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Balveer is an ordinary child, who is whisked away to Pari Lok at a young age and is blessed with the power of the six fairies.

Baalveer Returns

Baalveer Returns / Baalveer(watch and download all episodes, cast award, and news…) is Indian frictional Kids Drama Tv Series which broadcast on SAB TV

Balveer is an ordinary child, who is taken to the fairy world at a young age and is endowed with the power of six fairies.

After Parilok, a powerful evil Timnasa destroyed the home of the benevolent fairies. Baalveer takes refuge in Veer-Lok along with some Parisians who survived the massacre.

There, under the guidance of the wise old white lion Shaurya, Balveer and Pari are instructed to find Baalveer’s successor as soon as possible, as he was mortally wounded during the battle, and a new Baalveer is hired to carry on the fight. Gotta bring to the team. with evil.

This quest for the next Balveer takes them to Earth, where they discover Vivaan, who lives in an old society in Mumbai.

He is the naughtiest kid, an ardent fan of Salman Khan, and a non-believer of Baalveer and his powers. This adds to the misery of Baalveer because unfortunately, this undisciplined, non-believer kid is the real successor of Balveer.

What follows is the challenging journey of Baalveer and his team to make Vivaan the next Balveer with some eccentric characters, childish games and lots of magic on earth and the respective loks, while the imminent threat of Timnasa and the mystery behind her origin continues to play a part.

The new Season starts with Vivaan missing and remembering all the things he did with Baalveer. Then a new character Happy is introduced, who is a lookalike of Balveer who lives in Kanpur.

and Kaal, another lookalike of Balveer with bad intentions, who had been imprisoned long ago by Swarna Shaurya.

and kept frozen as a statue in Drak Lok gets freed from prison.

Baalveer’s energy star divides into 6 pieces and goes into the body of the 6 other look-alikes of Balveer, which helps Kaal to escape from prison and to obtain the late Balveer’s all the powers, Kaal decides to kill other lookalikes of Baalveer.

Kaal goes to the infinite library to know the location of his five other look-alikes. He discovers his sidekick Mauka Mauka at the library.

Together with Kazo (Kaal’s Dragon), Kaal and Mauka are able to break out of the Drake Lok without being noticed by Vivaan, Shaurya and Swarna Shaurya.

On the other hand, Happy tries to understand his powers and is unfamiliar with how he got his

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Baalveer Returns Series Cast


Bhaweeka Chaudhary

Pani Pari (144 episodes, 2019-2020)

Bhaweeka Chaudhary is an Indian television actress and model. She is known for the television show Baalveer Returns. She played the role of Pani Pari in this show. Bhaveka is originally from Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

She started her career through modeling. Bhaveka made her television debut in 2019 with “Baalveer Returns”. He has advertised for UTI Mutual Fund and many big brands.

Hridyansh Shekhawat

Gopu (66 episodes, 2019-2020)


Dev Joshi

Baalveer / Debu (62 episodes, 2020)

Dev Joshi was born on 28 November 1996 in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. He received his early education from Gandhi Nagar and Mumbai. Joshi was fond of acting since childhood, for this he came to Mumbai. He started acting at the age of 3.

He was selected for Baalveer in 2012 during auditions in Mumbai. He was seen as the main character Baalveer in this show. Dev got a lot of fame from this show and the show ran for 1111 episodes. In 2019, SAB TV once again launched Baalveer Returns, in which he again played the role of Baalveer. Vansh Sayani was also seen with him in this show.

Shoaib Ali

Ray (62 episodes, 2020)


Vansh Sayani

Vivan (58 episodes, 2020)

Vansh Sayani was born on 10 April 2009. He belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra and his hometown is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He started his career at a very young age, his first television serial is Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

He played the role of Prateek Dhaval Desai as a child artist.

Vansh Sayani is also very famous among children through Baalveer Returns. He played the role of Vivaan.

Anahita Bhooshan

Ananya (35 episodes, 2020)

Anahita Bhushan was born on 14 March 1997 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He started his career with music albums and television commercials. She appeared in Dhvani Bhanushali’s music album Video Vaaste in 2019. This video brought him a lot of fame in the industry. Later he worked in many music albums.

Anahita made her television debut with SAB TV’s popular television show Baalveer Returns. She was seen in the character of Ananya in the show. She will be seen opposite Akshit Shashi Kumar in a Kannada film Sitayanam.

Shridhar Watsar

Tauba Tauba / Dooba Dooba (36 episodes, 2020)

Sharmilee Raj

Baal Pari (35 episodes, 2020)

Vimarsh Roshan

Bambaal (31 episodes, 2020)

Tiya Gandwani

Devaki (29 episodes, 2020)

Jaya Binju

Karuna (28 episodes, 2020)

Khushi Bharadwaj

Khushi (20 episodes, 2020)

Ayesha Khan

Birba (20 episodes, 2020)

Anuradha Khaira

Dhwani Pari (17 episodes, 2020)

Shweta Khanduri

Milsa (10 episodes, 2020)

Ajay Padhye

Inspector Shantaram Girpade (7 episodes, 2020)

Md Shohag Hossain

Vivan’s Classmate (7 episodes, 2020)

Devansu Rathva

Deva (6 episodes, 2020-2021)

Shailendra Pandey

Shaurya / Akroor (6 episodes, 2020)

Urvi Gor

Jwala Pari (6 episodes, 2020)

Nandini Tiwari

Vayu Pari (6 episodes, 2020)

Aditya Sidhu

Bhaymar (5 episodes, 2020)

Myra Singh

Aarohi (4 episodes, 2020)

Avtar Vaishnani

Aarav (4 episodes, 2020)

Vikas Gupta

(3 episodes, 2020)

Pavitra Punia

Timnasa (2 episodes, 2020)

Atul Verma

Jabdali (2 episodes, 2020)

Mukul Kumar Mk Singh

Children (1 episode, 2021)

Krutika Desai

Masti Pari (1 episode, 2020)

Hani Yadav

Manish (1 episode, 2019)

Gaurav Pareek

Junior BaalVeer (1 episode, 2020)

Siddharth Nigam

Aladdin (1 episode, 2020)


Prince Anders (1 episode, 2020)

Anushka Sen

Gf (1 episode, 2020)

Pushkar Priyadarshi

2020 (1 episode, 2020)

Digvijay Purohit

Jalraj Kaykos (1 episode, 2020)

Ramkishan Gurjar

Omaya’s Mummy (1 episode, 2020)

Aamir Dalvi

Zafar (1 episode, 2021)

Raashul Tandon

Jinu (1 episode, 2021)

Aakash Pandey

Goldy Chaudhary (1 episode, 2021)

Khushi Mukherjee

Jwala Pari (unknown episodes)

Amika Shail

Vayu Pari (unknown episodes)

Bhawna Chaudhary

Pani Pari (unknown episodes)

Varsha Bhagwani

Teacher (unknown episodes)

Baalveer Returns Award And Achievements


Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2021)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Winner]

Favorite Child Entertainer

Dev Joshi

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India (2019)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award [Nominee]

Favorite TV Show

Baalveer Returns All Episode



Episode 1

In this episode, earthquake comes in the fairy world and attacks the fairies. When called upon, Baalveer appears and fights to the ground. Earthquake is sent to Pari Lok by Bhaymaar. Bhayrani Timnasa doesn’t like the idea, but still waits for the results. The earthquake torments Balvar so much that he loses his life.

इसी कड़ी में भूचाल परी लोक में आता है और परियों पर हमला कर देता है। बुलाए जाने पर, बालवीर प्रकट होता है और भुचाल से लड़ता है। भूचाल को भयमार द्वारा परी लोक भेजा जाता है। भयरानी तिमनासा को यह विचार पसंद नहीं है, लेकिन फिर भी वे परिणामों की प्रतीक्षा करते हैं। भूचाल ने  को इतना आहत किया कि उसकी जान चली गई।

Episode 2

In this episode, Shaurya brings Baalveer back to life and he explains the situation to everyone. He tells them about Timnasa and to take revenge, Baalveer proceeds to end her evil rule. Baalveer fails miserably and Shaurya comes to his rescue.

इस कड़ी में शौर्य बालवीर को वापस जीवन में लाता है और वह सभी को स्थिति समझाता है। वह उन्हें तिमनासा के बारे में बताता है और बदला लेने के लिए बालवीर उसके दुष्ट शासन को समाप्त करने के लिए आगे बढ़ता है। बालवीर बुरी तरह विफल हो जाता है और शौर्य उसे बचाने आता है।

Episode 3

In this episode, Shaurya brings Baal Pari and Baalveer to Pari Tara and they want to find the new Baalveer. At the same time, Timnasa is going crazy to know about Shaurya. Vivaan is a mischievous kid and has a lot of fun. He does not believe in Balwar but Pari Tara chooses him.

इस कड़ी में शौर्य बाल परी और बालवीर को परी तारा के पास लाता है और वे नए बालवीर को ढूंढना चाहते हैं। वहीं तिमनासा शौर्य के बारे में जानने के लिए पागल हो रही है. विवान एक शरारती बच्चा है और खूब मस्ती करता है। वह बालवीर पर विश्वास नहीं करता लेकिन परी तारा उसे चुन लेती है।

Episode 4

In this episode, Balveer sets out on earth in search of the next Balveer.  He meets Vivaan and does not think that he is the next Baalveer.  Tauba Tauba and Bhaymar are also on earth.  Timnasa sends Bhuchal to find Balwar.

सी कड़ी में बालवीर धरती पर अगले बालवीर की तलाश में निकलता है। वह विवान से मिलता है और नहीं सोचता कि वह अगला बालवीर है। तौबा तौबा और भयमार भी धरती पर हैं। तिमनासा भूचाल को बालवीर को खोजने के लिए भेजती है।

Episode 5

In this episode Baalveer shows Vivaan that he comes when called from Dil. He also tells Vivaan about being the next Balwar and shows marks on his hand. They also pass a train that was just a hallucination. Vivaan also learns the noble cause of helping the needy people.

इस एपिसोड में बालवीर विवान को दिखाता है कि जब दिल से पुकारा जाता है तो वह आता है। वह विवान को अगला बालवीर होने के बारे में भी बताता है और हाथ पर निशान दिखाता है। वे एक ट्रेन से भी गुजरते हैं जो सिर्फ एक मतिभ्रम था। विवान जरूरतमंद लोगों की मदद करने का नेक काम भी सीखता है

Episode 6

In this episode, Vivaan goes home in front of his mother and saves himself from scolding. Bhaymaar is spreading terror on the earth and at that time Balveer and Pari come. Balwar stops Bhaymar and turns back in time to stop Baymar’s attack.

इसी कड़ी में विवान अपनी मां के सामने घर जाता है और खुद को डांट से बचाता है। भयमार पृथ्वी पर आतंक फैला रहा है और उस समय बालवीर और परियों का आगमन होता है। बालवीर भयमार को रोकता है और बेमार के हमले को रोकने के लिए समय से पीछे मुड़ता है।

Episode 7

In this episode, Bhaymaar promises Timnasa that he will kill Baalveer at the earliest. He tells Timnasa that he will behead her if he fails to do so. Tauba Tauba is also with Bhaymar in this mission. Timnasa tells Jabdali that they can now rely on Bhaymar as he was successful in finding out Balveer’s whereabouts on planet Earth. Will Baalwar be able to escape Bhaymar’s intentions?

इस कड़ी में भयमार तिमनासा से वादा करता है कि वह जल्द से जल्द बालवीर को मार डालेगा। वह तिमनासा से कहता है कि अगर वह ऐसा करने में विफल रहता है तो वह उसका सिर काट देगा। इस मिशन में तौबा तौबा भी भयमार के साथ हैं। तिमनासा जब्दाली को बताता है कि वे अब भयमार पर भरोसा कर सकते हैं क्योंकि वह ग्रह पृथ्वी पर बालवीर के ठिकाने का पता लगाने में सफल रहा। क्या बालवीर भयमार के इरादों से बच पाएगा?

Episode 8

In this episode Tauba Tauba and Bhaymaar are on earth on a mission to kill Baalveer. He has a snake with which Bhaymaar plans to kill Baalvar. Balveer meets Vivaan’s mother and Vivaan plays a prank. Bhaymaar tries to punish Vivaan.

इस कड़ी में तौबा तौबा और भयमार बालवीर को मारने के मिशन पर धरती पर हैं। उसके पास एक सांप है जिसके साथ भयमार बालवीर को मारने की योजना बनाता है। बालवीर विवान की माँ से मिलता है और विवान एक शरारत करता है। भयमार विवान को सजा देने की कोशिश करता है।

Episode 9

In this episode, when Baalveer comes, Bhaymaar is trying to hurt Vivaan. He fights with Bhayar and sees a snake. On the other hand Timnasa is trying to trap the fairies. The fairies are getting directly trapped in Timnasa’s web. Balver is trying to stay afloat.

इस एपिसोड में जब बालवीर आता है तो भयमार विवान को चोट पहुंचाने की कोशिश कर रहा होता है। वह भयर से लड़ता है और उसे सांप दिखाई देता है। दूसरी ओर तिमनासा परियों को फंसाने की कोशिश कर रही है। परियां सीधे तिमनासा के जाल में फंसती जा रही हैं। बालवीर बचाए रहने की कोशिश कर रहा है।

Episode 10

In this episode, Bhaymaar publicly confronts Baalveer in front of the entire society. He overpowers Balwar but Vivaan intervenes and helps Baalveer to subdue Bhaymar. On the other hand, Shaurya and Balpari are troubled by the ongoing trouble.

इसी कड़ी में भयमार पूरे समाज के सामने सार्वजनिक रूप से बालवीर का सामना करता है। वह बालवीर पर हावी हो जाता है लेकिन विवान हस्तक्षेप करता है और भयमार को वश में करने में बालवीर की मदद करता है। दूसरी ओर, शौर्य और बालपरी चल रही परेशानी से परेशान हैं।

Episode 11

In this episode, Shaurya and Baalveer try to kill Timnasa but instead she fools them. Balwar and Shaurya run back with the fairies. When they return they find that Netrapari and Saralpari are missing. Kiki also gets to know about the new Baalveer.

इस कड़ी में शौर्य और बालवीर तिमनासा को मारने की कोशिश करते हैं लेकिन इसके बजाय वह उन्हें बेवकूफ बनाती है। बालवीर और शौर्य परियों के साथ वापस भाग जाते हैं। जब वे लौटते हैं तो देखते हैं कि नेत्रपरी और सरलपरी गायब हैं। किकी को भी नए बालवीर के बारे में पता चल जाता है।

Episode 12

In this episode, Balveer along with the fairies is planning to go to earth in search of new Balwar. Bhaymaar tries to make fun of Timnasa when she tells him her real plan. Akrur is eaten by Saralpari. Timnasa reads Netrapari’s mind to find out the truth.

इसी कड़ी में बालवीर नए बालवीर की तलाश में परियों के साथ धरती पर जाने की योजना बना रहा है। भयमार तिमनासा का मजाक उड़ाने की कोशिश करता है जब वह उसे अपनी असली योजना बताती है। सरलपरी को अक्रूर खाते हैं। तिमनासा ने सच्चाई का पता लगाने के लिए नेत्रपरी के दिमाग को पढ़ा

Episode 13

In this episode, Baalwar and the fairies are on earth in search of a successor. There are also bhayar and tauba tauba for killing Baalveer. They go through the whole day and are in vain in their efforts. Vivaan’s sister Khushi comes back home from her camping.

Episode 14

In this episode Balwar and the fairies are doing bubble magic to gather all the kids in one place. Then Balveer released Tara from his hand. He will go to Tara and stop at Baalveer’s successor. Vivaan has earplugs on so he is not yet hypnotized and goes to Bhayar for help.

Episode 15

In this episode, Balpari gets worried thinking about the circumstances that are going to happen without Baalveer’s heir. Baalveer is in search of his heir. On the other hand, Timnasa prepares herself to conquer the earth by killing Balveer. Will she be successful?

Episode 16

It is in this episode that Timnasa makes her disastrous arrival on Earth and immediately meets Bhayar and asks him about Balveer’s heir. Bhaymar rather tells him that he has a complete plan to kill him. On the other hand, Baalveer gets entangled with humans during the search and later comes out of him too.

Episode 17

In this episode Timnasa reaches out to Baalvar as Netpari and asks him about finding his successor but being involved in the games, he tells her to rest till he returns. Later, Baalveer gets suspicious and asks a fairy to keep an eye on him.

Episode 18

In this episode Bhaymaar, determined to kill Vivaan, tries to kill him again but Timnasa as Netpari stops him by telling this to the other fairies. Baalveer gets worried after learning the facts and starts to find out the danger.

Episode 19

In this episode Bhaskar takes the form of Pandit Ram and comes to the king’s court. He persuades the king to adopt the child. Kaikala is powerless before Bhaskar’s intellect.

Episode 20

In this episode, Bhaymaar tells Baalvar and the fairies about Udvanshak, the most powerful snake. Bhaymar released the snake and it ran away. Balveer, along with the fairies, Timnasa are also in search of Udvanshak.

Episode 21

In this episode, Baalwar and the fairies are still in search of Udvanshak. Chintu plans to scare Vivaan with a fake snake but instead, Vivaan does the opposite and scares Chintu. Udvanshak almost attacks Vivaan when Baalveer saves him.

Episode 22

In this episode Balvers asks Vivaan and he comes up with an idea to attract Udvanshka. He finally succeeds and finds her. Balveer takes the snake to a different dimension and with him comes Timnasa. Timnasa is disguised as Netrapari but she wants to help him for a common cause.

Episode 23

In this episode, Balvera and Timnasa fight with Udvanshak but the snake survives. Vivaan comes to attack and Pari temporarily stops Naagin. Balveer and Timnasa try again but they fail. Vivaan comes just in time and saves his sister. Balwar learns that Vivaan is his successor.

Episode 24

In this episode Balveer and the Pari is happy that she has got a successor. Vivaan’s mother is relieved to see her two children safe. Timnasa goes back and starts preparing to capture Vivaan. There is a challenge before him.

Episode 25

In this episode, Mastipari changes the makeover of Vivaan’s house to save Timnasa but after protests from the other Parisians, she changes it back to normal. Later in mutual discussion, they conclude that Netrapari is missing. On the other hand Timnasa enters Vivaan’s house.

Episode 26

In this episode Balveer tells Timnasa about Veerlok being insecure.  Dooba-Duba, on the other hand, transforms into Vivaan and is trained to behave like him.  Timnasa poses as Netrapari and learns of all these plans.Dooba-Doobas about to get caught.

Episode 27

Drowned in this episode, he narrowly escapes and wants to go back to Virlok. Pariyan and Baalveer stop him and make him understand. Timnasa is engaged in the rituals of capturing Vivaan and destroying Prithvi. When Vivaan sees him, he is immersed in the form of Vivaan.

Episode 28

In this episode Timnasa poses as Netrapari and goes to Viralok to collect special materials for her rituals. Balveer is planning to take Vivaan to Veerlok for Veerlok. Balpari catches Timnasa trying to get material from the garden of Virlok and there is a big doubt on the identity of Netrapari.

Episode 29

In this episode, Balveer and the fairies are trying to bring Vivaan to Veerlok for Veerlok. On the other hand, Timnasa runs away from Balpari and gets what she wants. She also manages to free Bhayar and they leave Veerlok safely. Balveer fails in his attempt.

Episode 30

In this episode Balver along with the other Paris tries his best to kidnap Vivaan for Virson and succeeds when Duba Dooba takes his place with his face. Later Baalveer faces difficulties in taking Vivaan to Veerlok and Timnasa and Bhayar also reach their army.