A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) watch All 85 Episode

A love story turkish drama tv series story, you will explore pure love, romance, mother-son relations, hope, anger, conflict, and betrayal at the same time.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi )

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) is a Turkish television drama series watch all episodes produced by MF Yapım. It was an adaptation of the popular South Korean television series I’m Sorry, I Love You. The series was broadcast on FOX, starring Seçkin Özdemir, Damla Sönmez, Yamaç Telli, Elçin Sangu, and Zuhal Olcay. It was developed by Özer Erten.

While searching for his birth parents, a poor orphan Korkut Ali meets Ceylan. However, when he finds his mother it’s rich and lives a happy life, and she has a son, he decides to seek revenge against her but his love for Ceylan stops him.

His name is Korkut Ali – He is the only young man talking highly of his real biological family in front of the cameras on a TV Show of adopted young people in Germany.

He lives on believing that his mother had to give him away until he gets shot in an assault and begins awaiting his death with a bullet in his brain.

He goes back to his home country – First, he finds his sister who was abandoned like him – She is a young mother suffering from learning difficulty after an accident she had – Young man gets all the more disappointed when he finds her mother.

Unlike his belief that she gave them away because of poverty, his mother is a famous actress and has a famous singer son. Anger and hatred replace the longing for his mother and the grief in his heart.

He somehow manages to get into their life without telling them the truth. While on the one hand he is angry with his mother, on the other hand he is in need of her love.

His ceaseless longing for his mother is coupled now with love pain. Ceylan whom he met and helped in abroad runs into him when he goes back to his home country. Ceylan’s family is working at his mother’s house.

Moreover, she in in love with his step-brother Tolga. Although he is so much close to death, he falls madly in love with her. So much that he begins to pray “God, if you let me live with her for the rest of my life, I will stop this anger and hatred to my mother, and end this vengeance”.

Ceylan begins to love Korkut Ali however she cannot get Tolga out of her life. They become heroes of an epic love affair and the young girl begins suffering between the loves of two men having separate places in her heart.

In a love story turkish drama tv series story, you will explore pure love, romance, mother-son relations, hope, anger, conflict, and betrayal at the same time. Will Korkut forget about his past and live the rest of his life peacefully? Will Ceylan manage to bring happiness to Korkut? Will Korkut take his revenge from his mother and his brother?

a love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) All Cast

Seçkin Özdemir

Korkut Ali (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Seçkin Özdemir play the role as Korkut Ali (Seckin Ozdemir) is a young and handsome guy who has a poor life in Germany. He is not fortunate during all his life. He was abandoned by his parents as a child and was adopted by a couple in Germany. However, he was left alone by his foster family

Damla Sönmez

Ceylan German (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Damla Sönmez play the role as Ceylan (Damla Sonmez), on the other hand, is a beautiful and naive young girl who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a fashion designer of a famous singer, Tolga (Yamac Telli). She is in love with Tolga since she was a child. One day, she goes to Germany with Tolga to do a photohoot. There, she tries to do everything to please Tolga but she never manages to do that.

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Yamaç Telli

Tolga Karanli (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Elçin Sangu

Eda Çaglar (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Zuhal Olcay

Gönül Karanli (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Ayberk Pekcan

Tahsin German (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Aysen Sezerel

Asiye German (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Gunes Sayin

Emine Sarisoy (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Taha Yusuf Tan

Umut (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Haldun Resuloglu

Hakki (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Onay Kaya

Selim (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Asena Keskinci

Ece (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Aysin Yesim Çapanoglu

Asli (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Sadettin Kanpalta

Dedektif Metin (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Sema Sahingöz

Muko (36 episodes, 2013-2014)

Oguzhan Yuksel

(2 episodes, 2014)

a love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Watch All Episode

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A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 1 Summary:

A young man trapped between rebellion against fate and laments for love… The touching story of being late, wishing, and losing love when one finds it… Germany… A Turkish teenager (Korkut Ali) in the streets of Stuttgart tells a documentary about his mother who left him years ago.

He talks through his cameras. “Wait for me mom, I will find you” On the other hand, he dreams of marriage with his beloved. However, he is unaware that he is destined to be abandoned once again.

Just like the famous pop singer Tolga and his assistant Ceylan, who came to the city for the video shoot, were unaware that they would be the most important people in their lives in the future.

Ceylan, who loves Tolga with an unrequited love, sees Korkut Ali, who saved his life on the streets of Germany, in front of her in Istanbul, everything will be mixed up once more, and he will share the biggest secret of his mother, whom Korkut Ali has longed for years.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 2 Summary:

Korkut Ali appeared on a television show in search of his mother. The program opens the door to a truth that he never expected, and a completely different drama awaits Korkut Ali.

While this situation increases his pain even more, he is getting closer to his mother. The waters do not settle in the love of Tolga and Eda. Ceylan has left the pain of her unrequited love aside and is struggling for Tolga’s happiness.

That’s why he can’t even pay attention to his father’s strangeness lately. Korkut Ali, on the other hand, is unaware that he will meet the love of his life and, above all, the great truth of his mother, as he enters the door of the orphanage where he was left years ago.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 3 Summary:

Korkut Ali finally confronted his mother. Will she be able to reveal the whole truth to him? When he realizes that his mother, whom he thought to be poor, is rich, the lie that prevents him from asking for an account causes completely different things, while Tolga will face death on the set of the TV series.

While Korkut Ali saved his brother Tolga’s life, no one knows what his real purpose is. This news, which suddenly fell like a bomb on the magazine’s agenda, hurt Ceylan the most. Disappointed, Ceylan will approach Korkut this time, and this rapprochement, which started as a game, will also be the beginning of a rare love affair.

Korkut is at his mother’s door once again with the pain of abandonment in his heart. Desperately seeking her mother’s love, she doesn’t know what to expect.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 4 Summary:

“Being alone does not mean being alone. Being alone means being without a mother…” As Korkut gets to know his mother, whom he seeks with great longing, his pain and hatred for his mother endure.

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Tolga, whom Gönül could not fit into the sky as his only son, becomes Korkut’s target. “You stole our life, our hopes!… I’ll take from you the reason to live!” He swears revenge by saying. Now he has only one purpose in life.

To take everything Tolga has! In this, he first turns to Eda. However, something he never planned happens and Ceylan, whom he is getting closer to, will be the person who suffers the most from this game!

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 5 Summary:

Korkut Ali encounters a situation he never planned in his revenge game. Ceylan pays for the photographs of Ceylan and Tolga, which he secretly took and then leaked to the press.

Seeing Ceylan in pain will reveal the feelings that Korkut hides in his heart that he cannot even admit to himself. On the other hand, Gönül and Korkut Ali will become very close for the first time, and his mother will hurt Korkut Ali most deeply without knowing that he is her son.

And one night, the tragedy of his sister Emine will bring Korkut to his mother’s door, and he will shout at his mother with all the anger, longing and pain he has hidden in his heart. “You threw us away like rags! I’m going to throw you to hell too, mom! You will burn like us!”

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 6 Summary:

“Grab me a hug, then I’ll let you go” This sentence is the beginning of beautiful moments for Korkut Ali and Ceylan despite everything… Maybe they finally experience that dreamy love that they can’t confess and can’t easily confess.

While Korkut Ali cannot say no to the voice of his heart, on the other hand, he cannot hold back from pursuing his revenge. His dangerous rapprochement with Eda progresses rapidly.

Eda becomes more and more attached to this mysterious man who entered her life. Tolga, on the other hand, follows Eda unaware that this mysterious man in her life is Korkut Ali. This increases the tension between mother and son.

As Gönül watches the destruction of her only son, Korkut Ali witnesses her mother’s tears. And finally he wants to put an end to this revenge game. But for this, Ceylan needs only one word to say to him. Will Ceylan be able to say that word to Korkut Ali?

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 7 Summary:

“I really loved you… why did you do this to us?” Ceylan is even more devastated by these words of Korkut. Then, in the despair of not being able to reach him, he asks Eda for help.

However, he is unaware of the big surprise waiting for him at Eda’s house. Korkut, on the other hand, does not know what to do when he sees Ceylan at Eda’s door.

On the other hand, while Tolga searches for ways to reconcile with Eda, he will pay a heavy price for trusting Korkut. Korkut, on the other hand, oscillates between blinding hatred and love for his mother.

He almost confesses his pain when he says, “Being lonely does not mean being alone… Being alone is being without a mother”. He suffers so desperately looking for his mother that he doesn’t even realize that the end is near.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 8 Summary:

Nobody is clean in this story… Only you are clean… Don’t forget me, stone head… While Korkut Ali is saying these words to Ceylan, he thinks that he has come to the end of the road.

It’s only a matter of time before Tahsin reveals his true identity. On the other hand, his relationship with Eda has reached a dangerous level. Korkut Ali wants to go to Eda and put an end to this game. But there is a completely different Eda in front of him.

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Events develop unexpectedly. Korkut and Ceylan’s last day together is left unfinished when Tolga learns that Ceylan is in love with her. Even all these things cannot prevent Korkut and Ceylan’s love, and Ceylan’s big confession leaves Korkut in tears.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 9 Summary:

What does Korkut Ali say, “I have always rebelled against you, my God… But if you let me live now…” What does he want and will give up in return? Ceylan, on the other hand, cannot understand what Korkut is doing and saying, unaware that he is living deep with death. Ceylan is sure of only one thing, and that is her love for Korkut.

Korkut also with great love for Ceylan, “If there is an ending, I will delete it and rewrite it.” he defies death. On the other hand, Tolga questions his mother, his whole life and his past, turned upside down by what he saw on the CD sent to him, and as he always does, he calls Ceylan at his worst time.

But this time Ceylan makes her choice and stays with Korkut. With the tragedy that happened that same night, nothing will be the same.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 10 Summary:

“Either you will eat something or die with me…” Korkut’s revenge plans come to an unexpected end. And it comes to the point of losing Ceylan. On the other hand, Eda realizes that Korkut is lying to herself and is about to reach the secret she has kept from everyone.

Despite this, Korkut does not give up. Reuniting with the woman he loves defies everything, even death. The world seems to stand still for a moment in the great surprise Korkut has prepared for Ceylan. Just two of them… Korkut Ali and Ceylan… And that great answer that will change the course of everything.

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi ) Episode 11 Summary:

The perfect proposal in love at the last glance. Korkut Ali is a man seeking his own miracle. Ceylansa is a naive woman who always thinks of others before herself… These two lovers, driven away by impossibilities, will come together again and again and will never give up on each other.

While Ceylan is trying to prevent Tolga from getting upset, Korkut confronts the woman he risked to die for. While all this is going on, Korkut confesses all the truth about Ceylan. Whatever happens, Ceylan will never unclasp her lover’s grasp. On the other hand, Tolga takes a big step not to lose Ceylan and says that he wants to marry her. Now is the time to test love…

A love story turkish drama ( bir aşk hikayesi / bir ask hikayesi )Episode 12 Summary:

“Rather than a life without her, a month with her is enough for me…” Will a rare, huge love miracle make real? The love of Korkut and Ceylan, which cannot be washed away by misunderstandings, old loves, lies and hypocrites, is finally crowned with marriage.

When Korkut comes to ask for Ceylan, Tahsin is not the only obstacle standing in their way. They are facts… Korkut confronts Tahsin.

When Tahsin threatened to tell the truth, Korkut said, “Well, will you tell me why I want to take revenge? Will you also tell me that I am Gönül Karanlı’s son?” What will Tahsin’s answer be? On the other hand, she tries every way to be with Aslı Korkut.

An unexpected visitor opens a new page in everyone’s life. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes to the surface.