Bakool to take him to the address, which also happens to be Jigna’s home. What will Bakool do now? Will he take him to Jigna?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 26

Sheena suggests that Bakool and she should enact a romantic scene, and Bakool hesitantly agrees. As they start their act, Bakool really gets into character and becomes very romantic. Is Bakool finally falling in love with Sheena?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 27

Kokilaben calls Bakool and lies to him about a gas explosion in the house. In a haste, Bakool rushes home, only to find that it was a plan to make him meet Jigna’s uncle. What will he do now?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 28

Kokilaben informs Bakool that Jigna’s uncle will leave town only if he sees his face. Bakool decides to show up at the house in a weird disguise and hopes that this will solve his problem. But Jigna’s uncle refuses to leave without seeing his face. How will Bakool get out of this predicament?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 29

On Ranjeet’s request, Bakool calls Jigna and asks her to go to Ranjeet’s house. He is shocked when Kokilaben informs him that Jigna can’t go anywhere for the next few hours. With no other option left, Bakool disguises himself as Jigna and arrives at Ranjeet’s house. Things go from bad to worse when Sheena comes and decides to remove the veil from Bakool’s face. Will his identity be exposed?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 30

Fearing the worst, Kokilaben warns Bakool that Jigna and her uncle are on their way to Ranjeet’s house. Ranjeet, on the other hand, is under the impression that Jigna is already in their house and has no clue that Bakool is impersonating Jigna. In an unexpected turn of events, Ranjeet starts suspecting Bakool and decides to find out the truth. What will Bakool do now?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 31

Kokilaben learns about Sheena’s idea for a fantasy game. Impressed with the idea, she persuades Jigna to follow the same and try to woo Bakool. Will Bakool get trapped between the fantasy games?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 32

Ranjeet and Dagdoo assume that a thief has broken into the house when they find Sheena handcuffed to the bed. Ranjeet calls the police immediately and starts investigating, while Sheena is embarrassed to admit the truth. Will Sheena tell the truth?

bhaag bakool bhaag Episode 33

Jigna decides to punish herself once again after she feels that she has irritated Bakool. A police Inspector overhears Jigna’s decision and suspects that Kokilaben is mistreating Jigna. Elsewhere, Bakool tries to avoid coming home because he is afraid that the Inspector will recognise him as Sheena’s husband. Will Bakool get caught?